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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

[Local Entertainment] Astro CNY Gala《活出自己 快乐Whoopee》迎春接福大庆典欢腾Bandar Rimbayu, IJM Land

[Local Entertainment] Astro CNY Gala《活出自己 快乐Whoopee》迎春接福大庆典欢腾Bandar Rimbayu, IJM Land

Selangor, February 2018 – Last week, Astro has organized a Chinese New Year Gala《活出自己 快乐Whoopee in conjunction with the festive season! The event was held at Bandar Rimbayu, IJM Land featuring over hundreds of artistes and has attracted quite a big crowd! The event was full of the Chinese New Year atmosphere and it was really great!

During the event, the crowd could take part in the carnival-like activities whereby they can get to win prizes, taste different food and even make a wish at the wishing well.

At night 9pm, 《活出自己 快乐Whoopee celebration was graced by over hundreds of celebrities including Gan Jiang Han颜江瀚, Jack Lim林德荣, Jentzen林震前, Phoebe 菲比, Danny许佳麟, Jeff陈浩然, Nicole赖淞凤, Geraldine颜慧萍,Catherine凯心 and talented people from Astro programmesThe Voice决战好声》《欢喜第1等》、《Astro经典名曲歌唱大赛》、《Astro国际华裔小姐竞选》and《叫我男神》!

Besides, Astro has also invited special guests including Malaysian renowned artiste Ah Niu阿牛陈庆祥 and颜如晶 from “U Can U Bibi” to make the event even merrier!

Highlights of the night included the gaming sessions between the celebrities, Ah Niu’s performance of his songs which were full of nostalgia, Nicole赖淞凤 performance with Happy Pola, amazing fireworks, debate shows, magic performance from Mark & Pinky and etc.

Of course, the most anticipated moment of the night was Astro百万惊喜大放送》Grand Prize giveaway which include a deluxe house!

Presented by Astro in collaboration with IJM LandCoway as sponsor, Astro 《活出自己 快乐Whoopee CNY Celebration was indeed filled with loads of fun! For those who have missed the fun, do not worry as you can still catch the show this 15th February 2018, 9pm via Astro AEC, you can also watch the show via Astro Go or NJOI Now!

For more info about Astro CNY programmes, feel free to visit: www.whoopee2018.com

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