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Saturday, 17 June 2017

[Coverage] PWH (Persatuan Wartawan Hiburan) 30th Anniversary《娱协30》 Celebration Ceremony @ Star Light Arena

[Coverage] PWH (Persatuan Wartawan Hiburan) 30th Anniversary《娱协30 Celebration Ceremony @ Star Light Arena

Kuala Lumpur, June 2017 – PWH (Persatuan Wartawan Hiburan) is entering its 30th anniversary this year. In conjunction with the anniversary, a celebration ceremony event was held at PJ Star Light Arena. It has assembled a total of over 300 old and new members of the association as well as singers, musicians, record label companies staffs and sponsors partners.

30 years of Journey!
The main purpose of the celebration event is to take all of the members down the memory lane and recall back all of the memories which the association has gone through over the years. PWH was formed since 13th May 1987 and it has grown bigger and bigger as time goes by. Over the years, with the burning passions from the dedicated members, a prestigious awards show “娱协奖” (PWH Awards) was born. The upcoming PWH Awards will its 13th time and it is going to be held on 12th May 2018.

PWH has put a lot of efforts over the past 30 years in promoting local music and acknowledging the new talents that are budding. Their commitment in our local music industry is definitely worth-praising for! Kudos to PWH for all of your hard works over the years!

Cross-Generation Performance!
During the celebration event, we also get to witness the cross generation phenomena comprising the performances by singers from 5 different generations!

PWH 30th Marathon-singing 《娱协30传承接力唱》 performance was led by veteran singer Tse Ling-ling谢玲玲 who was in the singing industry since 1968. It was then followed by the singers of subsequent generation like Chng Shyue Chung 庄学忠 , Huang Yi-Fei 黄一飞 , Daniel Lee 李吉汉, Danny温力铭, Thomas Jack东於哲, Soo Wincci苏盈之, FS (Fuying & Sam) and finally the newest generation including SHIO 郭修彧, Hanz郭文翰, Jeryl Lee 李佩玲 and child singer 周明谣. The singing performance included awards-winning songs like 《月亮圆》、《童话》、《分开以后》、《过得去》、《布鲁克》and etc. From here, we can see that Malaysia music has grown a lot over the years and there were really quite a lot of masterpiece produced from our country.

Light Passing Ceremony!
During the event, there was a Lighting Ceremony whereby the committee members passed over the candle lights to the guests on the floor. It symbolizes the passing of the passions in promoting music to all of the attended guests. A very memorable and meaningful ceremony.

An important announcement was also made during the event! 《娱协30Awards Ceremony will be held next year 12th May 2018 with the theme 『音你而在』. The awards show was fully supported by mm2, co-sponsored by Red Box and Green Box, Astro is the partnering media. Let’s look forward for the event next year!

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