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Sunday, 8 January 2017



Guillaume Tourniaire, the magnificent conductor of the show "MAGIC IN MUSIC" (Photo taken from official facebook page of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra)

Kuala Lumpur, January 2017 – Still remember my previous post regarding “MAGIC IN MUSIC” at DEWAN FILHARMONIK PETRONAS? (http://www.wljack.com/2017/01/upcoming-event-mpo-presents-mozarts.html)

Our team from wljack.com has been given an opportunity to do a coverage on the show. It was a really pleasant magical afternoon for us!

A Family Fun Day Show With The Spice Up Of Magic!
It was such an enchanting kick start for The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra with this concert “MAGIC IN MUSIC”. It was a showcase that could provide a wonderful symphonic fun for families!

The concert consists of Magical related pieces which include the Harry Potter fans’ favorite John Williams’ “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Hedwig’s Theme”, a few of Mozart’s The Magic Flute Aria, Dvořák’s Rusalka Aria (a work based on a popular Czech fairytale about a mystical mermaid), Humperdinck Hänsel und Grete’s Aria (the story about kinship, bravery and the battle between good and evil.) as well as Dukas’ The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. (a popular concert piece dated in 1797)

Guillaume Tourniaire, weaving the magic on stage!
French conductor Guillaume Tourniaire once again played the role of conductor for the show on the MPO. His lively conducting of the show brought the magic of the music to life as he wielded his conductor baton like a wizard casting his spells onto the audiences!

In addition to that, the show was also assisted by Datuk Yasmin Yusoff, a renowned figure in the Malaysian entertainment industry. With her distinguished narrative throughout the show, it has brought even more delights to the show. Her voice on stage and her cue for the audiences to cast spells like “Cury Mury Fuk” and etc made the show felt like an educational lesson in a magical school.

Not to forget, the show also featured many talented musicians and singers which have further enhanced the concert experience. Daniel Carison, the bass baritone has been featured in The Magic Flute: Papageno’s Aria “Ein Mädchen oder” while other aria has featured sopranos Ang Mei Foong, Yeoh Ker Ker, YiLing Chaing and tenor Yap Jin Hin. They all have provided magnificent performances that have truly astonished the audiences.

Last but not least, we personally really love the soprano Anna Siminska who has used her beautiful voice to amaze the audiences in Mozart’s The Magic Flute: Queen of The Night Aria with perfect hitting of high notes!

It was a really great and enjoyable concert. Me and my dear Josephine have truly enjoyed the show!

There are many other great concerts coming up ahead at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, do check it out! One of it would be “MOZART’S ‘THE MAGIC FLUTE’ which is coming up next week! (Check out: http://www.wljack.com/2017/01/upcoming-event-mpo-presents-mozarts.html )

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(Credits to MPO for the official photographs)

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