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[Coverage] TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2016

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[Coverage] TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2016

Genting Highlands, December 2016 – The awards show which was always known to be a prelude to TVB “万千星辉颁奖典礼”, TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2016 has been successfully held on 26th November 2016 at Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands.

This awards show was organized by TVB Entertainment News, co-organized by Astro, Official Radio stations MY FM & MELODY FM and it was live broadcasted in a few countries including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016  (TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2016)
Date: 26th November 2016
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Arena of Stars, Resort World Genting, Malaysia

Prior to the event, a few of the TVB artistes including Joyce Tang滕麗名, Koni Lui呂慧儀, Hong Cheung張穎康, Ali Lee李佳芯 , Grace Chan陳凱琳, Sisley Choi蔡思貝, Mat Yeung楊明 , Katy Kung 龔嘉欣 and Candice Chiu 趙希洛 have come over to Malaysia during October 2016 to promote regarding the awards show.

TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016” mobile apps was introduced on 13th October 2016 whereby the Malaysian audiences can browse the nomination lists, artiste interviews and up-to-date entertainment news with a click of their finger on their smartphones and tablets. The apps user was also able to vote for their favourite dramas, actors, songs, variety shows and etc. Audiences was also able to search for “@TVBJadePack” or visit the TVB Jade Pack Facebook Page for more news regarding the awards ceremony.

The voting period lasted from 13th October 2016 until 19th November 2016. There was an additional new awards this year known as “2016 年红爆网络新鲜人大奖”. The voting this year recorded a total of 3,000,000 votes and each awards winners will be based on 70% audience votes and 30% on judges’ votes.

Multi-talented artistes from TVB! Star Studded Event!

Apart from being an awards show, the event was filled with a variety of stage performances from the TVB Artistes. It was kicked off with a singing, dancing and magical performance by Grace Chan 陳凱琳, Moon Lau劉佩玥, Mandy Wong黃智雯 and Grace Wong 王君馨. It was then followed by the introduction of artistes who were present that day including Ruco Chan陳展鵬, Nancy Wu胡定欣, Kristal Tin田蕊妮, Sisley Choi蔡思貝 , Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪, Natalie Tang唐詩詠, Vincent Wong王浩信, Tracy Chu朱千雪, Joyce Tang 滕麗名, Jonathan Cheung張穎康, Koni Lui呂慧儀, Eliza Sam岑麗香, Mat Yeung楊明 , Philip Ng伍允龍, Ali Lee李佳芯 , Brian Tse謝東閔, Bob張彥博 and etc. It was a star-studded event!

The event was hosted by Carol Cheng 鄭裕玲, FAMA農夫 (C & 陆永), Jarvis Chow 周奕瑋 and Ashley Chu 朱智賢! And it was a really fun hosting by them especially the comedic chemistry between FAMA and Carol Cheng.

There was an amazing performance by城寨英雄 A Fist Within Four Wallsartistes including Philip Ng伍允龍, Grace Wong 王君馨 and Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪. The performance was a combo of Martial Arts and dance.

Not to forget, there was also performances by Ally Tse謝文欣 and Jonathan Wong 王梓軒 alongside a few other TVB Artistes.

Fred Cheng鄭俊弘 also has a special musical performance with Uriah See 徐凯!

In addition, Avon李行齊 also appeared as the special guest presenter and has displayed his magic in revealing the awards winner.

“A Fist Within Four Walls” 城寨英雄 Biggest Winner Of The Night! Ruco Chan And Nancy Wu Stole The Limelight Of The Show!
“A Fist Within Four Walls” 城寨英雄 is undoubtedly the biggest winner of the night, earning eleven awards including the three biggest awards My Favorite TVB Drama Series最喜愛TVB電視劇集, My Favorite TVB Actor in a Leading Role最喜愛TVB男主角 and My Favorite TVB Actress in a Leading Role最喜愛TVB女主角. This also marked the second time for both Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu to become the TV King and Queen in Malaysia. Kara Hui and Ha Yu were the special guest presenters during the TV King and Queen awards.

Being the one of the winner for My Favorite TVB On-Screen Couple最喜愛TVB螢幕情侶 too (1st pair : Ruco & Nancy, 2nd pair: Vincent & Tracy), there was a “kiss cam” shown on screen and hinted them to kiss each other. Instead of kissing the female partners, Ruco and Vincent jokingly “kissed”. Prior to this, the “kiss cam” was landed on Carol Cheng and 陆永 and it has put up a lot of laughter for the audiences.

Nancy and Ruco stole the show again when they stood on stage and performed the theme song for A Fist Within Four Walls , “Never Know You Are the Best”!

Mat Yeung Thanked His Girlfriend! Joyce Tang Admitted Herself being “Lost Person” Candidate!
Mat Yeung
who has won My Favorite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role最喜愛TVB男配角 thanked everyone for supporting his work all these time. He also specially thanked his girlfriend 莊思明(Lisa for all of the care and concern when he was injured during a filming previously.

Joyce Tang who has won My Favorite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role最喜愛TVB女配角 on the other hand thanked her parents and husband for being so tolerance over her job. She even jokingly mentioned that the amount of time she was away from home for her work would have made her a “lost person”. She was very delighted to be able to receive the awards.

Jonathan Cheung張穎康 winning touched everyone’s heart! Moon Lau Cried On Stage!
One of the most touching moment during the show was when Jonathan Cheung張穎康 won My Favorite Most Improved TVB Actor 最喜愛TVB飛躍進步男藝員. During his speech, he mentioned regarding his career for the past 16 years. He mentioned that he almost quitted in the middle of the journey due to financial restraints. He decided to return to the career and he thanked his wife for being supportive to him!

Apart from that, Moon Lau who has won My Favorite Most Improved TVB Actor 最喜愛TVB飛躍進步男藝員 cried on stage upon receiving the awards. She said that she looked very ugly when she cries. With her diverse roles in TVB Dramas this year, her winning on the awards was totally well deserved!

There are many other touching moments during the show and there are many other awards being presented. Below are the other photos and also the list of winners during the show:

TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2016 Winner List 
My Favorite TVB Drama Series最喜愛TVB電視劇集
“A Fist Within Four Walls” 城寨英雄

My Favorite TVB Actor in a Leading Role最喜愛TVB男主角
Ruco Chan, “A Fist Within Four Walls” 陳展鵬 (城寨英雄)

My Favorite TVB Actress in a Leading Role最喜愛TVB女主角
Nancy Wu, “A Fist Within Four Walls” 胡定欣 (城寨英雄)

My Favorite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role最喜愛TVB男配角
Mat Yeung, “My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan” (火線下的江湖大佬)

My Favorite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role最喜愛TVB女配角
Joyce Tang, “House of Spirits” 滕麗名 (一屋老友記)

My Favorite TVB Drama Theme Song最喜愛TVB劇集歌曲
“Never Know You Are the Best” by Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu for A Fist Within Four Walls
從未知道你最好(城寨英雄) 主唱 : 陳展鵬/胡定欣

Online Most Beloved Star Award 2016 2016年紅爆網路新鮮人大獎
Grace Wong王君馨

My Favorite TVB On-Screen Couple最喜愛TVB螢幕情侶
Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu, “A Fist Within Four Walls” 陳展鵬、胡定欣 (城寨英雄)
Vincent Wong & Tracy Chu, “Over Run Over” 王浩信、朱千雪 (EU超時任務)

My Favorite TVB Host in a Variety Program 最喜愛TVB節目主持
Mat Yeung & Benjamin Yuen, “All Work No Pay Holidays: India” 楊明、袁偉豪(反斗紅星冇暑假打工捱世界)

My Favorite TVB Variety Program 最喜愛TVB綜藝節目
“Sunday Stage Fight” Sunday好戲王

My Favorite TVB Enrichment Program最喜愛TVB資訊節目
“Wellness On the Go 4” 星級健康4 Go Green 碳世界

My Favorite Most Improved TVB Actor 最喜愛TVB飛躍進步男藝員
Jonathan Cheung — “The Last Healer in Forbidden City”, “House of Spirits”, “A Fist Within Four Walls”

My Favorite Most Improved TVB Actress最喜愛TVB飛躍進步女藝員
Moon Lau — “Angel In-the Making”, “Over Run Over”, “Blue Veins”, “House of Spirits”, “A Fist Within Four Walls”, “Two Steps from Heaven”

My Favorite TVB Drama Characters 最喜愛TVB電視角色
Natalie Tong, “Speed of Life” 唐诗咏 姚瑶 (铁马战车)
Wayne Lai, “Short End of the Stick” 黎耀祥 李肃恭 (公公出宫)
Grace Chan, “Blue Veins” 陈凯琳 蓝梦瑶 ()
Eliza Sam, “My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan” 岑丽香 何宽心 (火线下的江湖大佬)
Sisley Choi, “Presumed Accidents” 蔡思贝 殷然 (纯熟意外)
Bobby Au-yeung, “House of Spirits” 欧阳震华 宝欢 (一屋老友记)
Joyce Tang, “House of Spirits” 滕丽名 宝欣 (一屋老友记)
Koni Lui, “House of Spirits” 吕慧仪 余花 (一屋老友记)
Ruco Chan, “A Fist Within Four Walls” 陈展鹏 左勾拳 (城寨英雄)
Nancy Wu, “A Fist Within Four Walls” 胡定欣 刁兰 (城寨英雄)
Benjamin Yuen, “A Fist Within Four Walls” 袁伟豪 段迎风 (城寨英雄)
Grace Wong, “A Fist Within Four Walls” 王君馨 花曼 (城寨英雄)
Philip Ng, “A Fist Within Four Walls” 伍允龙 龙成虎 (城寨英雄)
Ali Lee, “Law dis-Order” 李佳芯 卓宜中 (律政强人)
Mandy Wong, “Law dis-Order”黄智雯 方宁 (律政强人)
Kristal Tin, “My Lover from the Planet Meow”田蕊妮 苗妙妙(来自喵喵星的妳)

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