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Thursday, 10 November 2016

[Local News] Krishen Jit – Astro Fund Awards 6 Grants To Talented Malaysians

[Local News] Krishen Jit – Astro Fund Awards 6 Grants To Talented Malaysians

Kuala Lumpur, November 2016 – Astro in collaboration with Five Arts Centre has awarded six (6) grants worth a total of RM 33,000 to eight (8) Malaysian artists through the Krishen Jit – Astro Fund as part of its on-going commitment to support Malaysia’s art landscape. Inspired by the late theatre legend Dato’ Krishen Jit, the fund has over the years, realized the dreams of 44 local artists with a total disbursement of RM 329,000.

The six (6) grants were presented to Harold Reagan Eswar, Muhammad Zikri, Fasyali Fadzly, Sunitha Janamohanan and Janet Pillai, Liew Kung Yu and Koe Gaik Cheng and Manesh Nesaratnam.

Tan Sri Datuk Norliza Rofli, Director at the Department of Culture and Arts, Ministry of Toursim and Culture, Malaysia who is also on the selection panel of the fund said, “This will see the fund investing directly to the thriving Malaysian arts landscape and collaborating with Malaysian artists to bring new creative works to life on screen and on ground. We are excited that Astro is making this commitment to support Malaysia’s arts industry. Let the journey continue.”

“The idea is to build the city with words” says Muhammad Zikri who receives RM 7000 for LiteraCity. “LiteraCity will be the first literary and cultural mapping project of Kuala Lumpur, opening up disclosure on how we can understand Kuala Lumpur beyond the glimmer of cosmopolitan city”.

To assist grantees in achieving their artistic ambitions, the Krishen Jit – Astro fund has been utilized for various trainings, workshops, attachments or residencies, experimental productions, writing or creating new work in music, dance, theatre, crafts, visuals or performance arts. This initiative aims to keep the creative spirit of Krishen Jit alive with the passing of the torch of art to a new generation.

The selection panelists for Krishen Jit – Astro Fund 2016 include:
1.Tan Sri Datuk Norliza Rofli – Director, Department of Culture and Arts, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia
2.Jolyn Gasper – Senior Assistant Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, Community Affairs, Astro
3.Leow Puay tin – Head, Department of Performance and Media, Sunway University
4.Ravi Navaratnam – Representative from Five Arts Centre
5.Mac Chan – Representative from Five Arts Centre

This year the Krishen Jit Astro Fund has received 45 applications for projects in dance, theatre, film, video, publication, visual arts, music, animation, education, training and interdisciplinary work, of which six grantees were selected.

The six grantees this year include:
1. Harold Reagan Eswar (Project: A documentary film)
2. Muhammad Zikri Bin Abdul Rahman (Project: LiteraCity-Literary Mapping and Exhibition)
3. Fasyali Fadzly Bin Saipul Bahri (Project: Theatre Research and Performance)
4. Sunitha Janamohanan and Janet Pillai (Project: Workshops for Community Engaged Arts Practitioners in Malaysia)
5. Liew KungYu and Koe Gaik Cheng (Project: The Little Door Festival for Young Audiences)
6. Manesh Nesaratnam (Project: BUMI – A Screenplay)

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