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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

[Upcoming Event] 圆游会Yuan Carnival 2014 Penang!

[Upcoming Event] 圆游会Yuan Carnival 2014 Penang!

Biggest Chinese Entertainment Carnival In Penang “Yuan Carnival” 圆游会! Coming To Town With Big Line-ups! Celebrate Winter season and Christmas together!

Penang, December 2014 – Organized by companies under Media Prima, radio station One FM, TV station ntv7 and 8tv八度空间, Yuan Carnival 2014 Penang would be held on 20th December 2014 & 21st December 2014 at Auto-city, Juru, Penang.

Date: 20th and 21st December 2014
Venue: Auto-City, Juru, Penang (槟城柔府汽车城)

普腾汽车Proton as main sponsor, 亞發咖啡 as sponsor partner槟城柔府汽车城(Auto-City, Juru, Penang as venue sponsor,《光华日报》and《食尚》 as media partners, Lanceford Exhibition & MyTeksi as cooperating partnersspecial thanks to 永健市场(马)私人有限公司. This time, a stellar line-ups will be heading to Penang to spend a great winter weekends with the people there!

Using Jigsaw as the concept, 《圆游会》Yuan Carnival will be held from 3pm to 11pm. It will be consisting stalls for “eat, drink, play, fun, shop” purpose. Besides, the visitors can also stand a chance to win some prizes during the carnival.

Remember to take photos and upload to Instagram with the #yuancarnival! The photos will then be displayed on the Large LED Screen and it will share your sweet moments during yuan carnival to everyone else!

Yuan Carnival Penang 2014《圆游会》 once again brought along many local and international artistes to liven up the atmosphere in the carnival. This time, they have invited popular TVB artistes,香香公主Eliza Sam岑丽香Oscar Leung梁烈唯 & Elaine Yiu姚子羚 as well as Taiwan Girl Group, TWINKO (甜美正妹林星潼网拍麻豆曾可青星光一班徐凱希热舞美眉 陈斯亚萌系美姬 篠崎泫)! During this carnival, you can get to watch them LIVE as well as standing a chance to interact close-up with them.

Of course, there will also be 本地帮” (local artistes) who would be appearing during the carnival. 《圆游会》 grant you a chance to meet up ntv7《一次就爱对4 (Compulsory Love 4) artistes, including Jack叶朝明Karena张惠虹Jan秦雯彬Leslie蔡河立Alvin王竣Shuben刘淑敏Fabian吕志勤&蔡昕乐.

Besides that, 8tv Hosts including Natalie小玉Rickman 谢承伟、Winson温胜光Wind 李诗斌&Bernard森竣 will also be making an appearance during the event.

If you are a listener of One FM, you would be delighted as you will be able meet the One FM DJ during the event too including Nicholas翁书尉盈盈、William辛伟廉、Wayne唐纬颜、Kyan林志遵和Angeline黄玉丽.

To welcome the upcoming goat yearone FMntv7& 8tv 八度空间 are cooperating to produce a Chinese New Year Album羊年新年专辑《样样都好VERY GOAT!》. This will be the first time for the album exposed to public! One FM DJ Kyan林志遵ntv7艺人Jan秦雯彬、Karena张惠虹、Fabian吕志勤、八度空间主持人Natalie小玉、Rickman 谢承伟、Winson温胜光、Wind 李诗斌 & Bernard森竣 will be performing the main song from the CNY Album,《样样都好VERY GOOD to the fans during the carnival!

During Yuan Carnival《圆游会》,《样样都好VERY GOAT!CNY Album & 威力羊” T-shirt will be sold at a special price!  Anyone who purchases《样样都好VERY GOAT!CNY Album will stand a chance to win away 威力羊精美扑满

Besides thatyou can also win away 威力羊” by taking a photo with the walking mascot of “威力羊” during《圆游会》 and upload to Instagram with hashtag of #178verygoat!

《星聚圆游》音乐会 Music showcase will also be featuring many local singers who would be bringing their new songs to be performed during the carnival including Candy 林冰冰 with herD.VAalbum, Yise 罗忆诗 with herLABYRINTH album andREAL MAN 真男人》by Kvinx升广.

Zen 俊倩, Nick 黄治棋 and 8tv《非常好歌》Shio郭修彧、Shelhiel 邝晅恒Jiunn Shyan符俊贤, Marcus林轩羽 will also be making an appearance during the musical showcase. It’s going to be 1 hour show which will provide a tympanic pleasure to all of you!

There will also be a talent audition 冬至来,动起来during Penang Yuan Carnival《圆游会》 which is open to children aged between 7 years old – 12 years old. So, parents of the talented children, do check out the audition as the winner can win away prizes as much as RM 1000!

You can also buy exclusive merchandises such as《圆游会》bag, T-shirt, cup, pillow, note books and etc. There will be special promotions for all these merchandise and they come in package known as “WOW”, ranging from the price of RM 10- RM 45!

WOW”Merchandise Package
one FM   WOW
ntv7     WOW
Tonton   WOW
笔记本、Jelly Pop糖果、Bubble Trouble 泡泡棒、
Lazy to drive during weekend? “MyTeksi” will be having a special rebate especially for the carnival. Find out their official website or facebook for more details.

For more info on the event, please visit:

Published by WLJack. (Based on official press release issued to wljack.com & loong-updates.blogspot.com)

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