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Sunday, 14 December 2014

[Coverage] Neway 本地 K 歌榜頒獎典禮 2014 (Neway K Awards 2014)

[Coverage] Neway 本地 K 歌榜頒獎典禮 2014 (Neway K Awards 2014)

Kuala Lumpur, December 2014 - One of the most anticipated Karaoke Chart Awards of the year Neway 本地 K 歌榜頒獎典禮 2014 (Neway K Awards) has been held last Friday on 12th December 2014, 8pm at Connexion @ Nexus Bangsar South!

Venue: Connexion @ Nexus Bangsar South
Date: 12 December 2014
Time: 8pm

This is the second time for NEWAY to carry out such an awards show and it was attended by many local artistes.

49 Awards Given Away! A Great Appreciation Of The Local Music Talents’ Efforts!
During the awards show, 49 units of awards were given away to promote and to recognize the efforts by the local musical talents. The winner list of the night was attached at the bottom of this post. Here are some photos of the winners of the night:

Musical Showcase By The Artistes!
Besides being just an awards show, the winners of the awards have also performed their songs on stage. It’s like a mini showcase by the artistes. Those lucky audiences who have attended the awards show got the opportunity to listen to their favourite singers performing LIVE on stage!

HOTCHA Crystal & Winkie’s Sizzling Appearance At Neway K Awards 2014!
Besides local artistes, the organizer has also invited oversea artistes from Hong Kong, HOTCHA to attend the Neway K Awards 2014. Besides being the awards presenter, Winkie & Crystal @HOTCHA have also performed on stage!

Fuying & Sam Biggest Winner of the night!
Sweeping away 5 prizes of the night, Fuying & Sam are without any doubts the biggest winner of the night. Wonder how did they feel receiving prizes from so many different awards presenters? But one thing for sure, their fans were delighted seeing FS winning so many awards.

By the way, they will be having a concert very soon. Do check out my previous coverage on their press conference: http://www.wljack.com/2014/10/coverage-fs-fuying-sam-brand-new-album.html

Z-Chen won away “NEWAY 年度最受歡迎K歌獎”!
張智成 Z-Chen, one of Malaysian most renowned Mandopop singer has won away NEWAY 年度最受歡迎K歌獎, the final award of the night. Before the awards show has come to an end, Z-Chen performed on stage with the song from his latest album, 记得是最好的遗忘”.

Z-Chen will also be having a concert soon. Check out my previous article for more info on his upcoming concert:

That’s the end of the awards show!

Before I left the venue, I have taken some photos with some of the winners too!

Congratulations to all of the winners of the night!
You all deserved it!

For more photo, please visit:

Post Awards Show Opinion:
Although there might be some technical errors with the audio of the videos, it was really a great attempt by Neway to have a Youtube LIVE Streaming for the awards show. This is something not that common in our country and I think it’s a remarkable effort.
The awards show is great and I am looking forward for Neway K Awards again next year.

2014 Neway K awards Winners List

Neway 10大熱門本地K歌獎
1. 最懂我的人-钟盛忠/钟晓玉
2. 一步距离-颜慧萍
3. 全世界都以为我们在一起- Fuying and Sam
4. 记得是最好的遗忘-张智成
5. 学会哭-王明丽
6. Mr Right Now-马嘉轩
7. 满分-钟瑾桦
8. 打结的毛衣-张祖诚
9. 对的时刻-Eunice Hoo
10. 后备-刘界辉

Neway 5大熱門海外K歌獎
1. 你把我灌醉-G.E.M.-邓紫棋
2. 岁月如歌- 张智霖
4. 心愛的-黄鸿升/卓文萱
5. 我不完美(Neway獨家)-WINKIE@HOTCHA

NEWAY 5大獨家K歌獎
1. 逆光(Neway獨家) Fuying and Sam
2. 爱情傀儡(Neway獨家) 蔡忆雯
3. Complicated(Neway獨家) 何志健
4. Malaysia Chabor(Neway獨家) 四叶草Joyce Chu
5. 黑与白(Neway獨家) 陈凯旋

1. 全世界都以为我们在一起- Fuying and Sam
2. Mr Right Now- 马嘉轩
3. 最懂我的人-钟盛忠/钟晓玉

1 .金獎-Nicole 赖淞凤
2 .銀獎-Eunice Hoo
3 .銅獎-Zen俊倩 3. 銅獎-薛炳进

1 .金獎-Fuying and Sam
2 .銀獎-東于哲
3 .銅獎-Mad August

1 .金獎-张智成
2 .銀獎-林宇中
3 .銅獎-张祖诚

1 .金獎-馬嘉軒
2 .銀獎-蘇盈之2 .銀獎-颜慧萍
3 .銅獎-王明丽

1 .葉俊岑

Neway 推薦唱跳歌手獎
1 .Hotcha

Neway 推薦最具舞臺魅力大獎
1 .何志健

Neway 推薦唱作男歌手獎
1 .黄威尔

Neway 推薦唱作女歌手獎
1 .戴佩妮

Neway 推薦新人唱作歌手獎
1.Eunice Hoo

Neway 2014大躍進歌手獎 (1/1)
1 .Fuying and Sam
2 .Nicole 赖淞凤


NEWAY 年度最受歡迎K歌獎

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