Sunday, 30 November 2014

[Personal] Wayne Lai’s Appearance At Tropicana City Mall

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[Personal] Wayne Lai’s Appearance At Tropicana City Mall

Kuala Lumpur, November 2014 – Due to my current main job, I seldom have the time to attend events for coverage. Still remember my previous post about Wayne Lai’s appearance at Tropicana City Mall, Kuala Lumpur? Here’s the link:

Since I am taking a day off and my parents were shopping there, so I decided to go and just take a few shots of TVB 3 times Best Actor, Wayne Lai’s photo.

Apparently, he came here to promote a new brand of products. I do wish I knew more about the product and share more about the drinks to you. Due to some issues back there and I was rushing as well, all I could share with you via this post are Wayne Lai’s photos.

*This is not an official coverage type post from my website but just a personal entry.

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