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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

[Movie Review] Lucy (2014)

[Movie Review] Lucy (2014)

Due to her boyfriend’s exploitation, Lucy is accidentally involved in a drug deal. A bag of new and powerful synthetic drug is forcefully inserted into her body to be transported to other place. When the drug leaked out from the bag, a strange reaction occurred in her body and she started to gain more access to her brain capacity beyond what a usual human could.

The Good:

- Intriguing Sci-Fi plot on how humans would become if their brain potentials are unlocked. It’s amazing to witness the works based on the writer’s creativity and imagination.
- Scarlett Johansson! She has a lot screenplay time in this movie and has played her role convincingly well from being a timid Lucy till become a super-powered Lucy who becomes less human-like. Thumbs up for her impressive acting!
- Percentages are shown as Lucy unlocks her ability one by one. It’s easier for the audiences to keep track to her progression.
- Ending scene has successfully left an impression for the audiences and left them thinking and interpreting the meaning of the final moments.
- A lot of cool and well-choreographed scenes in the scene. I especially love the driving scene!

The Bad:

- Flow of the movie is often interrupted by too many documentary footages which might not be necessary.
- Other cast members felt like extras. Even Morgan Freeman’s character felt like a cameo appearance.
- Cheesy scripts and lines made some scenes laughable despite them supposed to be in darker/deeper mood.
- Inconsistent visual effects quality and sound effects which do not harmonize well with scenes.
- Overpowered protagonist outmatched the villains making it less thrilling.

What can you expect from the movie?
Nearly 1 and a half hour full of Scarlett Johansson! She’s everywhere!
A sweet treat for Scarlett Johansson’s fans!


This movie deserves a 7.0/10.0!

“Scarlett Johansson is astonishing in this film. I enjoyed the movie very much due to her spectacular performance!” – WLJack

“I find it a bit difficult to understand the ending of the movie. But it’s an entertaining one.” – Fellow reviewer, Jose Yap

Me (WLJack) and my girlfriend (Jose Yap) reviewed the movie Lucy (2014)!
Million thanks to Nuffnang for the opportunity to attend the #NNPremiereScreening of the movie!  #LucyMovie

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