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Saturday, 5 July 2014

[Movie Review] K MISSING KINGS

Summarized Review of “K MISSING KINGS” (Full article review: http://loong-updates.blogspot.com/2014/07/k-missing-kings-movie-review_5.html)

“K MISSING KINGS” is a sequel film to the original “K” anime series! It provides some developments for the major characters as well as bridging for the upcoming season of the show!

The Good:
  • Plot which is strongly related to the main storyline. (Not a filler arc)
  • Good characters development and pleasant surprises for fans.
  • Exquisite arts style and direction plus visually stunning effects.
  • Great amount of action sequences!

The Bad:
  • Pacing was a bit slow at first.
  • Some lags can be seen in some animated scenes.
  • Newcomers might find it confusing.

What can you expect from the movie?
Action-packed anime movie with great fans-servicing.
A great connector for the upcoming seasons.

Verdict: 7.0/10.0

“It’s a movie with major development to the characters and story of “K” anime series plus exhilarating action scenes! It has successfully built up the hype for the comeback of the series!” – WLJack

“An action packed, visually pleasing movie that acts as a bridging link between season 1 and 2 of 'K'.”- Kam, fellow reviewer’s opinion

It’s a fun movie for the beloved “K” anime series! It’s a must watch for the fans of the series!

Million thanks to GSC Movies for inviting our team from wljack.com loong-updates.blogspot.com for the world premiere of the show!

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