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[Upcoming Movie] “Hungry Ghost Ritual盂蘭神功” Will Be In Malaysia Cinema 10th July 2014! Malaysia Gala Premiere On 26th June 2014!

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[Upcoming Movie] “Hungry Ghost Ritual盂蘭神功”  Will Be In Malaysia Cinema 10th July 2014! Malaysia Gala Premiere On 26th June 2014!

Nick Cheung張家輝, who was the BEST ACTOR winner in the recent  Hong Kong Film Awards (香港電影金像獎) has given his first attempt as a director for a Ghost movie titled “Hungry Ghost Ritual【盂蘭神功】”. He will also be acting in the film as well.

Early last month, the 30 seconds trailer for the movie has already been shown in Hong Kong Cinema. Recently, 紙紥公仔 (Paper Doll) which resembles main actor and actress家輝& 劉心悠 has been revealed and has gained the interest from many audiences. It has created an earlier atmosphere for the upcoming Hungry Ghost festival.  In addition, some people also felt that the paper dolls look 90% alike with the actor and actress,

Nick Cheung stated that he is not afraid after seeing his own version of paper doll. Instead, he even praised the handcrafting quality. However, he could not recognize 心悠’s version of paper doll. He jokingly said, “Maybe my appearance does look like a paper doll, thus when it was made, the resemblance would be closer.”

This is the first film directed by Nick Cheung and I am sure many would like to support his production! Here’s a great news for all of you, Nick Cheung and  Cast will be coming over to Malaysia for a promo tour, here’s the details:

“Hungry Ghost Ritual盂兰神功”Malaysia Gala Premiere
VenueGSC Paradigm Mall
Date26th June 2014 \Thursday
Attending Casts: Nick Cheung(張家輝)Carrie Ng(吳家麗)Cathryn Lee(李元玲)Karena Teo (張惠虹)

Hungry Ghost Ritual盂兰神功》will available in theatre on 10th July 2014!

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