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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

[Upcoming Event] Athena Beh马嘉轩Autograph & Meet The Fans Session At Kenanga Wholesale City on 8th June 2014!

Athena Beh马嘉轩Autograph & Meet The Fans Session At Kenanga Wholesale City on 8th June 2014!

4th June 2014, Kuala Lumpur- Athena Beh 马嘉轩 will be having a promo tour for her second mini album “Right Now”. The first session of autograph and meet-the-fans session “Right Now” will be held on 8th June 2014 (Sunday) at Kenanga Wholesale City Fashion Mall , 15th floor Star Stage, at 2pm.

Date: 8th June 2014 (Sunday)
Venue: Kenanga Wholesale City Fashion Mall, 15th floor Star stage
Time: 2pm

During the event, Athena will be performing a few of the new songs from the album “Right Now”. Thus, all of the fans should take note of the details of the event because you can have the opportunity to watch Athena’s performance LIVE!

Last year, due to personal reason, Athena has taken a break for nearly 9 months. During that period of hiatus, she has set her own goal, direction and her future plans. Right Now, she is still doing what she loves to do, by singing the songs that belong to her style. This time, the recording label company has allowed Athena to produce more songs in order to repay the supportive fans who have been waiting for her new album for such a long time.

The fans who purchase her new album during the promo tour will stand a chance to receive limited edition posters and can get autograph from her.

Athena马嘉轩Right Now latest single “Mr Right Now” has become a recent hit in many local radio stations. 

[Recap story] Athena马嘉轩 Press Conference For Her Latest Album “Right Now” Last 15th May 2014! Artiste Manager Is The Mr.Right Now?

During the press conference which was held during 15th May 2014, Emcee Royce has asked Athena to choose between 张起政, 李承运 and her 经纪人张国荣 as her preference if she was to choose one as her boyfriend. Under such situation, she has picked her manager because she said that her artiste manager 张国荣 has been a very caring and supportive person. Well, for the fans, don’t feel sad, this is just an impromptu response.

Easternworld Music Artistes环东众艺人 Wish that Athena Could Find her Mr Right!
During her press conference, the artistes under Easternworld Music has prepared present for her. 张起政 who has cooperated with Athena in her latest album, has given her a puppy as a present so that the puppy can accompany her before she have finally found her Mr.Right. KeQing and Zen on the other hand have given her DIY Mr Right decoration while 李承运 has given her a handmade 大麦 so that her albums can 大卖.

Athena has been known in music industry since her popular song “认错” was released. Apart from winning many awards, she was even invited to overseas for CNY program performance.

Do you wish to see her perform LIVE? Then you should check out the event!

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