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Saturday, 7 June 2014

[Local Entertainment] 女人占尚风 (Women’s Zone Season 6)

[Local Entertainment] 女人占尚风  (Women’s Zone Season 6)
7th June 2014 Kuala Lumpur – Let’s transform into “Mermaid”  to learn swimming, learn relaxation techniques from Yoga tutor, explore Asian women’s eating habit and discover the knowledge in pursuing better health with Host Jan 秦雯彬!

ntv7 lifestyle programme 《女人占尚风》 (Women’s Zone Season 6) will go on air from 8th June 2014 onwards, every Sunday, 6pm via ntv7, Your Feel Good Channel.

The programme show will be hosted by Jan秦雯彬. There was a media meet-and-greet session 2 weeks ago whereby Jan has shared with the media members regarding the recording process as well as revealing her relationship status. She stated that she always share and discuss with her partner regarding lifestyle knowledge. Although she is in a relationship now, she still prioritizes her work because she has a lot of passion in acting and hosting.

Being nominated in 2014《金视奖》as 最佳杂志性节目主持人 with her effort from 《女人占尚风》 season 5, Jan秦雯彬 stated that she will work even harder to improve herself in hosting the show. In this upcoming new season of《女人占尚风》, she will use a new concept in hosting and new ways in interview sessions. She hopes that she could lead the audience and make them feel more involved in discovering the latest trends, food and etc. She also revealed that a lot of the filming process was done under hot sun. Despite having makeups, they still filmed a lot of outdoor scenes so that the quality of the show could be maintained at top-notch.

Apart from covering info on cosmetic and beauty, 《女人占尚风》season 6 will also involves segment for men too. There will be a 3 minutes special of《女人占尚风之男人魅》 starting from 12th June 2014every Thursday11pm to share some latest trend info for the men.

世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人. Every woman would desire to have a better appearance that would be envied of by others. If you are looking for a route to get those essential info, do stay tuned to 《女人占尚风》! The show will go on air from 8th June 2014 onwards, every Sunday, 6pm via ntv7, Your Feel Good Channel.

For more info, please visit ntv7 official website: www.ntv7.com.my
Or stay tuned to ntv7 chinese facebook page: ntv7chinese
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Now, you can also watch ntv7 shows online via www.tonton.com.my  
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