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Monday, 28 April 2014

[Official Media Release] Astro Wellness On The Go 2《星级健康2》 Returns! Everyone Exercised Along At Paradigm Mall!

[Official Media Release] Astro Wellness On The Go 2《星级健康2 Returns! Everyone Exercised Along At Paradigm Mall!

4 Popular Hong Kong Artistes Exercised Along With The Public!

29th April 2014, Kuala Lumpur – After having such a positive reception from the Malaysian audiences over the Health Info TV Show “Astro Wellness On The Go《星级健康》 , Astro Wah Lai Toi 华丽台 has decided to cooperate with TVB again to produce the second season for  the show. It is currently titled as ,”Wellness On The Go 2”《星级健康2. This time, it has even included the sports elements into it in order to encourage more people to take part in exercise and to create a healthier community.

4 hosts from “Astro Wellness On The Go 2 《星级健康2Oscar Leung梁烈唯, Ruco Chan陈展鹏, Sharon Chan陈敏之 and Benjamin Yuen袁伟豪 has come over to Malaysia last weekend to take part in a “Exercise Along With The Public” Activity. This activity is a promotional event for the show.

Oscar梁烈唯 & Ruco 陈展鹏 has already appeared since 11.30am during that day and has given surprise to all the public who are present during that time. They have played some games with the public. On 3.30pm that day, the other two artistes,Sharon 陈敏之& Benjamin袁伟豪,have joined along Oscar and Ruco for the exercise and the launching ceremony.

Wellness On The Go 2《星级健康2will be featuring the original hosts including梁烈唯, 陈展鹏. 陈敏之, 陈智燊, 胡定欣, 姚子羚 and artistes who are famous for their roles inOn Call 36小时》which are 袁伟豪&黄智雯.

Wellness On The Go 2 《星级健康2will be filmed at a few places in Klang Valley. All the hosts will be hosting the show based on different sports such as jogging, swimming, basketball, badminton, cycling, dancing and etc. They will provide and share more information about how sports can improve our health conditions.

Besides, every host will be accepting challenges set by the crews and all of them will demonstrate their determination in getting through the obstacles. The show will also invite professional nutritionist to analyze the nutrition value and healthy diet as a reference for the audience to practise.

Main Sponsored by Watson Co-sponsored by Ogawa Pensonic & Nestle, Betadinc as cooperating partnerMelody FM & MY FM as official radio station, Astro Wellness On The Go 2《星级健康2 will be premiere on July via Astro华丽台(311频道)& Astro至尊HD(第310频道).

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