[Coverage] Momoko Tao Sharing Session “一个好女人, 陶晶莹” 分享会 Presented by Melody FM

[Coverage] Momoko Tao Sharing Session “一个好女人, 陶晶莹分享会 Presented by Melody FM

Kuala Lumpur, 7th April 2014 – Last Friday, Melody FM has specially invited Momoko Tao for a sharing session titled 一个好女人, 陶晶莹which has allowed the media members and some lucky audiences to catch up with her again after such a long time since her last visit to Malaysia.

Momoko Tao Sharing Session “一个好女人, 陶晶莹分享会
Date: 5th April 2014
Time: 1pm- 2.30pm
Venue: Doubletree Hotel, Ballroom A

8 years hiatus since her last album release! Now back on track for latest album “真的假”!
For Momoko 陶子, it’s like a dream for her to be able to release a new album again after 8 years of withdrawal from singing. She jokingly said that at first she thought it was just a prank by the company when they suggested in a serious tone that they would help her produce a new album. According to her, the boss must have owned a few golden mountains (“金山” means rich) for spending so much on the production of this album.

An album full of efforts and sincerity! High production Value!
It’s no joke that the album 真的假is definitely an album with high production value. This can be evidenced by the songs in this album. Most of the songs were written by prominent Mandopop singers and song writers such as Jay Chou 周杰伦,  Khalil Fong 方大同, Tanya 蔡健雅, 林夕, 方文山 &etc. 

Jay Chou, a great mentor for her in this album!
Momoko has imitated Jay Chou’s way of speaking throughout the session when she shared about how Jay has helped her in the production of this album. She has acted out Jay Chou’s trademark expression and quotes, 哎哟,不错哦!” a few times and everyone on the floor laughed when she imitated him. She said Jay Chou has helped her not just in music but also in dancing. He has pushed her to her to the limit in dancing. Despite her hiccups in dancing, Jay Chou has been quite supportive and will keep on saying, “不错哦”. She said that the first album she got on her hand has been given to Jay Chou. However, she accidentally passed the wrong album to him which has written “To Khalil Fong” on it. So, here, she has requested the Malaysian media to help us say, “Jay Chou, I love you!” as an appreciation for his help and sorry for the minor mistake there.

Felt the connection with Malaysian fans!
Momoko  陶晶莹 stated that she felt a deep connection with the Malaysian fans. She jokingly said that she always thought that she was 大马天后.  She even recalled that she used to have a concert here in Malaysia many years ago. Either way, she thanked the Malaysian fans for having faith in her all the time!

Changes in her from 8 years ago to now!
She stated that, as a person’s age increases, the guts will be decreased. In the past, when she was single, she used to be a free and wild singer who would stay inside a room with loud stereo and started to write songs/lyrics which was full of youth spirits and feelings during that time. Nowadays, as she was a mother of two children, she has to divide herself in both her work and her family. Thus, there is some limitation in her now compared to her past.

However, she stated that her involvement in emcee hosting, DJ and etc have kept her updated with the current trend in music industry. She stated that nowadays situations such as “being popular within 1 second” were possible as seen in some singers who gained moments of fame by just one song such as PSY, Justin Bieber and etc. So, the competition in this field was getting tougher nowadays.

Music industry is like sports. The determination and psychology are very important to keep you moving on in it. Thus, it is important to keep track with the latest trend and learn to be competent with the flow.

Work Hard, Play Harder!
Momoko quoted that her motto in life is to “Work Hard, Play Harder”. She felt that the life would be even more meaningful if we could try harder in anything we do in life.

Momoko’s Sharing on life! 
Other than her work, family is the most important part of her life. Many people have claimed that she has a good EQ (emotional quotient). However, Momoko stated that she just merely tried to view every moment in life differently in an optimistic way, thus making every moments seems nicer and positive.

She has shared with the audiences regarding her moments with her husband and child. She stated that despite the workload she has, she always spent time for the important people in her life. She stated that she occasionally would visit her husband at work. She also shared with us regarding on how to maintain a good relationship with our partner. She stated that we need to control what we spoke to them and we need to make them feel comfortable with us. For example, she always would say, “Hubby, you have been working so many hours till now. It must be tiring for you. Let me prepare a tea for you.” after her husband just came back from filming till late night. This might be contrary to what her immediate real thought is which was, “Why you came so late? I have been waiting for you so long.” But it’s an essential element for us to learn to speak something which our partner would be glad to hear of instead of some grumpy complaints which are unnecessary. Complaint and grudges would only worsen the relationship. We need to always put ourselves in our partner’s shoes so that understanding could be formed between each other.

In addition, she has also shared regarding her moments with her children. She said that ever since she has children, her TV channel would always be cartoon channels. Ben10, Mickey Mouse and etc have become her good friends. Besides, she also likes to interact with her children like being friend with them. For example, she used to play “rock, scissors and papers” with her children when they were going up the staircase. (The winner would be given a chance to move one step forward.) She also shared stories on how her children could sing the whole song of “Let it Go” from Frozen while she could only remember the two sentences in the song, which is “Let it Go! Let it Go!”. She totally cherishes the precious time she could spend with her kids and husband.

Current Wish! And Final Advice from Momoko!
She said that her current wish is to conduct a concert in Malaysia again. Apart from that, she has also shared with the audiences a few advices for having a better life. She stated that, in life, once we have made a decision, then we shouldn’t regret for it. Of course, we must make a rational decision. We are our own psychotherapist, our own trainer and we should be the one deciding our future. Last but not least, 加油!(Keep it up!)

Thus, the sharing session ended with cheers and applauses from the floor!

Q & A by media and audiences from the floor:
Will this album be her last album?
Momoko: This is not the last one. It would be the second last album…just joking..
Of course, it is not my last album, I do wish to produce more music again in the future.

Has she ever thought of bringing her kinds into musical industry? Or maybe ask them to join her in singing some of her songs?
She stated that she would want her kids to be interested in music. However, she has no intention of pushing them into musical industry. She hopes that her children could enjoy music instead of being pushed into it. In the meantime, she never stopped her kids from venturing into different field. She was happy that her children could perform skills such as Chinese Yoyo (扯铃) and etc.

How to maintain the sparks between her and her husband?
She said she try not be too negative whenever she’s dealing with the problems with her husband. Don’t complain too much, but praise more. This will help a lot.

The event then proceeded with autograph session by Momoko.

That’s all regarding the sharing session. It’s definitely a worthwhile event which has brought in a lot of thoughtful insights for anyone who has attended it.

Million thanks to Melody FM for such a wonderful event.

By the way, do check out more on www.melody.com.my as they are conducting a car sticker contest which can give you a chance to win cash prizes!

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