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[Upcoming Movie] Pasar Malam无敌鸳鸯笑夜市

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[Upcoming Movie] Pasar Malam无敌鸳鸯笑夜市

Movie Information 电影新闻资料

Production Company:大将之风(Great Empire Entertainment
Movie TitlePasar Malam 无敌鸳鸯笑夜市
Main CastsVictor Wong品冠、Chris Tong童冰玉、James Wong黄志强、Anan 钟耀南、Henry Thia程旭辉
Release Date20th February 2014

Synopsis (From Official Release)
Pasar Malam is a story about Chu Yi (Victor Wong), a small time village tofu seller. Dreamed to achieve greater success in his career, he teams up with Angry Bird (Henry Thia) and moves to the city to sell their famous tofu at a Pasar Malam. There, he also meets and falls in love with the neighbouring Soya Bean seller, Xiao Ding Dong (Chris Tong).

The life in the Pasar Malam is not easy. Chu Yi is constantly harrassed and bullied by his competitor, Wan Jin You (Anan). In an attempt to save his business, Chu Yi's brother, Chu Jiu (James Wong) sets out to uncover the "dark secret" that Wan Jin You uses in his tofu recipe.

In the end, Chu Yi develops a new recipe that would change his fate and that of his business forever.

Pasar Malam is a drama/comedy about a protagonist who dares to dream and overcome challenges by turning his small business into a franchise. It promotes the Malaysian culture to the world - a melting pot of food, ethnicity, traditions, friendship and unity.

故事是讲述初一(品冠饰演)是一名来自小乡村的豆腐佬,在投靠angry bird(程旭辉饰演) 进入夜市场后所发生的趣事;间中包括认识到隔壁档口卖豆浆水的萧叮当(童冰玉饰演),对她 一见钟情之余更因为她而炮制出疯靡全城的新新豆腐,此举更惹来另一档强敌万金有 (阿南饰演)的对抗及欺压;最终,初一更与哥哥初九(黄志强)齐心合力的将黑势力赶走;影片中,最为娱乐性的亮点将会围绕在原本属于出现在夜市场里的小人物却转由明星们来饰演 ,而且还搞出了许多爆笑的精彩画面,同时反映出大马夜市场里的文化及老百姓们的热忱,敬请期待!

Characters Introduction主要人物介绍
Chu Yi林初一(Played by Victor Wong品冠)
Main Protagonist of the movie, 32 years old, optimistic and has the spirit of never give up. He is always confident of his own product (Tofu) and he always motivates the people around him. He hopes to achieve a greater success in his business. He moves to the city to sell his famous tofu at a Pasar Malam.

剧中主要角色,32岁,性格开朗,拥有不怕挫折的奋斗精神,总是有着对自己产品(臭豆腐)的信心,多时都会以阿Q智慧型的对白勉励身边人,有时真诚处事的态度会显得夸张的自信,一心凭着自己在乡下自制的臭豆腐本领离乡背井的到吉隆坡夜市闯天下。随着同乡Angry Bird进入夜市后尝尽生意失败的滋味,随后也因为爱情的启发而自创出一系列的臭豆腐而因此发迹于全城的夜市。
Xiao Ding Dong 萧叮当(Played by Chris Tong童冰玉)
26 years old, tomboy type of girl. She is Chu Yi’s love interest.  Until she realizes that Chu Yi is in love with her, she suddenly shows more of her feminine side.

26岁,性格刚烈,男子头态度的美女,动作及想法有点大情大性不怕得罪人,爱打抱不平,起初被初一暗恋时自己还不知道,还一直和他称兄道弟,直到发现初一对她展开追求时,马上转变成女性的一面,让旁人看了都受不了。最后也跟随初一深入虎穴讨回个清白的公道,让初一的豆腐 生意继续发扬光大!

Chu Jiu林初九(played by James Wong黄志强)
Chu Yi’s brother, 36 years old, professional , stereotypic attitude, love to control his brother. He feels ashamed that his brother works in Pasar  Malam. However, due to the downfall in his business, he eventually becomes a seller in Pasar Malam too.


ANGRY BIRDPlayed by Henry Thia程旭辉)
Chu Yi’s hometown friend, 43 years old, very loyal to his friendship, has been taking care of Chu Yi when he comes to work in Pasar Malam. His stall sells Angry Bird plushies and items.

初一同乡朋友,43岁,讲义气,对主角初到夜市打拼特别照顾周到,赚到钱的夜市老板,虽有点年纪,但却以卖angry bird玩具及装饰品等为主,有点大小孩的模样。

Wan Jin You万金有 Played by Anan钟耀南)
The main rival of the protagonist, 45 years old, hypocritical and can do anything extreme in order to gain benefits for his ownself.


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