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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

[Local Entertainment] Athena 马嘉轩 led the local celebrities in “光盘行动”!

[Local Entertainment] Athena 马嘉轩 led the local celebrities in “光盘行动”!

Local artistes have swore that they would practice”光盘” concept in daily life, in order to demonstrate a good example to the younger generations.

This《光盘行动》was led by Athena 马嘉轩alongside with a few other local artistes such as 张起政, 可晴, 李承运, Zen俊倩, Crystal王雪晶, 南伯儿& 蔡正雄. They will be having a nationwide promo tour for this program. Besides, they are going to visit a few schools and have meals with the students in order to educate them about the importance of food and resources.

Athena has been taught not to waste any food since young!

Athena马嘉轩 revealed that she and her sisters were greatly influenced by their parents to not waste any food since young. She was well-aware of the importance of food and it has taught her how to appreciate the things around her more.

Promoting the “光盘” program to encourage more people to practice this good habit!

Happymove《好人好事快乐网》主席and丹江弟子规教学中心representative张伟慈stated that apart from teaching弟子规,he also wished that the younger generation can learn to appreciate the resources around them especially their food.

张伟慈has given teachings at a few places in China. He realized that the implementation of《光盘行动》in those few places have been quite effective in raising the awareness among the people regarding the importance of not wasting any food. Thus, he hoped that this program can bring in the same effect to the population in Malaysia too.

Going Around Schools Campuses For The Education of the Younger Generations!
In order to deliver the message directly to the youths, local artistes including马嘉轩,张起政,可晴,李承运,Zen俊倩,王雪晶,南伯儿& 蔡正雄will be playing the role as《光盘大使》to go around the whole Malaysia and visit a few school campuses. They will be having meal time with the students and will take the opportunity to educate them regarding the habit of not wasting any of their food.

Invite Celebrities To Your Campus!
If your school or association is interested to invite the光盘大使 to your campuses, please visit Happymove《好人好事快乐网》or contact 03-8071 0740 for more enquiry.

You may also email happymovenet@gmail.com for more info.

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