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Friday, 1 November 2013

[Local Entertainment] Zen俊倩Music Video 《了解我》Production

[Local Entertainment] Zen俊倩Music Video  《了解我》Production

Zen has contributed her first kiss to the snake on screen!

Zen俊倩 who is the one of the new singers of the year 2013 has been casted for her own music video 《了解我》 recently. In the music video, the director has requested her to contribute her first kiss to a snake on-screen.

Kuala Lumpur, 1st November 2013- This is the first time for the Unexpected new singer Zen俊倩 to take part in a Music Video filming. Under the instruction by the director, she has interacted with many props such as clock, doll and even the Ferris Wheel. Filming under the hot sun, she jokingly told the crews that it’s been a long time since she has enjoyed such a nice sunbathing. 

After she has gotten closer with the crews, she has presented her 90s personality, being cheerful and playful during the filming process. She even kisses a snake for the music video. (Anyway, it’s just a doll snake.)

The most memorable moment during the Music Video Filming!

Zen俊倩 ‘s most memorable moment during the music video production is when she was asked to lie down on the field and maintain a merry gesture on her face. The sunlight was bright and there were a lot of mosquitoes which are biting her during that time. However, she has endured all these and finally finished filming the scene without even realizing that her arms and legs were already swollen and red due to the mosquitoes bites.

Zen俊倩 was very cooperative with the crews and has gained a lot of positive remarks from them. All the crews appreciated her efforts and have high hopes on the future of her career.

《了解我》Singles Sold Out during her One Utama Promo Tour! Gained Company’s Confidence to Boost up more Promo for her!
During the Promo Event in One Utama, Zen has received a lot of supports from the fans. According to CD RAMA, 《了解我》Singles was sold out within 1 hour. Thus, this has gained more trust and confidence from the company to boost up Promo for her.

Anyway, if there is any society, association or school who wishes to invite Zen俊倩as the performing guest, you can contact 03-21488793.

Or leave a comment at Zen俊倩 Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/zen.junqian

Zen俊倩《了解我》Official MV

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