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Sunday, 22 September 2013

[Local Entertainment News] 大牌制作团队 Unexpected New Singer Zen俊倩

[Local Entertainment News] 大牌制作团队 Unexpected New Singer Zen俊倩

Kuala Lumpur, 21st September 2013 – Four years after 可晴Keqing’s debut, Easternworld Music is now promoting the debut of 2013 most Unexpected new singer Zen俊倩. She is not from any talent show and not from any prominent background, but she was discovered by 大牌制作团队. Currently she is releasing her latest new single《了解我》. She is considered a successful newbie singer because she has gained the attention from the media and fans even though she hasn’t release her full album yet.

《了解我》was composed by《非常好歌》judge陈彦珲老师. She has also collaborated with the runner-up of “新晋嘻哈唱作人Shelhiel邝晅恒for the rapping part of her song. 张起政,马嘉轩and 李俊健 (who has written song lyrics for孙燕姿、黄美珍、郭静) have also cooperated with Zen in the production of this song.

When Zen俊倩 was young, her health was not that good and doctor has mentioned that she might be only able to live up to 9 years old. She has been very enthusiastic in music since young and her unique voice has made the people around her to take notice of her. After joining the Malaysia National Choir, she has earned many experiences and she has gained even more passion in performing. She then entered into Easternworld Music Academy (EMA) and was enrolled as one of the 环东 Junior.   

She was recommended by the academy to participate in a singing competition “中国东协礼仪大使2012”. She has won the first prize in Malaysia and also won the second runner-up in China. After the competition, she finally has the opportunity to release her single《了解我》。

Her life is full of ups and downs. However, her journey has proven to us that anything UNEXPECTED is possible to happen!

From now onwards, you can listen to Zen俊倩 latest song《了解我》via any mandarin radio stations in Malaysia.

For more info on Zen俊倩, please visit:

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