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Sunday, 22 September 2013

[Anime Manga] You can now become a Super Saiyan! With Bandai DBZ Hair Wax!

[Anime Manga] You can now become a Super Saiyan now! With Bandai DBZ Hair Wax!

I am sure Dragon Ball Z is no stranger to any anime & manga fans. It’s one of the most famous Shonen Jump Series ever!

For most fans, one of the most favorite moments in DBZ is when Goku or some Z warriors turning into Super Saiyans, with the flashy golden hair and of course the more spiked up hair!  

I am sure a lot of the fans have thought of styling their hairs like Goku before.
So,take note, DBZ fans, your dream can come true now! You can now set your hair like a Super Saiyan with Bandai’s cosmetic brand for adults, Creer Beatute “Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax”!

There are three types of wax, Natural, Hard and Super Hard as seen in the photos below.

Natural – can allow you to set your hair like Goku before he turned into Super Saiyan

Hard- as seen in the photo above. Can allow you to be in Kaioken form? It’s a harder wax than Natural.
Super Hard – This is really meant for you to turn into a Super Saiyan!!!

Besides that, it is a good collection for the fans too because the container for the wax is actually shaped like a Dragon Ball.

This product can be found at Bandai’s official online Store at 980 yen (Around RM 31.40) for each.

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