[Movie Review] Astro Shaw “GOLD”

[Movie Review] Astro Shaw “GOLD” 

Astro Shaw “GOLD” A Shining Testament to the Spirit of Perseverance

Astro Shaw's latest sports biopic, “GOLD” delivers a powerful and inspiring portrayal of Paralympic badminton champion Cheah Liek Hou's journey to winning gold at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. Directed by Adrian Teh, the film offers a compelling narrative that goes beyond the typical sports drama, delving into themes of perseverance, disability representation, and national pride.


The film's visual storytelling is a standout feature, with cinematographer capturing both the intensity of badminton matches and the intimate moments of Liek Hou's personal struggles. I am impressed with the character-focused shots that effectively convey the emotional weight of Liek Hou's journey. One of the most striking aspects of the cinematography is its attention to detail in recreating historical moments. The transition from film to real-life footage of the moment Cheah won the gold medal is seamless, enhancing the film's authenticity.

Actors' Performance

Jack Tan delivers a tour de force performance as Cheah Liek Hou, embodying the athlete's determination and vulnerability with remarkable nuance. Tan's dedication to the role is evident, having undergone intensive badminton training and even gaining 20kg for certain scenes. His portrayal captures both the physical demands of the sport and the emotional journey of an athlete overcoming adversity.

Farid Kamil's portrayal of badminton legend Datuk Rashid Sidek is equally compelling. Kamil's commitment to the role, including shedding 20kg and mastering Sidek's movements, lends credibility to his performance. The chemistry between Tan and Kamil on screen effectively conveys the mentor-mentee relationship that was crucial to Liek Hou's success. 

Lynn Lim excels in her role as Cheah's mother, portraying the character with a profound depth and sensitivity. Her performance beautifully captures the emotional struggles and unwavering support that defines the mother-son relationship, adding a significant emotional layer to the film.

The supporting cast, including Freddie Ng as Cheah's father and Fabian Loo as Guan Teng, rounds out the ensemble with solid performances that add depth to the narrative.


“GOLD” follows Cheah Liek Hou's journey from a promising young badminton player to a Paralympic champion, navigating the challenges of his brachial plexus paralysis along the way. The screenplay skillfully balances the sports drama elements with personal moments, creating a narrative that is both engaging and emotionally resonant. The film doesn't shy away from depicting the hurdles Liek Hou faces, both in terms of his physical condition and the broader challenges of competing as a para-athlete. By including the story of Datuk Rashid Sidek, the plot also draws interesting parallels between different eras of Malaysian badminton, adding layers to the overall narrative.

While the story follows a somewhat familiar sports biopic structure, it manages to avoid many of the genre's clichés through its focus on the unique aspects of para-sports and the specific cultural context of Malaysian athletics.


The film's score complements the on-screen action effectively. The music enhances the emotional impact of key scenes without overpowering them, striking a balance between rousing sports-movie anthems and more subtle, character-driven pieces. The original song "Kita Pasti Boleh," performed by Kaka Azraff, Daniel Sher, and Saint T.F.C., serves as an uplifting theme that encapsulates the film's spirit of determination and national pride.

Meaningful Theme

At its core, “GOLD” is about more than just sports achievement. The film explores themes of resilience in the face of adversity, the importance of mentorship, and the power of representation for athletes with disabilities. By focusing on Cheah Liek Hou's story, the movie sheds light on the often-overlooked world of para-sports and challenges societal perceptions of disability. Moreover, the film touches on the significance of sports in fostering national identity and pride. Through its portrayal of Malaysian athletes across different eras, “GOLD” reflects on how sports can unite a nation and inspire future generations.


“GOLD” shines as a well-crafted sports biopic that transcends its genre. With strong performances, impressive cinematography, and a meaningful exploration of its themes, the film offers an engaging and inspiring look at an important chapter in Malaysian sports history. While it may follow some familiar beats of sports dramas, its unique focus on para-athletics and Malaysian culture sets it apart, making it a worthy addition to the canon of sports films and a testament to the growing strength of Malaysian cinema.

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VERDICT: 8.0/10.0

【电影影评】Astro Shaw《Gold》:不放弃精神的光辉见证

Astro Shaw 最新的体育传记片《GOLD》生动感人地展现了残奥羽毛球冠军 Cheah Liek Hou 谢儮好 在 2020 年东京残奥会上赢得金牌的励志历程。

电影的视觉叙事是一大亮点,摄影师成功捕捉了羽毛球比赛的激烈与有效传达了 Cheah Liek Hou 谢儮好旅程的个人情感。从电影连接到现实生活中谢儮好赢得金牌的时刻,过渡十分流畅,增强了电影的真实感。

Jack Tan 陈泽耀在影片中饰演 Cheah Liek Hou谢儮好,演技出色,细腻地诠释了这位运动员的决心与脆弱。他为这个角色进行了密集的羽毛球训练,甚至为某些场景增重 20 公斤。他的表演不仅捕捉到了这项运动的体能需求,还展现了一个运动员克服逆境的情感旅程。

Farid Kamil 饰演的羽毛球传奇人物 Datuk Rashid Sidek 同样令人信服。Kamil 为了这个角色减重 20 公斤,并掌握了 Sidek 的动作,使他的表演更加真实。

《Gold》讲述了 Cheah Liek Hou 谢儮好 从一个有前途的年轻羽毛球运动员到残奥冠军的历程,在此过程中克服了臂丛神经麻痹的挑战。剧本巧妙地平衡了体育剧元素和个人时刻,创造了一个既引人入胜又充满情感共鸣的叙事。电影不回避 Cheah 面临的障碍,无论是身体状况还是作为残疾运动员所面临的更广泛的挑战。通过加入 Datuk Rashid Sidek 的故事,剧情还在不同的马来西亚羽毛球时代之间建立了有趣的对比,为整体叙事增添了层次感。

电影的配乐增强了关键场景的情感冲击力。由 Kaka Azraff、Daniel Sher 和 Saint T.F.C. 演唱的原创歌曲《Kita Pasti Boleh》作为激励人心的主题曲,也完美体现了电影的奋斗精神和民族自豪感。

《GOLD》不仅仅是关于体育成就的电影。影片探讨了在逆境中坚韧不拔的重要性。通过聚焦 Cheah Liek Hou 谢儮好 的故事,电影揭示了常被忽视的残疾人运动世界,并挑战了社会对残疾的看法。《GOLD》绝对是一部值得观看的热血电影之一!

《GOLD》将于7月11日,在全国各大影院上映。欲知更多有关《GOLD》详情,关注Astro Shaw Instagram、X、Facebook、TikTok和YouTube,也可透过社交平台标签 #GoForGold #MYGoldMovie #KitaPastiBoleh #为自己赢一场 #为马来西亚赢一次。


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