[Discover People] Interview with Yap Kai Shuien: The Visionary Behind Season4otaku

[Discover People] Interview with Yap Kai Shuien: The Visionary Behind Season4otaku

1. What inspired you to take part actively in anime and manga events?

I have always had a deep love for anime, and my favorite series is Great Detective Conan (also known as Case Closed). This passion drove me to immerse myself in the anime and manga community and eventually led me to actively participate in organizing events.

2. How long have you been involved in organizing ACG events? What challenges have you faced?

I have been involved in organizing ACG (Anime, Comics, and Games) events since 2016. Throughout this journey, there have been numerous ups and downs. One of the significant challenges is obtaining the necessary approvals from relevant authorities, which can be quite difficult at times. However, I am grateful that there have been no major issues with organizing my events recently.

3. How do you decide on the theme for each event, and how do you choose special guests?

The theme for each event is usually inspired by what resonates with me at the moment. For example, the current event, NIMA's Circus, was a spontaneous idea that I decided to pursue. When it comes to special guests, I tend to invite artists whom I personally admire. Currently, I have more connections within the community in Taiwan, making it easier for me to communicate and invite them as special guests in Malaysia. In the future, I hope to bring some of my favorite artists from Japan as well.

4. How long does it usually take to organize an event?

Organizing an event typically requires at least three months of preparation. For larger events, the preparation time can extend up to eight months.

5. How do you feel about the local community's acceptance of ACG events?

I have observed that the crowd attending these events has grown significantly post-pandemic. However, there are still some individuals who remain skeptical. By organizing these events, we aim to expose more people to the ACG culture, which is gaining global popularity.

6. Your events often feature a large lineup of cosplayers. Have you tried cosplaying yourself, and what are your thoughts on emceeing?

Besides organizing events, my second interest is emceeing, which I thoroughly enjoy. As for cosplaying, I am not as dedicated as many cosplayers, so I do not participate in cosplay myself. However, I always support and appreciate the efforts of cosplayers.

7. What are your goals moving forward?

My primary goal is to see more people enjoy the ACG culture. I hope that people will stop judging ACG based on misconceptions and will give it a fair chance. Ultimately, I want everyone to embrace this growing culture together.

Yap Kai Shuien's dedication to the ACG community is truly inspiring. Her passion for anime and manga shines through in his efforts to bring people together and foster a deeper appreciation for the culture. As the CEO and founder of Season4otaku, her vision and commitment continue to pave the way for exciting and engaging ACG events in Malaysia.

Our chief editor WLJack photo with Yap Kai Shuien after the interview

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