[Event (Outside Malaysia) ] Gil Marsalla & Directo Present PIAF The Show @ Mediacorp Theatre (Singapore)

[Event (Outside Malaysia) ] Gil Marsalla & Directo Present PIAF The Show @ Mediacorp Theatre (Singapore)

Reverberate through Singapore with the timeless songs of iconic French chansonnière Edith Piaf.

SINGAPORE, March 2024: Internationally, France is synonymous with Paris, Montmartre, and Edith Piaf. Edith Piaf, a legendary French singer, is remembered for her deeply emotional renditions of unforgettable melodies, inspiring life, inimitable sultry voice, and stage presence. Her legacy continues to live on in the city of passion and beyond.

The award-winning musical La Vie En Rose, starring Nathalie Lermitte, dubbed 'Edith Piaf's legitimate musical heiress' by tabloids and critics, will captivate international fans on 10th May 2024 - 11th May 2024 at 8pm at the Mediacorp Theatre in Singapore.

Piaf! The Show, directed by Gil Marsalla and starring Nathalie Lermitte, has received unanimous praise from Piaf's inner circle as "the most beautiful tribute" to the legendary singer's life and career. The show showcases Piaf's life through her iconic songs and never-before-seen images, creating a captivating two-part musical journey.

Piaf! The Show is the world's most successful French show, with over 400 performances in 50 countries and a million tickets sold since 2015. In 2017, 'Piaf! Le Spectacle' sold out Carnegie Hall in New York and the Olympia in Paris. Her signature song, 'La Vien en Rose', which she wrote and performed in 1945, was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998, making her a world-renowned musical talent.

Piaf! The Show, presented by LOL ASIA in Singapore, celebrates Piaf's legacy and provides a unique opportunity for Singaporeans to experience her timeless repertoire.

The performance, featuring a talented quartet of Parisian musicians, aims to transport viewers to the cobblestone streets of Paris, where Piaf's voice once echoed through the cafes and cabarets of Montmartre. The first part of the two-part show immerses audiences in the legendary bohemian district of Montmartre, where music, art, and beauty intersect with Parisian excess and hedonistic living. The second part of the performance showcases Edith in her post-war glory days, with soul-stirring performances of classics like 'La Vie en Rose,' 'Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien,' 'Hymne à l'Amour,' and 'Milord.' This harkens back to Europe's burgeoning entertainment and nightlife.

Edith Piaf's songs are recognised as "pearls of 20th century music," establishing the chanson genre and tradition. "Our goal is to introduce younger generations to French music and Edith Piaf's personality."

Gil Marsalla's Directo Productions team, producers of Piaf!, hopes that the older generation will remember 'la môme piaf' (the 'little sparrow'). The show is held worldwide, including in Singapore.

According to Rizal Kamal, CEO of LOL Asia, Edith Piaf's music connects with audiences worldwide, transcending time and borders. We are honoured to present her legendary repertoire in Singapore, allowing audiences to experience the beauty and poignancy of her songs.

This tribute to Piaf's musical legacy has received high praise from attendees worldwide, making it a must-see for both long-time fans and newcomers to her work. Piaf! The Show serves as a testament to Edith’s enduring influence on generations of music lovers.

Piaf! The Show is presented by LOL Asia and supported by Voilah Singapore France Festival.

Tickets on sale at: https://lolasia.bigtix.io 

Price begins SGD$58

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