[Coverage] UNIFI TV RUBY PLUS PACK X TVBANYWHERE LAUNCHING CEREMONY Featuring Owen Cheung 張振朗 & Katy Kung 龔嘉欣

[Coverage] UNIFI TV RUBY PLUS PACK X TVBANYWHERE LAUNCHING CEREMONY Featuring Owen Cheung 張振朗 & Katy Kung 龔嘉欣 

Katy Kung & Owen Cheung Ushers In The “HUAT” This CNY with Brand New Unifi TV Ruby Plus Pack Now With TVBAnywhere+

KUALA LUMPUR, 28 JANUARY 2024Unifi TV, Unifi's digital lifestyle convergence arm, is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new Ruby Plus Pack, which now includes the TVBAnywhere+ streaming app for only RM30.00 per month and is designed specifically for the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities.

Jasmine Lee, Unifi's Chief Commercial Officer - Consumer, stated, "We are thrilled to launch this specially curated Ruby Plus Pack just in time for these joyous holidays. We hope that this new pack, along with our other services, will help to strengthen our growing platform of high-quality global content and provide compelling digital lifestyle experiences to our diverse customers. The launch of this new pack with the TVBAnywhere+ streaming app reflects Unifi's commitment to continuously innovating our converged services, and customers can expect more exciting offers in the coming months."

This new pack elevates digital lifestyle experiences by delivering a diverse selection of simultaneously cast TV shows as well as exclusive films that are being aired for the first time. These shows from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan are available through the TVBAnywhere+ app, and the new Ruby Plus Pack also includes popular channels like Celestial Movies, now Jelli, CCTV-4, and SETI. Unifi customers have access to TVBAnywhere+ Premium Zone, which offers a vast library of on-demand videos such as Justice Sung Begins (状王之王), Forensic Heroes 6 (法证先锋6 幸存者的救赎), Midlife Sing & Shine! 2 (《中年好声音2》and Family Feud (《思家大战》). Customers can also watch live channels like TVB Jade, TVB News, and Xing He with this new pack.

The Ruby Plus Pack also caters to users of all ages, with more than 40 premium channels such as tvN Movies, Warner TV, Nickelodeon, AXN and Unifi Sports, among others, promising a comprehensive entertainment journey for everyone.

Other features of this new offering in this promotional bundle include:

  1. Intuitive streaming - Unifi TV and TVBAnywhere+ apps offer intuitive interfaces, personalised recommendations and high-definition streaming to create a more immersive viewing experiences.

  2. Flexible switching between streaming apps - Customers who have the TVBAnywhere+ app will have the flexibility to switch their preferred streaming app, with options such as Viu, iQIYI, WeTV, MangoTV and more.

  3. Latest Unifi TV Box - Customers will receive the latest Android TV 12 Box worthRM480 at no additional charge, improving the shared sit-back viewing experience for families.

As part of the launch, Unifi TV collaborated with TVB Hong Kong to bring award-winning actors Owen Cheung and Katy Kung to Malaysia. Fans were treated to a festive meet and greet with the artistes at Pavilion KL and selected Unifi Stores, enjoying interactive games, songs and exclusive gifts. They are also in town to promote TVBAnywhere+ streaming app's upcoming 2024 ttles like Death Hint(奪命提示),Big Biz Duel(企業強人),The Aiport Diary(飛常日誌),Sinister Being 2(逆天奇案 2)and more.

During the meet and greet with fans, both Owen Cheung and Katy Kung have interacted with the fans by playing games with them, giving away merchandises and presented their CNY greetings to the Malaysian fans!

Unifi TV Ruby Plus Pack is available for both new and existing Unifi customers, and TVBAnywhere+ streaming app access can also be activated via the MyUnifi app. For more information, visit www.unifi.com.my.

Unifi TV 隆重推出全新 Ruby Plus 配套 庆祝农历新年

吉隆坡, 2024年1月28日 - 在这个农历新年来临之际,Unifi TV 特别推出了一项新的服务配套,名为 Ruby Plus,旨在为用户提供更加丰富的中文娱乐内容。现在,只需每月RM30.00,用户便可以享受到包括TVBAnywhere+在内的多种精彩中文节目。

Unifi 消费者业务首席商务官李诗颖(Jasmine Lee Sze Inn)表示:“我们非常高兴能够在这个佳节期间向大家推出 Ruby Plus 配套。这一新配套的推出,加上我们现有的服务,标志着我们在打造世界级高品质内容平台方面又向前迈进了一步,旨在满足用户多样化的需求,为他们提供卓越的数字生活体验。现在附赠的 TVBAnywhere+服务,展现了我们在融合服务领域的创新和努力,用户可以期待在未来几个月里我们将推出更多超值优惠。”

这一全新的配套特别呈现了来自中国、香港和台湾的精彩节目,包括同步播出的电视节目和独家电影首映。通过Unifi TV,用户可以观看多个热门频道,如天映频道、NowJelli紫金国际台、CCTV-4中文国际频道和三立国际台等。此外,Ruby Plus 配套的用户还能激活 TVBAnywhere+的点播区(VOD Zone),观看最新和最多的TVB港剧和综艺节目,包括《状王之王》、《法证先锋6 幸存者的救赎》、《中年好声音2》、《思家大战》等。本月订购该配套的用户还可以享受直播频道区(Channel Zone),包括香港翡翠台、无线新闻台、星河频道等。

Ruby Plus 配套提供超过40个高质量频道,包括 tN Movies、Warner TV、Nickelodeon、AXN 和 Unifi Sports 等,满足不同年龄层次用户的需求,为所有人带来愉快的娱乐体验。

Ruby Plus 配套亮点:

  • 轻松上手的在线观看:Unifi TV 和 TVBAnywhere+ 拥有简洁易用的界面、个性化推荐和高清画质,提供沉浸式的观影体验。

  • 灵活切换串流应用程序:用户可以随时切换不同的串流应用程序,如 TVBAnywhere+、Viu、iQIYI、WeTV、MangoTV,无需额外收费。

  • 全新 Unifi TV 电视盒:用户将免费获得价值480令吉的最新 Android TV 12 电视盒,享受更舒适的观影体验。

为了庆祝这一盛大的产品推介活动,Unifi TV 与香港 TVB 携手合作,在吉隆坡的 Pavilion KL 和选定的 Unifi 商店举办见面会。演员 Owen Cheung 張振朗Katy Kung 龔嘉欣 与粉丝互动,包括玩游戏、赠送周边商品,并向马来西亚粉丝送上新年祝福。

无论是新老用户,都可以通过 MyUnifi 应用程序订购 Unifi TV Ruby Plus 配套,并享受 TVBAnywhere+ 的服务。想要了解更多详情,请访问 www.unifi.com.my

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