[Coverage] GINTELL 11.11 Meet and Greet with Simon Yam: Introduction of brand new GINTELL S7 Plus, 2nd Gen, 8-Hands Wellness Chair

[Coverage] GINTELL 11.11 Meet and Greet with Simon Yam: Introduction of brand new GINTELL S7 Plus, 2nd Gen, 8-Hands Wellness Chair 

SIMON YAM is back to launch Gintell S7+ after filming in Hong Kong and China.

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 - GINTELL, a prominent healthcare retail chain in Southeast Asia and Malaysia, celebrated a significant milestone on 11th November 2023, with the official launch of their highly anticipated Wellness Chair Series—the GINTELL S7 Plus, 2nd Gen. 8-Hands Wellness Chair at LG2, Orange Concourse, Sunway Pyramid. This unveiling demonstrated GINTELL's commitment to transforming the wellness industry.

The GINTELL S7 Plus is an industry pioneer, being the first to feature the innovative 178° L-Flex Track with 2nd Gen. 8-D Twin Rollers. This cutting-edge technology simulates the experience of four massage therapists working on the upper and lower backs at the same time. The shoulder, upper back, lower back, waist, and buttocks are among the areas of focus, ensuring a thorough and rejuvenating massage experience.

The event reached a climax when Simon Yam, an international actor and GINTELL ambassador, took centre stage. Simon Yam provided testimonials that emphasised the effectiveness and impact of the GINTELL S7 Plus. The grand opening was officiated by Simon Yam and Dato' Goh Cheh Yak, Managing Director of GINTELL Group, adding a touch of glamour and expertise to the occasion.

Before coming to Malaysia, the legendary actor Simon Yam was busy acting and producing "The Unleashed Blaze" with Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse and "Golden Finger" with Andy Lau and Tony Leung, so you can expect to see him on the big screen next month.

Mini-games and a meet-and-greet with Simon Yam's fans were provided for attendees. Ten lucky winners of 988 Radio Station's Snap & Win contest and five lucky winners of GINTELL's Snap & Win contest had the exclusive opportunity to have their photos taken with Simon Yam, adding excitement to the event.

The media and guests were then led to the refreshment area, effectively bringing the event to a close. The GINTELL management, along with ambassadors Simon Yam and Amber Chia, Sunway Pyramid management, and members of the media, attended the event, emphasising the significance of the GINTELL S7 Plus launch.

GINTELL 大使任达华粉丝见面,分享了最新“金条”!GINTELL S7 Plus这是第二代的8手健康椅!

2023年11月11日,东南亚和马来西亚著名的医疗保健零售连锁店GINTELL正式推出备受期待的健康椅系列——GINTELL S7 Plus这是第二代的8手健康椅,标志着一个重要的里程碑。发布活动在LG2,橙色广场,双威金字塔举行,展示了GINTELL对彻底改变健康行业的承诺。

GINTELL S7 Plus作为行业的开创者,引人注目,它是市场上首款采用创新型的178° L-Flex轨道和第二代8-D双滚轮的产品。这一尖端技术模仿了四名按摩治疗师同时按摩上背部和下背部的体验。它特别关注肩部、上背部、下背部、腰部和臀部等重要部位,确保提供全面、焕发活力的按摩体验。

国际演员兼GINTELL形象大使任达华亲临活动,将活动推向了高潮。任达华分享了他对GINTELL S7 Plus有效性和影响力的看法。这场盛大的发布会由任达华和GINTELL集团董事总经理拿督吴Cheh Yak共同主持,为这一场合增添了魅力和专业知识。


与会者还享受了迷你游戏和与任达华粉丝的见面会。来自988电台的10名幸运儿和GINTELL Snap & Win大赛的5名幸运儿获得了与任达华合影的独家机会,为活动增添了兴奋的元素。

随后,媒体和嘉宾被引导至茶点区,活动在热烈的气氛中结束。GINTELL的管理层、大使任达华、Amber Chia、Sunway Pyramid的管理层以及媒体成员共同出席了此次活动,强调了GINTELL S7 Plus发布的重要性。

S7+ Product Specifications

Deeper into the GINTELL S7 Plus's features, the 178° L-Flex Track and 2nd Gen. 8-D Twin Rollers add a new dimension to massage technology. The dual massage track, a first in Malaysia, allows precise adjustments for the upper and lower back, outperforming traditional fixed-angle massage chairs. The end result is a 178° reclining capability that adapts to body curves and targets nerves in the lower back and waist for a refreshing experience.

The GINTELL S7 Plus goes beyond massages by including an AI Fatigue Bio-Scan System, which provides a personalised massage programme based on heart rate, blood oxygen level, and fatigue index. This ensures a personalised wellness experience, which is consistent with GINTELL's commitment to holistic health.

The 230° Thai Massage, an intensive full-body stretching programme enhanced by the 178° L-Flex Track and 2nd Gen. 8-D Twin Rollers, is one of the standout features. This programme, endorsed and consulted by Dato' Seri Master Chris Leong, a renowned Tit-Tar Master, improves joint flexibility and mobility while promoting overall well-being.

The 360° Heat Spa Therapy adds another layer of relaxation by applying warm compression to specific areas of the body such as the back, waist, and feet. The crossbody strap is specially designed to target the abdominal area, providing relief from muscle tension and menstrual cramps.

The GINTELL S7 Plus has three automated programmes under the Brain Relief Therapy section: Total Relax, Mental Care, and 230° Thai Massage. These programmes aim to improve sleep quality and reduce mental stress by creating a calming environment with soothing background music during the massage.

GINTELL keeps up with modern connectivity trends by offering features such as AI Voice Control, a touch screen controller, and seamless smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth. The GINTELL Super App OS application, which is available on Google Play and AppStore, allows users to easily control the massage chair.

The GINTELL S7 Plus includes 20 automatic programmes, 11 unique massage techniques, adjustable massage speed and 4D intensity up to 5 levels, a wireless charging port with USB connector, VI Memory programme, and the relaxing Zen Light feature, which improves the user's mood and surrounding ambiance.

GINTELL is offering a special promotion for a limited time, pricing the GINTELL S7 Plus at RM18,988 in celebration of the grand launch. The retail selling price is RM33,988, with free gifts worth up to RM8,988 included. In addition, GINTELL S7 Plus buyers will receive a free 8-Day Health Programme to help them get started on their wellness journey.

For more information or to place a pre-order, call +60124046033 or visit www.gintell.com  or the nearest GINTELL showroom. The GINTELL S7 Plus promises a holistic wellness experience, in line with GINTELL's commitment to promoting health and well-being.

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