[Entertainment] PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE team up with Thai rap sensation SPRITE for brand-new single “FIRE”

[Entertainment] PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE team up with Thai rap sensation SPRITE for brand-new single “FIRE”

In their brand-new single "FIRE," PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE has teamed up with Thai rap sensation SPRITE, creating a fervent buzz.

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 - PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE, a rising force in the Japanese music scene, quickly garnered a massive fan following with their exceptional singing, dancing, and powerful stage presence. They not only became one of the hottest male groups in recent years in Japan but were also hailed as a benchmark for the new generation. Just 14 months after their official debut, following their collaboration with the Thai newcomer group DVI in the early part of the year on the single "TO THE TOP," they embarked on another international music venture, this time inviting Thai rap prodigy SPRITE to craft their scorching new track, "FIRE." This new release was made available on major digital music platforms on 12th September 2023.

PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE shared that during their activities in Thailand for six months starting in September 2022, they had already been thinking about connecting with SPRITE for a musical exchange. This collaboration not only fulfilled their wishes but, even more delightfully, showcased a unique chemistry between the two artists. Notably, SPRITE is one of the youngest Thai rap artists to have successfully made it onto the Global Billboard chart.

"FIRE (feat. SPRITE)" is not only the second collaboration between PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE and the Thai music label HIGH CLOUD ENTERTAINMENT but is also a creative endeavor led by the Thai music genius NINO at HYPE TRAIN PRODUCTION. NINO, who previously produced the single "TO THE TOP (feat. DVI)," carefully incorporated elements of ethnic music into this new work to enhance its musical quality and artistic depth, with a focus on reaching a broader music market. SPRITE, known as a "rap prodigy" who effortlessly straddles the worlds of hip-hop and pop music, always brings an innovative touch to his musical creations. His rap contribution in "FIRE" further intensifies the song's fiery spirit, successfully igniting excitement and making it a brilliant masterpiece.

The music video (MV) continues the uplifting theme of the song, providing a spirited and passionate encouragement to dream-chasers. It emphasizes the importance of self-belief, fearlessly embracing challenges, and surpassing one's own limits. In the MV, the members of PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE showcase their individual personalities and talents, adding diverse warmth and flair to the overall audiovisual experience. The setting is designed to resemble the heat of Mars, contrasting with the unstoppable enthusiasm and determination burning within. The cool LED lighting effects further enhance the sense of rising temperature. Additionally, their sharp and fluid dance moves splendidly convey the resilience and determination required to pursue dreams, igniting the passion and enthusiasm in the hearts of their fans.

In addition to the digital release of the single, the MV for "FIRE" officially premiered on YouTube on the evening of September 12, 2023, in Singapore and Malaysia time.

Speaking about their new song, "FIRE (feat. SPRITE)," PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE excitedly said, "This new song is dedicated to celebrating our relentless efforts and fearless spirit in pursuing our musical dreams and career achievements. We hope it can inspire everyone to keep moving forward, reaching higher and farther together. We wish for this song to be a powerful catalyst, igniting a blazing fire in the hearts of every listener, propelling them towards their goals."

PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE 这支日本乐团在他们全新单曲《FIRE》中,迎来了泰国的说唱新星 SPRITE 的助阵,引发了强烈的关注和热情。

PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE 是一支新晋的日本男子团队,以出色的歌唱和舞蹈才华以及强大的舞台表现力而闻名,迅速成为了近年来日本乐坛最受瞩目的男团之一,被誉为新一代的代表性男团。仅在出道不到14个月后,他们与泰国新晋男团DVI合作发布了单曲《TO THE TOP》,经过7个月的间隔,再次跨国合作,邀请了泰国的说唱新星SPRITE,共同创作了全新的激情单曲《FIRE》,这首歌于9月12日在各大数字音乐平台上线。

PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE 表示,自从2022年9月在泰国进行活动以来,他们就一直希望与SPRITE在音乐上有所合作,这次合作不仅如愿实现,还成功地展现出两者之间的独特化学反应。值得一提的是,SPRITE是迄今为止成功进入全球告示牌榜单的泰国最年轻的说唱歌手之一。

《FIRE(feat. SPRITE)》不仅是PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE第二次与泰国音乐厂牌HIGH CLOUD ENTERTAINMENT合作的作品,还由泰国音乐制作才子NINO领导的HYPE TRAIN PRODUCTION创作。NINO曾制作单曲《TO THE TOP(feat. DVI)》,在这次的新作中,他巧妙地融入了一些民族音乐元素,以提高音乐质量和艺术内涵,并瞄准更广泛的音乐市场。SPRITE是一位擅长游走于嘻哈和流行音乐之间的说唱新星,他在《FIRE》中的表现使歌曲更加充满激情,成功引发了听众的兴奋,创作了一首杰出的作品。

音乐影片MV延续了歌曲积极向上的主题,鼓励追逐梦想的人们坚持自我,勇敢挑战,超越自我。PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE的成员在MV中展现了各自的个性和才华,为整体声光画影增添了不同的热度和激情。场景设计得像火星一样炎热,以反映他们内心的热情和执着,LED灯光效果也为MV增加了不断升温的激情。此外,他们通过锐利而流畅的舞蹈动作出色地展现了追梦的决心,激发了粉丝内心的激情。


谈到新歌《FIRE(feat. SPRITE)》,PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE非常兴奋地表示:“这首新作,是为了歌颂与庆祝我们对音乐梦想和事业成就的努力不懈与大无畏精神,同时我们也希望可以藉此鼓励大家努力前行,并一同飞得更远、更高。我们希望这首歌能够成为强大的催化剂,燃起每个听众内心的熊熊烈火,推动他们实现自己的目标。”


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