[Anime Event Coverage] Hobbycon @ Tenom (In conjunction with Karnival Taman Pertanian Sabah)

[Anime Event Coverage] Hobbycon @ Tenom (In conjunction with Karnival Taman Pertanian Sabah) 

Hobbycon Tenom: A Blend of ACG Delights and Local Flavor

Tenom, 2023 - Tenom, a serene town nestled in the heart of Sabah, recently witnessed an day of creativity, talent, and sheer enthusiasm as it played host to the much-awaited "Hobbycon @ Tenom." This event, held in conjunction with the Karnival Taman Pertanian Sabah, is a celebration of the anime, comic, and gaming (ACG) subcultures. Hobbycon Tenom not only showcased the vibrant ACG community in Tenom but also served as a platform to inspire young talents and redefine the future of ACG events in Sabah.

Hobbycon @ Tenom was more than just an event; it was a testament to the flourishing ACG community in Tenom. A true labor of love by ACG enthusiasts, it brought together cosplayers, gamers and artists under one roof. 

Johan, one of the key figures behind Hobbycon, shared the event's mission of providing opportunities for cosplayers and esports gamers to gain exposure and potentially pursue these passions as careers. He emphasized that the world of gaming and cosplay has evolved to offer viable career paths, citing the success story of popular cosplayer YingTze, who got her start at Hobbycon.

Challenges and Growth

Onstage, Naomi Yuma, a prominent figure in the cosplay community, opened up about the challenges she faced while creating content. Her journey began purely for fun but evolved into a commercial endeavor over time. Her experiences highlighted the transformative power of pursuing one's passions, even in a niche subculture like cosplay.

Charting a Bold Future for Hobbycon

The vision for Hobbycon extends far beyond just following mainstream event formats. Johan stressed the importance of branching out to explore more diverse and exciting elements, making efforts to interact with a broader audience. The involvement of young people and the integration of new elements, such as hololive, are on the agenda, promising a dynamic and innovative future for Hobbycon.

Additionally, the organizers revealed ambitious plans to take the ACG extravaganza to other districts in Sabah, including Sandakan, Keningau, and more. This expansion aims to spread the ACG fervor and foster creative communities across the region.

Roots and Inspiration

Johan's journey into organizing Hobbycon stemmed from his own hobbies, particularly Warhammer and Magic: The Gathering. These interests eventually grew into a passion for creating a platform that would celebrate ACG enthusiasts in Sabah and beyond.

Hobbycon @ Tenom was also graced by the presence of @kendylife88, a popular doodle artist and a member of Hobbycon. His roots in Tenom added a unique touch to the event, resonating with the local community.

Cosplay Coswalk Activities

The main highlight of the day was the Cosplay and Pose (Coswalk) event which provided an opportunity for new cosplayers to shine!

Hobbycon Tenom was not just a celebration of anime, comics, and games; it was a celebration of creativity, passion, and community. This event served as a beacon of hope for aspiring cosplayers, gamers, and artists, showing them that their dreams can become a reality. With bold plans for the future, Hobbycon is set to continue shaping the ACG landscape in Sabah, and its success in Tenom is part of Hobbycon thrilling journey into the world of ACG.

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