[Press Conference] The Launch Of Miss CosmoWorld 2023

[Press Conference] The Launch Of Miss CosmoWorld 2023

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 – Miss CosmoWorld 2023, organised by CL Skin Sdn. Bhd and founded by Celebrity Star - Carrie Lee Sze Kei (李诗琪), aims to exhibit Malaysia's most extraordinary young women who possess not only beauty but also brains, talents, and notoriety.

Miss CosmoWorld 2023 strives to promote tourism, culture, and heritage through its popular franchise and its ambassadors, representing a unique and rich mix of diverse backgrounds, arts, and culture through fashion, beauty, and entertainment, as Malaysia reaches a record high of 2.57 million international visitors since the pandemic in the first half of 2023. 

YM Tengku Dato' Hishammuddin Zaizi Bin YAM Tengku Azman Shah Alhaj, a member of the Selangor Royal Household, attended the Miss CosmoWorld 2023 launch as the Guest of Honour.

Miss CosmoWorld 2023 takes a modern approach to pageantry and challenges outdated notions of traditional beauty pageants, with this year's Miss CosmoWorld highlighting and disclosing the everyday lives and skills of its pageant influencers, who will receive women empowerment training in areas such as fitness, cat-walking, public speaking, and many more.

The pageant is poised to reflect the contestants' best in showcasing their patriotism, passion, and strength for a chance to be one of the top twelve (12) candidates chosen to compete in the Miss CosmoWorld Malaysia 2023 Grand Finals, which will be held in October this year. Meanwhile, the Miss CosmoWorld 2023 Grand Finals will be held in November 2023, with approximately thirty (30) international candidates competing. 

YM Tengku Dato' Hishammuddin Zaizi stated, "Miss CosmoWorld has always been a great platform to promote to the global stage young Malaysian women who not only possess beauty but also skills that go beyond their looks." This pageant is also an opportunity to promote Malaysia as a country with capable young women from varied cultures and upbringings who are unafraid to lead and face future difficulties. "I can confidently state that the contestants will serve as a reflection of Malaysia's beauty, diversity, and potential."

The 6th edition of Miss CosmoWorld is slated to be The Malaysian Pageant of the Year, with hundreds of beauty contenders likely to apply, making it the country's most populous and entertaining pageant. During the press conference, Lee also announced that Miss CosmoWorld 2023 will have the Biggest Cash Prizes in Pageant History, with a total amount worth RM 1.1 million (USD 250k) up for grabs by the aspiring beauty queens, which includes sponsored perks and bonuses. Applications are now open, and the finalists will be chosen through auditions on 23rd September 2023, at the PARKROYAL COLLECTION Kuala Lumpur.

"The Miss CosmoWorld organisation, in its sixth consecutive year, has been working hard to provide a platform that will enhance the talents, skills, and hard work of our young women across Malaysia," said Carrie Lee, Founder of Miss CosmoWorld. After achieving success in the beauty and pageantry industries, it is now my obligation and duty to aid my fellow women in my country by recognising top women influencers and encouraging powerful and confident women to promote the finest of Malaysia while giving back to the community. This event will allow our future beauty queens of all cultures to discuss, educate, and learn from one another's experiences, as well as display their varied backgrounds from throughout the country."

"Tourism has become an integral part of our economies in a rapidly globalising world, creating job opportunities, generating revenue, and promoting cross-cultural understanding." "Miss CosmoWorld 2023 is crucial to this endeavour. As these extraordinary women share their traditions, customs, and stories, they become ambassadors for their countries, enticing visitors to explore the beauty and charm of their homelands," said Dato' Sri Chong Chin Fung, Honourable Advisor of Miss CosmoWorld 2023.

As an advocate for women's empowerment, the Miss CosmoWorld founder implements initiatives to empower delegates and hone their leadership skills by providing them with key lessons from her own experiences, particularly on entrepreneurship, that they can take with them in the future regardless of the outcome of the competition. Through the influence of the participating delegates, the pageant is able to raise awareness and play an important role in encouraging women from all over the country to be self-sufficient in their endeavours.

"Each year, Miss CosmoWorld advances its offerings to not only bring prominence to the pageant, but more importantly to create a positive impact in society," said Tiffany Lee (李俐吟), the Organising Chairlady and Miss CosmoWorld 2021 2nd Runner-Up. As part of Miss CosmoWorld's effort to develop triumphant female entrepreneurs, this year's winner will receive a whopping RM 1.1 million (USD 250,000) to fund her business ideas. Furthermore, each Miss CosmoWorld 2023 delegate will be equipped with the fundamentals to run their own businesses, further propelling the initiative. At Miss CosmoWorld 2023, we use our power to empower others and look forward to bringing about positive social change."

Those eligible for Miss CosmoWorld 2023 must be: 

  • ●  Female-born, Malaysian non-muslim citizens. 

  • ●  Aged 17 to 29 years old as of 2023. 

  • ●  Minimum height of 160cm. 

  • ●  Single, never been married, divorced, or have children. 

  • ●  Applicants must exhibit the mental capacity required for engaging in pageant activities. 

The 6th Edition of Miss CosmoWorld is organized by CL Skin Sdn Bhd with GETBATS as the Cash Sponsor, and MeLife, as the Platinum Sponsor, together with the following sponsors and partners: 



Danny Ong 

CT Chin Brand Building 

Vogue Lease 


Global Creative and Media Agency (GCMA) 

Baddogz Studio 



Gelly Wee Wedding Gown Sdn. Bhd 

Party Eventilicious 

Nice Car 

Eazie Beauty Makeup Studio 

Bellissimo Flower 

Dato. Dr. Jackson Ee 

Kellyn Ong 

Dato’ Sri (Dr) Philip 


Special Thanks to: Dato Sri Chong Chin Fung 

For more information on Miss CosmoWorld 2023, kindly visit: www.misscosmoworld.com ; https://www.facebook.com/MissCosmoWorld   or https://www.instagram.com/misscosmoworld  

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