[Upcoming Event] Joel Chan 陈山聪 and Owen Cheung 张振朗 Meet the fans @ Astro Experience Store @ IOI City Mall Putrajaya (21/7/2023) and Queensbay Mall Penang (22/7/2023)

[Upcoming Event] Joel Chan 陈山聪 and Owen Cheung 张振朗 Meet the fans @ Astro Experience Store @ IOI City Mall Putrajaya (21/7/2023) and Queensbay Mall Penang (22/7/2023)

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 – Hong Kong TVB stars Joel Chan and Owen Cheung are making a long-awaited visit to Malaysia to meet their fans at special events organized by Astro and TVB. Joel and Owen will be heading to the IOI City Mall in Putrajaya on 21st July 2023 and the Queensbay Mall in Penang on 22nd July 2023 for a "Meet the Fans" session. This event will give their Malaysian fans a rare opportunity to interact with them up close and personal. What's more, Astro customers will also have the chance to obtain exclusive solo photo opportunities and participate in exciting games through Astro Rewards.

During their visit, both Joel Chan and Owen Cheung, who are highly regarded as heartthrobs, will not only be reconnecting with their local fans, but they will also be promoting TVB's latest Asian entertainment channel, TVB Magic (Channel 124), which is featured on Astro. Malaysian viewers can look forward to watching Joel Chan's breakout series, "Barrack O'Karma," as well as Owen Cheung's starring role in "Airport Strikers," both of which will be airing on TVB Magic.

In addition to these anticipated dramas, Owen Cheung's supernatural comedy, " Unchained Medley " is currently being aired simultaneously on TVB Jade (Channel 310) and AOD (Channel 311), gaining popularity among local audiences. In this series, Owen Cheung portrays dual roles and engages in a lighthearted and humorous romance with Kathy Kong, who plays a female ghost from the 90s. The supernatural theme has been well-received by local viewers, and the drama has achieved impressive ratings since its premiere. Furthermore, Joel Chan, who was crowned TVB's "Best Actor" at the 2022 TVB Anniversary Awards for his outstanding performance in " Barrack O'Karma 2," has recently collaborated with Owen Cheung in a new crime action drama titled "Death Hint”. The series features intense action sequences, with Owen Cheung even reported to have sustained injuries during filming. This has generated considerable buzz and heightened anticipation for the drama even before its broadcast.

Astro customers who wish to seize the special opportunity of having an exclusive photo session with these two heartthrobs can download and log in to the MyAstro App. By searching for the relevant event page under the "Reward" section and clicking on "REDEEM," they can obtain a unique reward code. On the day of the event, fans can visit the designated Astro Experience Store and register while presenting the reward code to receive their photo pass. However, it's important to note that availability is limited, and it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Apart from the fan meet-up, Joel Chan and Owen Cheung will also be making an appearance on July 20th at the Astro Showcase, organized by Astro, where they will join numerous local and international artists in experiencing the brand-new features of Astro. The revamped Astro promises an enhanced entertainment experience, with packages starting at only RM59.99 per month. Subscribers can also enjoy a year's worth of free access to children's and Korean channels.

For the latest updates on TVB dramas, viewers can visit the TVB Jade Power Facebook page. To purchase the new Astro package, interested individuals can visit https://product.astro.com.my/tv.

Joel Chan and Owen Cheung's visit to Malaysia for the Astro TVB events not only brings joy to their devoted fans but also serves as a platform to promote the latest TVB productions. With their charming presence and the exciting lineup of dramas, Malaysian viewers can look forward to unforgettable entertainment experiences.


吉隆坡, 2023 - 香港無綫電視台(TVB)新出炉的视帝陈山聪和型男张振朗久违地来到马来西亚办粉丝见面会。Astro的客户可以通过Astro Rewards获得与两位明星的单独合照和参与游戏的机会。

7月21日和22日前往布城IOI City Mall和槟城Queensbay Mall的Astro Experience Store举办粉丝见面会。他们将与久违的马来西亚粉丝见面并一起玩游戏,Astro的客户还有机会通过Astro Rewards获取与偶像合照的难得机会!

这次来马,除了与本地粉丝见面并进行近距离接触外,陈山聪和张振朗还特意宣传Astro与TVB近期推出的全新亚洲综合娱乐频道TVB Magic(频道124)。陈山聪的新作《今宵大厦》以及张振朗主演的《机场特警》也将陆续在TVB Magic频道上播出。


想要通过Astro Rewards获取与这两位男神特别合照机会的Astro客户,可以下载并登录MyAstro App,在“Reward”选项中搜索相关活动页面,然后点击“REDEEM”以获取独特的奖励代码。活动当天前往指定的Astro Experience Store登记并展示相应的奖励代码,以获得合照通行证,名额有限,先到先得!

另外,陈山聪和张振朗此行不仅将出席粉丝见面会,还将于7月20日晚上亮相Astro主办的Astro Showcase,与一众海内外艺人明星一起体验全新的Astro!全新的Astro比以往更出色,提供更优质的娱乐体验,每月仅需RM59.99起就能享受Astro,并且还可以免费观赏一年的儿童和韩国频道。

想了解更多有关TVB剧集的最新消息,请访问TVB Jade Power的Facebook专页。想要购买全新Astro,请浏览https://product.astro.com.my/tv。

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