[Entertainment] ZENSO X Ellla Meet and Greet in Kuala Lumpur

[Entertainment] ZENSO X Ellla Meet and Greet in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 - Ella Chen made an appearance in Malaysia, Unveiling the Secrets of ZENSO's Easy Slimming and Achieving Peak Life Beauty!


On May 28, 2023, ZENSO ambassador Ella Chen attended the <Fit & Show, ZENSO X Ella Meet and Greet> event at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. She also attended the <ZENSO X Ella Exclusive Meet and Greet> event in the afternoon of the same day, where she interacted closely with fans and couldn't help but choke up when mentioning the trust of her close friends, Hebe and Selina.


Over a thousand people showed up to support this massive event. "In fact, I saw many fans from the hotel across the street," Ella said, moved. "Thank you for your patience in the sweltering heat. The hot weather didn't dampen your spirits in the least. I'm grateful that fans treat me as if I were their own, and it feels like coming home."


Ella thanked Wellous, the customised health food company, for their efforts and support in promoting the popular ZENSO weight-loss product, during the event. She also discussed her personal experience with ZENSO's Japanese Black Vinegar weight loss and her motivation for becoming a ZENSO ambassador, advocating the concept of healthy slimming as a "weight management instructor."


"ZENSO, in my opinion, is more than just recommending a good product. It represents a good concept that encourages the development of a healthy physique and lifestyle habits, which is something that appeals to me. I truly believe that if you can break free from your old self and create a new self, you will discover your own plasticity and possibilities. "What matters is whether you can persevere," Ella said.


Ella has worked hard in her career since her recent participation in the celebrity girl group competition reality show "Riding the Wind 2023" to fully demonstrate the charm of a confident woman! With her perfect figure and passionate performances, she has successfully advanced from one competition to the next.


During the event, she even danced to the background music of "See Tình" at the event, bringing the atmosphere to a climax and eliciting raucous applause from the audience. Ella couldn't help but exclaim, "I feel like I'm taking a little test!" "I'm now in the top four!"


"Basically, I will go all the way," Ella said candidly when asked if she has the confidence to make it to the end. I will take good care of myself in terms of the competition format and health conditions. "I am certain of my confidence."


Furthermore, she stated that she does not expect to achieve the highest ranking or position because the experience of participating has been fantastic. She has learned a great deal from each "sister" and admires their beauty.


Ella was emotional when asked if her friends Hebe and Selina gave her any performance advice, and she said, "We often chat in our group." They say I'm the pride of S.H.E, and I'm glad I'm not letting them down. They don't need to teach me anything because they think I'm the best support."


Ella has become increasingly feminine as a versatile celebrity who has recently become a wife, exuding a gentle yet powerful image. She holds herself to high standards and has gained knowledge about weight management, frequently sharing her healthy eating habits with fans on social media.


Ella expressed her surprise at first learning about ZENSO during the event, saying, "I thought, how can there be so many products in a package?" "But as I dug deeper, I realised it is a comprehensive weight management package that fully encompasses the conditions and nutrients required for slimming."


Ella fell in love with the effects of ZENSO's Japanese Black Vinegar Weight Management programme after participating in it for 30 days. She later became a weight management instructor. It aids in the reduction of body fat accumulation, the improvement of edoema, the optimisation of bodily functions, and the reduction of sugar absorption, resulting in a naturally slim body without the need for strict dieting. It has successfully assisted over 10,000 people in reaching their ideal weight.


"I used to wonder how I could maintain a healthy weight while focusing on my career." ZENSO perfectly answered my question, and it fits my lifestyle. Water retention is the most difficult issue for female artists. The KURO MIZU formula is specifically designed to address water retention issues. More importantly, the main ingredient in ZENSO is Japanese Black Vinegar, which Ella describes as "the secret to Japanese wellness."


She also stated that the ZENSO product line contains several patented natural ingredients, demonstrating the company's dedication and professionalism in product development, which prompted her to agree to become a ZENSO ambassador.


Ella candidly stated that there are many definitions of beauty, and the most important thing is to like oneself when asked about her insights into perfect body management.


"I once said on a show that no matter how old you are, you are the best version of yourself as long as you like yourself." "You don't have to imitate anyone else because everyone in this world is unique. The world is beautiful and worth exploring because we are all unique souls. So, I hope everyone loves themselves well, flaws and all. It is difficult for us to be perfect as human beings. " "I hope everyone is happy," Ella said.


ZENSO, the ideal weight-loss package, is primarily formulated with Kurozu Black Vinegar from Kagoshima in Kyushu, Japan, which has a fermentation history of over 200 years. ZENSO also contains 5 other well-known international brand ingredients and 28 different body-shaping essences in 4 main formulas that work together to help users regulate their physical functions, lose weight, reach healthy weight standards, and develop easy-to-maintain lean physiques.


The ZENSO series contains four perfect weight-loss formulas: KURO OIRU (Fat-Block Formula), KURO SHUGA (Carb-Block Formula), KURO DAITTO (Lite Meal), and KURO MIZU (Diuretic Formula).


It's also worth noting that ZENSO has created a personalised slimming app, which allows you to record and manage weight measurement results by connecting via Bluetooth. It gives you data insights into your health status, allowing you to manage both weight loss and health at the same time.


Furthermore, ZENSO's health advisors are nutritionists who can provide consumers with one-on-one advice and counselling in a timely manner. Allow you to lose weight easily without leaving you out.


For the most recent ZENSO product news, please visit https://www.facebook.com/zensofficialmy.


"姐姐" Ella陈嘉桦乘风破浪,揭示ZENSO打造瘦身体质,达到人生的巅峰美态!


ZENSO的代言人Ella陈嘉桦2023528日在吉隆坡的柏威年广场参加了《ZENSO X EllaSHOW见面会》,同一天下午还参加了ZENSO X Ella近距离见面会》,在与粉丝的互动中,她也透露了自己晋级《乘风2023的四公,并提到了对好友HebeSelina的深深信任,言语中流露出感动!













此外,她还特别强调,自己并没有期待获得最佳名次或优秀的位置,因为参与的过程本身就是一次极好的体验,能看到每位"姐姐"的优点并从中学习,抱持这样的心态已经足够。 当被询问闺蜜HebeSelina是否给她提供表演建议时,Ella不禁哽咽地说道:我们经常在群聊中交流,她们说我是S.H.E的骄傲,我很高兴没有让她们失望。他们并不需要教我任何事,对我的信任就是最好的支持。








我过去也在思考一个问题:如何在专注事业的同时还能健康维持体态,ZENSO的出现正好解答了我的问题,而且它蛮贴合我的生活。像是女艺人最怕水肿,消水肿配方KURO MIZU 针对性地解决水肿问题,更重要的是ZENSO主要成分是日本黑醋,日本养生秘诀全靠它的哦!








ZENSO 日本黑醋体重管理主要成分来自日本九州鹿儿岛的百年历史黑醋 KUROZU,里面同时蕴含5大国际名牌成分,共28种塑体精萃在4 大配方,全面帮助服用者调理身体机能,减轻体重负担,达到健康体重标准。


ZENSO系列产品中有4款全面的体重管理配方,分别是KURO OIRU (阻油配方)、KURO SHUGA (阻糖配方)、KURO DAITTO (代餐)以及KURO MIZU (消水肿配方)。









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