[Entertainment] BE:FIRST debuts on Japan’s most popular music channel “THE FIRST TAKE”

[Entertainment] BE:FIRST debuts on Japan’s most popular music channel “THE FIRST TAKE”

BE:FIRST debuts on Japan's most popular music channel "THE FIRST TAKE"

A one-take performance that highlights their remarkable talent.

Kuala Lumpur, June 2023 - With its one-take, no-retakes filming approach, Japan's popular YouTube music channel "THE FIRST TAKE" puts performers' live singing skills to the test. BE:FIRST, Japan's rising boy band, made their debut appearance on the channel recently, singing two songs, including their 2022 hit single "Bye-Good-Bye" and their current emotional masterpiece "Smile Again." BE:FIRST, made up of seven members, performed back-to-back on "THE FIRST TAKE”, exhibiting not only their amazing live performance talents but also transmitting genuine feelings to the audience, winning acclaim and adoration from fans and netizens.

Chaki Zulu, a producer noted for blurring the lines between underground and mainstream music, produced "Bye-Good-Bye" which was released in May 2022. The lyrics were written by the hit-making duo sty, known for their work with singers such as Girls' Generation ("MR.TAXI") and J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE ("R.Y.U.S.E.I."), as well as SKY-HI, the president of the BMSG label and a well-known rapper in Japan. Unlike the original dance version of "Bye-Good-Bye," the version played on THE FIRST TAKE is enhanced musically by a funk-inspired musical arrangement. BE:FIRST flawlessly interprets the emotions of the song and faces the unavoidable parting with a cheerful attitude, thanks to their clean vocals and the rich instrumental production. The video has received over 5.4 million views since its debut on May 12th.

Since their debut, "Smile Again" has been BE:FIRST's first emotional masterpiece. The simple lyrics "You are so beautiful" heighten the song's bittersweet and dreamlike mood, allowing listeners to completely experience the expressed emotions of sadness, vulnerability, determination, and hope. The version performed on THE FIRST TAKE reduces the arrangement, adhering to minimalism while accentuating the seven members' distinct vocal characteristics. The video has received over 2.5 million views in just one week after its premiere on May 24th, demonstrating amazing performance.

The YouTube music channel "THE FIRST TAKE" was launched on 15th November 2019 as a special project initiated and produced by Sony Music. It could be a challenge for musicians because they only get one chance to perform. Since its debut in 2019, the show has gained a devoted following, and the channel's subscribers have topped 7.95 million, making it the most subscribed YouTube channel in the Japanese music category, excluding official artist channels.

Each exceptional singer's authentic performance is presented in one take with the finest audio and video quality. Initially, many of the invited vocalists were Sony acts, such as Mika Nakashima, ALI, and sumika. Then, in 2021, several record labels were invited, allowing many recognised celebrities to perform and record popular hit tunes. Chemistry, EXILE, GLAY, Tomoyasu Hotei, Tamio Okuda, and more well-known Japanese artists are among them. In addition to domestic musicians, THE FIRST TAKE has begun inviting international artists to join, ranging from first guest Harry Styles to Canadian rock queen Avril Lavigne, and most recently Taiwanese vocalist Wei Bird and Hong Kong singer Jason Chan.

BE:FIRST 首次登上日本最强音乐频道「THE FIRST TAKE」 以一镜到底的形式演唱两首歌曲,展现出卓越的实力。

吉隆坡, 2023 - BE:FIRST 在日本最受欢迎的YouTube音乐频道"THE FIRST TAKE"上首次登场,通过一镜到底的表演方式展现了他们超强的实力。他们献唱了两首歌曲,包括2022年热门单曲《Bye-Good-Bye》和最新的抒情曲《Smile Again》。BE:FIRST七人团队在"THE FIRST TAKE"上连续演唱了两首金曲,展示了他们强大的现场表演功底,并传达了最真实的情感,因此受到了乐迷和网友们的赞誉和喜爱。

《Bye-Good-Bye》是由制作人Chaki Zulu打破地下和主流音乐界限一手打造的,歌词则来自于制作过少女时代的《MR.TAXI》和三代目J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE的《R.Y.U.S.E.I.》等歌曲的制作人sty以及日本音乐界超强的rapper、BMSG厂牌社长SKY-HI。与原版的舞曲风格不同,这个"THE FIRST TAKE"版本采用了放克(Funk)音乐风格,丰富了音乐性,而BE:FIRST清亮的声音在众多乐器的伴奏下完美地诠释了歌曲中的情感,并以积极的态度面对离别的无奈。该视频自5月12日上线以来,已经累积超过540万次观看。

Smile Again》是BE:FIRST出道以来的第一首抒情曲,歌词中简单地唱着"你是如此美丽",巧妙地将忧伤、梦幻的氛围最大化,让听众清楚地感受到作品所描绘的悲伤、脆弱、决心和希望。而"The First Take"版本则通过简化的编曲发挥了辅助作用,让作品符合极简主义的风格,并增强了七位成员各自独特的声音张力。该视频在5月24日上线后仅一周时间就突破了250万次观看,表现非常出色。

"THE FIRST TAKE是由日本索尼音乐发起和制作的特别企划,于2019年11月15日成立的YouTube音乐频道。由于只有一次演出的机会,对音乐人来说是非常严苛的考验。自2019年首播以来,该节目就吸引了大批忠实粉丝,频道订阅人数至今已经突破了795万人,成为日本音乐类型的YouTube频道中,除了歌手官方频道以外,订阅人数最多的频道。

"THE FIRST TAKE” 以最高的音质和画质,一次性展现了各位实力派歌手真实的演绎。最初邀请的众多歌手都是索尼旗下的艺人,如中岛美嘉、ALI、sumika等。随后在2021年,他们也开始邀请各大唱片公司的艺人,让许多熟悉的面孔一同演唱并录制热门金曲。其中包括化学超男子Chemistry、放浪兄弟EXILE、GLAY、布袋寅泰、奥田民生等。除了日本国内的歌手,"THE FIRST TAKE”也开始邀请海外歌手的加入,从最初的Harry Styles,到加拿大摇滚天后艾薇儿,再到最近的台湾歌手韦礼安和香港歌手陈柏宇。

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