[Local Entertainment] Ain’t No Hero 《当世没英雄》Press Conference

[Local Entertainment]  Ain’t No Hero 《当世没英雄》Press Conference

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 - "Aint No Hero 《当世没英雄》” , Malaysia's first Cantonese ancient martial arts drama is now on Astro Wah Lai To On Demand from April 21st onwards, unleashing a martial arts combat that combines the romance of ancient costume dramas with current humour. Yoon 吴家润 , who is more accustomed to variety shows than dramas, takes on the position of drama producer for the first time and confesses that the most challenging components of the job were modifying the screenplay, casting the roles, and regulating the budget. During filming, she used all of her connections to bring in over thirty popular local actors.


Yoon admits that she spent about a year adapting the script and put in a lot of time and work, frequently waking up in the middle of the night to explore creative ideas. From casting and rehearsals to filming and post-production, she was involved in every phase of the process. She notes that the standards of a drama are incredibly meticulous, from the structure of the screenplay and character interactions to the appearance of each character, right down to their socks and cosmetics. The large cost of post-production also surprised her, but she was fortunate to have the cooperation of the producers, coordinators, and executive producer to keep filming costs under control and the drama completed without squandering any resources. She also states that she would not be concerned about the ratings once the drama is released because she has done everything she can manage.


Lee 李治成, the head of Astro's Chinese R&D and production (news, information, and drama) department, indicated that they invited Yoon to be the producer primarily because they trust her, like her abilities, and admire her zeal. Yoon, who has been in the profession for many years and is at ease both in front of and behind the camera, he says, is ready to step outside of her comfort zone and offer new energy to the drama industry.


During the recent press conference, Vivienne 温慧茵、Sam沈展宁、Jordan盛天俊、Lovell陈馷佳、Eric赖宏恩 and others appeared in their elaborate costumes from the drama. Because her character in the drama "杜生"  is a carefree online writer, Vivienne was the only one dressed in modern fashion. She joked that she spent more than seventy percent of her time on set being herself and didn't need to spend much time on her makeup, which was very casual.


The costumes of the other actors were also a hot topic. For example, Yoon's radio partner, Jack 叶朝明, who played the role in the Beggar Clan, had an unkempt hairstyle that was the focal point of the event. He also told reporters that when Yoon first invited him, he politely declined, but Yoon arranged for him to try on costumes and read the script without listening to his refusal. Jordan's appearance in the drama was the most jumbled, and it was difficult to identify him at first. He also made fun of himself, thanking the production team for restoring his appearance at the press conference and allowing him to appear on camera for the first time in a long time.


Interestingly, Daniel 车子(车志立) costume made the entire cast and crew laugh during the fitting. He wore a white dress with black long hair, and the stylist added a hair clip to match his daily routine in the drama, which was hilarious. Yoon also revealed that when she first "persuaded" Daniel to join the production, she promised him that he would be the male lead. After trying on the costumes and reading the script, Daniel realised he was only playing a supporting role. Daniel also stated at the press conference that he has a long-term vision and hopes that Yoon will fulfil her promise and let him be the male lead in a drama she produces someday.


Ernest Chong (张顺源), who had not acted in years and had since become a director, was another actor with an unusual costume. He agreed to play the role of 郭城, one of the "Four Great Heavenly Kings," after being invited by Yoon. He explained that his stiff costume was like a wall, causing him to sweat profusely while filming, which elicited laughter from the audience.


"《当世没英雄》Ain't No Hero" is not only Malaysia's first Cantonese costume drama, but also the first in which the majority of the young actors speak Cantonese throughout the show. At the press conference, actors such as Lovell 陈馷佳and newcomer 关丽荭 cracked numerous jokes. Sam沈展宁also had his first naked scene in a drama, and veteran actor Jordan Voon expressed delight that Malaysia now has its first Cantonese costume drama. Despite his minor role, he was pleased with the trailer and praised the production team for daring to try something new. Furthermore, Sam and Lovell acted as a couple in the drama, and Vivienne revealed that Lovell's boyfriend, Fuying, always came to the set because of her. Yoon also joked that having Lovell on set allowed her to invite Fuying to make a cameo appearance.


At the same time, producer Yoon revealed that many of the actors' appearances and costumes matched her vision of the drama's original characters. Eric  赖宏恩, who played the villain in the drama, for example, had a killer look and a "story" that matched her vision of the ambiguous character prototype. When asked why he was the only one who didn't wear a wig, Vivienne laughed and said it was because his looks didn't need to be hidden from the audience.


Jonathan Lee 李浩菖, the last actor to join the cast, expressed his excitement and gratitude for being a part of the drama. He stated that he was thrilled to work with the actors after reading the script. He played role who pretends to be foolish and innocent, and revealed that his character had a plot twist.


"《当世没英雄》Ain't No Hero" a Malaysian-produced Cantonese costume martial arts drama, is based on the serialised novel "《当世四大天王》" by Hong Kong online novelist 尤奇. The plot revolves around the martial arts world imagined by Du Sheng (played by Vivienne), an online writer. The eight tokens held by the major sects combine to form the ultimate martial arts treasure map in this fictional world. Whoever collects all of the tokens will become the martial arts world's ruler. Four of the tokens, however, have been stolen. The plot begins with Zhang Rong's death, and his sister Xie Ting (played by Aries 关丽荭) going missing. Her brother, Xie Feng (Sam), sets out to find her and meets Yi Chen (Jordan) and Zhang Bai Shi (Lovell), with whom he develops a romantic relationship. Xie Feng and the others seek the help of the master of Tui Sheng Tang, Tan Bo Lin (played by Jordan Voon), as well as the "Four Great Heavenly Kings": Li Ri Yue, the lord of Dong Mei Island (played by Daniel Che), Guo Cheng (played by Ernest Chong), Liu Hua, the king of the South China Sea (played by Jonathan Lee), and the leader of the Beggar Clan, Zhang You You (played by Jack叶朝明 ).


In addition to the lead actors, "Ain't No Hero" was supported by Astro's Chinese radio station DJs from MY, MELODY, and GOXUAN, who made cameo appearances in the drama. Everyone went above and beyond to give their best performance while also displaying their funny and silly sides. Meanwhile, Hong Kong fortune teller Mai Ling Ling made a cameo appearance as the master who guides Vivienne's female lead. She praised Vivienne for her serious demeanour and acting abilities, as well as the highly professional and enjoyable collaboration with the drama's production team. Yoon also revealed that despite the outdoor scenes being shot in the sun for nearly an entire afternoon, Mai Ling Ling was very enthusiastic and professional on the day of shooting.


The production team revealed that the drama was shot during a severe COVID-19 outbreak last year, and that almost every day, actors or crew members were diagnosed with the virus. To keep the filming schedule intact, they had to change the script, locations, and even use stunt doubles on a regular basis. During filming, the production team faced numerous challenges, including having to stop shooting due to bad weather during outdoor scenes. Fortunately, with everyone's help, they were able to overcome these obstacles, and the drama was successfully released on April 21st.


All of the ten-episode Malaysian-produced Cantonese costume martial arts TV drama "Ain't No Hero" is now on Astro華丽台 Wah Lai Toi On Demand.


武林大会” - 大马首部粤语古装武侠剧《当世没英雄》记者会

Astro华丽台 On Demand421日推出《当世没英雄》,这是马来西亚首部粤语古装武侠电视剧,结合了奇情古装武侠和现代诙谐搞笑的元素。Yoon吴家润首次担任戏剧监制,表示改编剧本、定角色和管控预算是最困难的部分,拍摄期间也邀请了超过30位本地演员。吴家润透露她从剧本改编起就投入大量时间和心血,并在选角、对戏、拍摄、后期制作等全程参与。她表示,戏剧制作需要非常细致,包括剧本架构、角色关系、每个角色的造型和妆容都要讲究。加上制作费用的巨大压力,她很感激制作人、统筹、总监制等人和她一起管控拍摄费用,确保不浪费一分一毫。她还表示,上架后不会太在意收视率,因为她已经尽力做好了自己能够掌控的部分。












Astro出品的马来西亚首部粤语古装武侠剧《当世没英雄》改编自香港网络小说作家尤奇的连载小说《当世四大天王》。经过改编,剧情以网络作家杜生(原名杜德慧,温慧茵饰)的武侠想象世界为背景主轴,在这个架空的古装武林世界中,各大门派持有的八面令牌结合在一起是武林至高无上的秘笈藏宝图,集齐全部令牌者即拥有整个武林,但是其中已有四面令牌被盗走。故事以张荣的身亡为开端,随之谢婷(关丽荭饰)也失踪,其兄长谢锋(沈展宁饰)因此展开了一场寻妹之旅,期间遇到了伊臣(盛天俊饰)、张柏诗(陈馷佳饰),还与后者展开了感情线。谢锋等人找上了腿圣谭伯麟(温绍平饰),以及四大天王:东魅岛主黎日月(车子饰)、西域马痴郭城(张顺源饰)、南海之王刘华(Jonathan 李浩菖),还有丐帮帮主张友友(Jack叶朝明饰)。


除了主演之外,《当世没英雄》还得到Astro中文电台MYMELODY以及GOXUAN DJ的友情出演。此外,本地资深艺人颜薇恩、狄妃、王赴颖、温绍平、吕爱琼、张咏华和电影界的陈培永也将客串该剧的角色。香港堪舆大师麦玲玲也在该剧中客串出演女主杜生的师傅,她赞赏与之对戏的温慧茵的认真态度和演技。剧组在去年疫情严峻时期拍摄,面临着各种困难和挑战,但在台前幕后工作人员的支持下,终于于421日顺利上映。


该剧共10集,是大马首部粤语古装武侠电视剧,可在Astro华丽台On Demand观看。


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