[Coverage] Polis Evo 3 Gala Premiere

 [Coverage] Polis Evo 3 Gala Premiere

Kuala Lumpur, 2023 - Polis Evo 3
, the latest installment in the blockbuster film franchise starring Malaysia's number one duo, returns to 165 cinemas across Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei on May 25. The film, produced by Astro Shaw in collaboration with Skop Productions and TGV Pictures, has received positive feedback from eager audiences since the release of its official trailer last month.


Polis Evo 3 retains the DNA and elements from its predecessors Polis Evo (2015) and Polis Evo 2 (2018) - a true action comedy that brings non-stop hilarity and nail-biting action. Polis Evo 3 promises a distinct international experience for audiences to enjoy, thanks to the expertise and talents of renowned director Syafiq Yusof.


Polis Evo 3 also has an impressive cast that brings the characters to life. While the previous films only featured the iconic duo of Inspector Sani (Zizan Razak) and Inspector Khai (Shaheizy Sam), the Polis Evo squad expands with the addition of new characters, each bringing their own strengths and expertise.


Inspector Dani (Syafiq Kyle) is an explosives expert; Inspector Julie (Fara Ali Khan) is a marksman expert; Inspector Dell (Douglas Lim) is a data and technology expert; ACP Farouk (Fauzi Nawawi) is a squad leader; and Inspector Faizal (Fezrul Khan) is a special intelligence expert. Meanwhile, the dreaded antagonist, Reza, is played by acclaimed actor Sharnaaz Ahmad.


Returning cast members from previous films, such as Nora Danish, Eyka Farhana, Kamaliah Mat Dom, and Datin Fadilah Mansor, appear in Polis Evo 3. Michael Ang, Ben Amir, Wanna Ali, Zulin Aziz, Fauziah Gaos, Ezzaty Abdullah, Iman Corrine Adrienne, Danial Zaini, Radin ERA, Daniel Cheang, and social media influencer Zukieeee also make appearances, as does Dato' Afdlin Shauki.


"The Polis Evo brand remains the country's number one action franchise," said Raja Jastina Raja Arshad, Executive Producer of Polis Evo 3 and Vice President, Head of Astro Shaw & Malay Nusantara Business. “As producers, we strive to raise the film's quality to new heights. We believe that this film's production quality, storyline, and acting are the best yet. It also has something for everyone - suitable for audiences of all backgrounds, as we created it for the enjoyment of all Malaysians. We also hope that as it is shown to international audiences, this film will help put our country on the map. Polis Evo 3 takes audiences on an emotional roller coaster with exhilarating action and comedy based on themes of friendship, family, and love. We hope that Polis Evo 3 will be a positive and unexpected addition to the local film industry, surpassing its predecessors to become Malaysia's best action film."


Syafiq Yusof, director of Polis Evo 3, expresses his excitement and anticipation for the audience's reactions and responses. "I am a huge fan of the Polis Evo films, and when I was given the opportunity to direct the latest installment, I was ecstatic, but also nervous, because the previous two films were huge successes." I had to ensure that Polis Evo 3 has its own identity, capable of meeting the expectations of existing fans while also attracting new fans to the Polis Evo franchise. The production team, producers, cast, and everyone else involved in the film's creation have all given their all, and it is now ready for audiences to enjoy. "I'm hoping that audiences will like my film and enjoy watching it."


Inspector Khai and Inspector Sani return with a new mission and a new team, joined by Inspector Dani, Inspector Julie, and Inspector Dell, each with their own area of expertise. Inspector Khai becomes the next target, escalating the situation. Inspector Khai and Inspector Sani's friendship is put to the test when they discover that the suspect they're looking for has a history with Inspector Khai.


Polis Evo (2015) was the first local film to earn more than RM18 million at the box office, and Polis Evo 2 (2018) earned more than RM23 million. The franchise's films are all produced by the production company BlackFlag.


Polis Evo 3 tickets have been on sale in cinemas across the country since May 11, 2023. Audiences can also be among the first to see the film through a'sneak preview' on May 24, 2023, one day before its official release. 


The original soundtrack (OST) titled 'AYUH' was composed by legendary rap composer Malique in collaboration with Adeep Nahar, and features lyrics written by Malique, Kmy Kmo, and Aman Ra. Malique, Kmy Kmo, Aman Ra, and acclaimed vocalist Ernie Zakri perform 'AYUH'.


Polis Evo 3 is also presented in collaboration with the popular mobile game PUBG MOBILE, which has launched a cross-brand in-game event called PUBG MOBILE x Polis Evo 3. Special voice packs of Inspector Khai and Inspector Sani based on dialogue from the film will be available to players. All dialogue is delivered by the actors, Shaheizy Sam and Zizan Razak. Furthermore, players can download the OST Ayuh, which will appear in the lobby when the game launches. The trailer for PUBG MOBILE X Polis Evo 3 is available on all of PUBG MOBILE's social media platforms.


Follow the Polis Evo 3 Tour on the 26th, 27th, and 28th of May in Terengganu and Pahang; the 2nd of June in Seremban; the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of June in Kedah, Penang, and Perak; and the 8th, 9th, and 10th of June in Singapore, Johor, and Melaka. For more information, visit Astro Shaw's social media platforms.


Polis Evo 3, the best action film of the year, will be released in theatres on May 25, 2023. To share your thoughts and excitement about the film, use the hashtags #PolisEvo #PolisEvo3 #PE3. Follow Astro Shaw's TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages for the most recent updates and interesting clips about Polis Evo 3.


Polis Evo 3》首映礼

马来西亚备受瞩目的电影系列Polis Evo带着全新力作《Polis Evo 3再度回归,预计于525日在马来西亚、新加坡和汶莱的165家影院上映。该片是由Astro ShawSkop Productions以及TGV Pictures共同制作,上个月发布的正式预告片引起了观众的强烈反响。

作为一部具有标志性的热门电影系列,《Polis Evo 3》展示了马来西亚警察部队的强大实力和巨大成就,同时也保留了前作《Polis Evo》(2015年)和《Polis Evo 2》(2018年)的基因和元素。这是一部真正的动作喜剧,带来了持续不断的欢乐和扣人心弦的动作场面。著名导演Syafiq Yusof的专业技术和才华使得《Polis Evo 3》承诺给观众带来国际水准的独特体验,让他们尽情享受。


Polis Evo 3》的演员阵容星光熠熠,使得片中的角色形象栩栩如生。虽然在之前的电影系列中只有标志性的警官二人组SaniZizan Razak)和KhaiShaheizy Sam),但在这第三部中,随着新角色的加入,Polis Evo小队得到了扩展,每个人都带来了自己的优势和专长。其中包括爆破专家Dani警官(Syafiq Kyle),神枪手专家Julie警官(Fara Ali Khan),数据和技术专家Dell警官(Douglas Lim),队长Farouk助理总警监(Fauzi Nawawi),以及特殊情报专家Faizal警官(Fezrul Khan)。同时备受赞誉的演员Sharnaaz Ahmad扮演可怕的反派角色Reza


Polis Evo 3》还将迎来前几部电影中的演员回归,继续扮演他们的角色,包括Nora DanishEyka FarhanaKamaliah Mat DomDatin Fadilah Mansor。此外,该片还请来了一些明星进行特别客串演出,如Michael AngBen AmirWanna AliZulin AzizFauziah GaosEzzaty AbdullahIman Corrine AdrienneDanial ZainiRadin ERADaniel Cheang以及社交媒体影响者Zukieeeee等,同时还有Dato’ Afdlin Shauki的特别出演。


同时担任《Polis Evo 3》的执行制作人和Astro Shaw & Malay Nusantara业务总监的Raja Jastina Raja Arshad表示:“Polis Evo品牌仍然是国内最佳的动作片系列。作为制片人,我们致力于将这部电影的质量提升到更高水平。我们相信这部电影在制作质量、故事情节和演技方面都是最佳的。它也适合各种背景的观众,因为我们是为所有马来西亚人的欢乐而制作的。我们还希望这部电影能够推动我们的国家走向国际舞台,展示给国际观众。《Polis Evo 3》通过一个普遍的故事,引领观众体验情感的过山车,在友谊、家庭和爱的主题中展现令人兴奋的动作和喜剧。我们希望《Polis Evo 3》成为本地电影工业的积极而令人惊喜的补充,超越前作,成为马来西亚最佳的动作电影。


Polis Evo 3》的导演Syafiq Yusof也分享了他对观众反应和回应的兴奋与期待:我是《Polis Evo》电影系列的忠实粉丝,当我有机会执导最新作品时,我感到非常兴奋,同时也有些焦虑,因为前两部电影取得了非凡的成功。我必须确保《Polis Evo 3》具有自己的特色,能够满足同胞粉丝的期望,并吸引新的观众加入《Polis Evo》系列。制作团队、制片人、演员和参与制作这部电影的每个人都付出了最大的努力,现在已经准备好供观众欣赏。我希望观众能够喜欢并接受我的作品。


Polis Evo 3》讲述了警官KhaiSani的故事,他们带着新任务和新团队回归,加入了警官Dani、警官Julie和警官Dell,每个人都有自己的专长。然而,当Khai警官发现自己成为下一个目标时,情况变得糟糕。当他们发现正在追捕的嫌疑人与Khai警官有过去的纠葛时,Khai警官和Sani警官之间的友谊也面临考验。


之前,《Polis Evo》(2015年)获得了1800万马来西亚令吉的票房,而《Polis Evo 2》(2018年)则获得了2500万马来西亚令吉的票房。这个系列的所有电影都由BlackFlag制作公司制作。《Polis Evo 3》的电影票将于511日开始在全国影院销售,观众还可以在电影正式上映前一天的524日参加提前观影(sneak preview活动,成为最早观看该电影的人。电影主题曲(OST)名为《AYUH》,由传奇说唱作曲家MaliqueAdeep Nahar创作,歌词由MaliqueKmy KmoAman Ra编写。《AYUH》由MaliqueKmy KmoAman Ra和备受赞誉的歌手Ernie Zakri演唱。


值得一提的是,《Polis Evo 3》还与热门手机游戏PUBG MOBILE合作推出了跨品牌游戏活动“PUBG MOBILE x Polis Evo 3”。此外,玩家还可以下载主题曲《Ayuh》,并在PUBG MOBILE的所有社交媒体平台上观看《PUBG MOBILE x Polis Evo 3》的预告片。与此同时,《Polis Evo 3》还将展开一系列的巡回活动,分别于5262728日在登嘉楼和彭亨州举行;62日在芙蓉;6345日在吉打、槟城和霹雳州举行;6891011日则前往新加坡、柔佛和马六甲。更多详情,请参考Astro Shaw的社交媒体平台。


切勿错过于525日全国影院上映的《Polis Evo 3》,并使用hashtags #PolisEvo #PolisEvo3 #PE3分享你的观后感!有关《Polis Evo 3》的最新进展和有趣的片段,请关注Astro ShawTikTokInstagramTwitterFacebook页面。



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