[Third Show News] Eric 周兴哲《Odyssey~旅程》World Tour In Kuala Lumpur Adds Third Show on 2nd June 2023

 [Third Show News] Eric 周兴哲《Odyssey~旅程》World Tour In Kuala Lumpur Adds Third Show on 2nd June 2023


Kuala Lumpur, March 2023 - Following the success of his first sold-out show in Malaysia for his " Odyssey~旅程" tour, Eric Chou added a second show, which was also well received. As a result of the influx of Malaysian fans on Eric's social media platforms, the artist expressed his gratitude by saying, "Thank you, my fans!" The management team responded by calling an emergency meeting and deciding to add a third show, with tickets going on sale at 2 p.m.  on 7th March 2023. Fans interested in purchasing tickets should go to Book My Show's website at https://my.bookmyshow.com/e/ODYSSEY2 . Eric's fans, dubbed "小兴星," must act quickly to secure their seats!


Eric Chou's “Odyssey~旅程tour will kick off in Malaysia on June 3rd (Saturday) at the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur. After the first show sold out, the organisers added a second show on June 4th (Sunday), which was also well received. With so many Malaysian "小兴星" expressing their desire to attend Eric's concert, the management team decided after careful consideration to add a third show on June 2nd (Friday). To appease fans who had purchased tickets for the first show (June 3rd), the management team explained that adding a show on June 2nd rather than after June 3rd was due to a national holiday on June 5th, which meant they couldn't secure the venue. Fans who purchased VIP tickets for the June 3rd show will be able to attend Eric's fan meeting, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


Eric Chou was also recently ranked second on Spotify's list of the "Top 10 Most Played Chinese Songs," with two of his songs, "How Have You Been?" and "What's Wrong?" ranking first and third, respectively. Furthermore, his song "How Have You Been?" has received over 100 million Spotify plays, making him a rare talent in the Chinese music industry. Eric enthusiastically shared the news on Instagram, writing, "Making history!!"


Eric Chou, who has only been in the industry for eight years, has had numerous best-selling hits as a result of his heartfelt creations, life experiences, and close relationship with his fans. He is currently one of the world's top hit-makers, with limitless potential.


Eric Chou, who is only 27 years old, has already performed five concerts, including two in Singapore last year and four in North America for his "Eric Chou World Tour," making him the first Chinese singer to perform large-scale concerts in North America since the pandemic began.


The organiser also praised Eric Chou, who announced his concert just a month ago and sold out immediately. He is truly remarkable! Eric Chou not only has a high level of popularity and purchasing power, but he also made his lead acting debut in the cross-border film "I ate that boy's breakfast for a whole year," which was a box office success. At the Golden Horse Awards, he was nominated for Best Newcomer and Best Original Film Song. In the end, he won the Best Original Film Song Award at "Golden Horse" with the theme song of the film "想知道你在想什么". Eric Chou has established himself as a leading figure in the Chinese entertainment industry, winning gold medals from the start. Following two performances at the Hong Kong Coliseum, he will continue his tour with performances in New York in April, Sydney and Melbourne in May, and Malaysia in June, flying to every corner of the globe, achieving success beyond Asia and expanding his reach to Europe and America. It's a pleasure and an honour!


Eric 周兴哲《Odyssey~旅程》World Tour In Kuala Lumpur Adds Third Show on 2nd June 2023



周兴哲《Odyssey旅程巡回演唱会》马来西亚站,在第一场开票售罄后加场,依然得到非常热烈的反应。也因此让许多向隅大马小兴星哀嚎灌进Eric社群,不禁让爱护歌迷的周兴哲写下:「谢谢小兴星,我知道你们爱我!」也即刻向公司召开紧急会议讨论,决定再加开第三场。第三场将于37日下午2点开售,任何购票详情,可游览Book My Show的网站 - https://my.bookmyshow.com/e/ODYSSEY2 ,小兴星们要抢要快喔!


周兴哲《Odyssey旅程巡回演唱会》马来西亚站订于63日(星期六)在吉隆坡AXIATA ARENA盛大举行,一经开票售罄后,主办单位宣布加开64日(星期日)第二场,又再度得到热烈的反应。由于有太多马来西亚小兴星反应没买到票,甚至直接在周兴哲社群上接龙敲碗,表示坚决地想要出席观看Eric的演唱会。经过紧急商讨之后,主办单位又传来好消息慎重公布,周兴哲《Odyssey旅程巡回演唱会》马来西亚站将于62日(星期五)加开第三场!细心的主办单位也考虑到原先买到第一场(63日)粉丝的心情,特别解释往前加场,而不能往后的原因是因为隔天65日将是国定假日而拿不到场地,所以经过考量之后,只好超前往62日加场,要请原先买到63日的小兴星们信任及体谅,并强调只有购买63日场次VIP席的小兴星们,才能受邀参加周兴哲的粉丝见面会,机会也相当难得!


周兴哲并在国际音乐数位平台Spotify甫公布的「播放量最高的中文歌TOP 10」排行榜中位列2席,而且勇夺冠军,分别是位居第1名的〈你,好不好〉和第3名的〈怎么了〉,更令人赞叹的是,周兴哲的〈你,好不好〉光是在Spotify平台上,累积播放大破1亿次,让他货真价实成为华语乐坛的凤毛麟角,Eric兴奋地在IG上分享这个好消息,并表示「Making history!! (缔造历史)」。




年仅27岁的周兴哲目前已五度攻蛋,马不停蹄的他,去年亦飞往新加坡举办两场万人演唱会,更一举挥军北美举办4场《周兴哲Eric Chou WORLD TOUR》世界巡回演唱会,成为疫情后首位在北美洲举办大型演唱会的首位华语歌手,而且场场爆满,从洛杉矶站、圣荷西站、温哥华站到多伦多站,横跨3个时区,动员2万名小兴星,所向披靡。主办单位也赞周兴哲上个月才宣布开唱,一开票就秒杀,有够厉害!周兴哲不仅人气、买气皆旺,跨界电影主演处男作《我吃了那男孩一整年的早餐》,也拿下票房冠军,票房大破8千万元,还因此入围金马奖最佳新人奖和最佳原创电影歌曲奖,最后以该片主题曲《想知道你在想什么》拿下「金马59」最佳原创电影歌曲奖,一出马就摘金,周兴哲正式成为华语圈顶流代表人物!而在两场红磡演唱会之后,他也将继续周兴哲《Odyssey~旅程》巡回演唱会,于4月举办纽约站、5月飞澳洲举行雪梨站和墨尔本站,6月前进马来西亚,飞往世界每一个角落,成就已然冲出亚洲、放眼欧美,可喜可贺!



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