[Local Entertainment] GLY 3V3 Badminton Tournament 2023

 [Local Entertainment] GLY 3V3 Badminton Tournament 2023

Kuala Lumpur, February 2023 - The "GLY 3V3 Badminton Tournament 2023" Malaysia's first 3V3 badminton tournament, concluded successfully! Following the success of this invitation-only tournament, Goh Liu Ying announced that she will organise the "GLY 3V3 Badminton Open" again in the future, allowing more badminton enthusiasts to participate in this new form of badminton competition.


The "GLY 3V3 Badminton Tournament 2023" organised by 2018 Olympic Mixed Doubles silver medalist Goh Liu Ying in collaboration with sports resource platform "WellSport" and brand marketing company Attitude Ideology, officially began on February 25, 2023 (Saturday) at Megah Rise Badminton Club in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


This is Goh Liu Ying's first badminton tournament since retiring as an athlete. She is also one of the founders of "WellSport" and she believes that sports should be enjoyable. Through entertaining badminton tournaments, she hopes to promote the concept of healthy exercise and a happy lifestyle to the general public.


"This time, I want to be different with everyone. 3V3 badminton may be unfamiliar to the general public, but it is a training format used by professional players. So, I'd like to introduce everyone to the 3V3 format. Hosting this event from the public's perspective not only keeps it fresh and interesting for the participants, but it's also good for their physical and mental health."


The "GLY 3V3 Badminton Tournament" invited a total of 12 teams to compete. The players demonstrated their abilities and competed in a series of intense competitions. After watching the event, Goh Liu Ying commented that, despite everyone's first time participating in a 3V3 tournament, the players' performance was unexpectedly good. The championship was eventually won by the "KOL TEAM" who took home more than RM12,000 in cash and prizes.


"When someone asked how we play 3V3 in badminton, I told them it's similar to doubles. Although there will be little running, more tacit understanding among teammates and faster reactions are required."


She was pleased with the positive response to this new type of badminton tournament and announced during the event promotion that she will organise the "GLY 3V3 Badminton Open" in the second half of 2023, which will expand to the entire country, allowing more badminton enthusiasts to experience the joy of competing in the tournament rather than viewing it as a leisure activity.


Goh Liu Ying is also the first sports celebrity KOL to collaborate with event organiser "WellSport". During the event, Kien Lim, the founder of "WellSport," stated that he hopes to combine business resources and collaborate with more sports celebrities to make "WellSport" a preferred platform for promoting Malaysian sports events.

"Malaysia has many sports talents with great potential, and we hope that 'WellSport' will be more than just a news media outlet that provides readers with sports content, but also a resource integration platform that promotes the development of the local sports industry."


On the tournament day, Goh Liu Ying meets badminton fans' expectations by bringing together Malaysian Men's Doubles independent players Low Juan Shen and Nur Azriyn, Malaysian Mixed Doubles independent player Tan Kian Meng, and former Malaysian Women's Doubles player Woon Khe Wei, who, along with the two finalist teams, put on a fantastic performance in their 3V3 exhibition match, successfully heating up the atmosphere on site.


In addition, the Malaysia Book of Records awarded Goh Liu Ying the "First Medalist in Olympic Games Badminton (Female)" certificate in recognition of her contributions to Malaysia's badminton industry.


The event also featured an auction, with the jersey worn by Goh Liu Ying during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics fetching RM6,000, all of which will be donated to the " Kindly Orphan & Handicap Welfare Homes " as a charitable donation.


It is also worth noting that many sports celebrities gathered at the scene. The "Pin Crushers," one of the participating teams, is made up of three Malaysian national bowlers: Timmy Tan, Syaidatul Afifah, and Muhammad Rafiq Ismail. Cheong Jun Hoong, Malaysia's first world diving champion, was also present as a spectator at the event.


This event was sponsored by Li-Ning, Fairy Park Heritage City, Amazfit, and Spritzer, as well as ATV News SEA as a strategic partner. The final round was also livestreamed on "WellSport," Goh Liu Ying's Facebook page, "ATV News SEA," and "The Interview" at the same time.


吴柳莹3V3羽球赛GLY 3V3 Badminton Tournament

2023225日(星期六),2018年奥运混双银牌得主吴柳莹主催,运动资源平台《动态》与品牌营销公司Attitude Ideology 联办的吴柳莹3V3羽球赛,在雪兰莪州八打灵再也美嘉花园广场正式展开。






吴柳莹3V3羽球赛邀请了12支队伍参加比赛,参赛者尽展所长,呈现出一连串激烈的竞争。吴柳莹在现场观看比赛后表示,尽管这是大家第一次参加3V3形式的比赛,但参赛者表现出乎意料地出色。比赛最终由KOL TEAM夺得冠军,并获得价值超过1.2万令吉的奖金和奖品。






吴柳莹也是赛事主办单位《动态》旗下首位合作的体育明星KOL。《动态》创办人肯林(Kien Lim)在会上指出,希望未来可以结合商家资源,以及与更多体坛名人合作,让《动态》成为推动马来西亚运动赛事的平台。









值得一提的是,现场也聚集了不少体坛明星。其中一支参赛队伍Pin Crushers是由三名马来西亚保龄球国手组成,他们分别是陈财政(Timmy Tan)、塞达杜(Syaidatul Afifah)和拉菲克(Muhammad Rafiq Ismail)。另外,同场出席观赛者,还包括大马首位世界跳水冠军张俊虹。




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