[Event Coverage] "GOXUAN THE RISING 2.0" Champions Debut Night (Dual Language Post)

 [Event Coverage] "GOXUAN THE RISING 2.0" Champions Debut Night (Dual Language Post)


Kuala Lumpur, March 2023 - GOXUAN, Malaysia's most youthful Chinese radio station, held a month-long full-time MC recruitment competition called "GOXUAN THE RISING 2.0" in February. The champion finally appeared on stage on 16th March 2023, after a long challenge. Kaixin, the trending favourite, won the championship after topping the three-week assistance chart (audience vote) and the combat power chart (rating). They both signed on as full-time MCs for GOXUAN, along with the highly popular contestant Yingying, and made their debut on the spot!


Kaixin immediately shared her joy after winning the championship with her family, who had flown all the way from Kelantan to Kuala Lumpur. She also thanked her friends who had been voting for her all along. Joe, her team leader, said her victory was well-deserved because she not only had good looks but also a serious and careful approach to learning. Her high popularity on the assistance chart demonstrates that her strong interpersonal relationships will help her advance in her radio hosting career. Perry K, the team's "guest strategic partner" who suggested Kaixin showcase her dancing talent on championship night during the previous training period, was also pleased with her performance.


Yingying, the other champion, shed tears on stage after winning, emotional about not receiving a salary for three years since graduation but still persevering in her dream and finally achieving it. BrocoLee, her team leader, expressed his admiration for her. "Guest strategic partner" Hanxiiaoaii reminded her to learn how to control her voice volume after going on-air and to keep learning in order to improve.


On championship night, the two champions performed admirably in the three challenges. Kaixin won praise for her ability to attract attention with contrasting styles after performing a combination of Chinese dance, Locking, and street dance in the talent segment.


Yingying's enjoyable magic show, on the other hand, demonstrated her command of the stage and rhythm. It should be noted that in the third challenge, the "on-site challenge," Kaixin was assigned the task of interviewing the strict panel member Phei Yong and was able to respond skillfully, demonstrating her hosting and on-the-spot coping skills, and received high praise from the panellist!


The following are the names of the competitors in the competition:

Kai Xin (23 years old, from Kelantan) and Jack Hong Wu make up Team Joe (22 years old, from Selangor). Julia (24 years old, from Selangor) and Lin Li (25 years old, from Johor) in Team Catherine, Lavigne (20 years old, from Penang) and Jun Ni (23 years old, from Selangor) in Team Maq, Shan Shan (25 years old, from Negeri Sembilan) and Ying Ying (26 years old, from Selangor) in Team BrocoLee, and Jean (24 years old, from Johor) and Li Hoong (24 years old, from Negeri Sembilan) in Team Kryston.


"GOXUAN THE RISING 2.0", fully supported by Vsing Premium KL, has completed three challenges since announcing the top 10 finalists, including the "Audiovisual Challenge", "Group Challenge", and "Control Challenge". The top five in the overall rankings as of 12:00 p.m. on the 16th are Kai Xin, Ying Ying, Jean, Lavigne, and Lin Li. Kai Xin has remained at the top of the leaderboard since the first challenge, with "guest strategic partner" Pei Yong praising her for having the potential to be a champion. Ying Ying was ranked eighth in the first challenge, but quickly rose to the top spot in the second challenge and is currently ranked second in the rankings ahead of the finale.


"GOXUAN THE RISING 2.0" deviates from previous talent shows by having no judges throughout the competition and using a points-based scoring system. The ratings given by the GOXUAN MCs, who act as team captains during the challenges, account for 60% of the total score, with the remaining 40% determined by the online audience's votes during the competition. The challenges of the past three weeks account for 60% of the total score, with the final 40% being determined tonight through the "Talent Challenge", "Reels Challenge", and "On-site Challenge". Each challenge eliminates some of the contestants, resulting in the crowning of two champions!


The "strategic partners" have provided various evaluations and advice to their respective teams over the last three weeks of challenges. Phei Yong taught the contestants interviewing techniques and encouraged them to understand themselves, find their appropriate position, and direction. Lizz Chloe stated that while hard work is essential, putting in the effort is not the key to success. In reality, the most important thing is to show everyone's good work. Han Xiiao Aii stated that Shan Shan and Ying Ying of Team BrocoLee are both "gems" and that if GOXUAN does not keep them, she would consider signing them. Okokokmou also encouraged Julia, who was once mocked for dressing like a "normal person," to develop her own style. On the night of her championship debut, Perry K advised Kai Xin, who resembles his sister, to perform her most confident dance. This advice also provided Kai Xin with the opportunity to surprise the audience during the talent show!

"GOXUAN THE RISING 2.0" Champions Debut Night has concluded with the official signing of Kaixin and Yingying into the GOXUAN family. Stay tuned to SYOK App for more GOXUAN news, listen to GOXUAN Radio, or visit the GOXUAN official Facebook page, Instagram page, and YouTube official account.



2月份,全马最年轻的中文电台GOXUAN举办了一场全职MC招募比赛《GOXUAN THE RISING 2.0》。比赛历时近1个月,终于迎来了冠军出道夜。大热选手凯欣无疑地蝉联了三周的助力榜(由观众投票)和战力值榜首(由评分决定),与高人气选手盈盈成双夺得冠军。他们现场签约成为GOXUAN全职MC,立即出道!


凯欣赢得冠军后立即与从吉兰丹专程飞来吉隆坡的家人分享喜悦,并向一直为她投票的朋友表达感激之情。她的队长Joe曾耀祖表示,凯欣赢得冠军是实至名归的,因为她不仅拥有出色的外表,还非常认真和细心地学习。她在助力榜上的表现也证明了她的高人气,这种良好的人缘将有助于她在电台主持事业中更进一步。在之前的培训期间,曾建议凯欣将她擅长的舞蹈作为才艺表演的「战略伙伴」Perry K也对她的表现感到非常满意!另一位冠军盈盈夺冠后泪洒舞台,感慨自毕业三年来一直坚持梦想最终如愿以偿。她的队长BrocoLee李伟俊表示以她为荣,「战略伙伴」韩晓嗳则建议她在开麦工作后要学会控制声量,并继续学习以进一步提高自己的表现!




踏上《GOXUAN THE RISING 2.0》冠军出道夜的选手包括有Team Joe的凯欣(23岁,来自吉兰丹)和Jack宏梧(22岁,来自雪兰莪),Team CatherineJulia婉婉儿(24岁,来自雪兰莪)和林利(25岁,来自柔佛),Team MaqLavigne20岁,来自槟城)和郡倪(23岁,来自雪兰莪)、Team BrocoLee 的珊珊(25岁,来自森美兰)和盈盈(26岁,来自雪兰莪),以及Team KrystonJean24岁,来自柔佛)和丽荭LiHoong24岁,来自森美兰)。


GOXUAN THE RISING 2.0》由Vsing Premium KL全力支持,自公布10强名单以来已经完成了3项挑战,包括【视·听挑战】、【团综挑战】和【控场挑战】。截至16日中午12时,排名前五名依次是凯欣、盈盈、JeanLavigne和林利。凯欣从第一项挑战的榜首到第二项挑战的亚军,一直保持着综合排名第一的位置,受到「战略伙伴」培永的称赞。盈盈在第一项挑战中排名第八,在第二项挑战中迅速升至榜首,目前仍然保持在第二名的位置,实力不容小觑!


GOXUAN THE RISING 2.0》颠覆了传统选秀比赛的评审方式,采用了积分赛制进行比拼,整个比赛过程中没有评审,60%的得分是由GOXUAN MC们作为队长在挑战过程中评分,另外40%则是以观众在比赛期间进行投票的网络助力值为依据。前三周的考核占总成绩的60%,而冠军出道夜决定剩余40%的分数,选手接受了【才艺挑战】、【Reels挑战】和【临场挑战】的考验,每个挑战都将淘汰一部分选手,最终将诞生两位冠军!


在过去的三周挑战中,每位选手都受到了「战略伙伴」的不同评价和建议。培永分享了如何做好访谈的技巧,并鼓励选手找到适合自己的定位和方向;彤彤则认为努力是基本条件,但最重要的是让大家看到好的作品。韩晓嗳称珊珊和盈盈都是"",并表示如果GOXUAN最终没有留下她们,她会考虑签下她们。Okokokmou则鼓励Julia找到自己的风格定位,而Perry K则建议凯欣在冠军夜呈献自己最有信心的舞蹈,一举夺魁。这些建议和评价无疑帮助选手们更好地展示自己,而凯欣也成功在才艺表演环节惊艳全场。


随着凯欣和盈盈正式签约并加入GOXUAN大家庭,《GOXUAN THE RISING 2.0》正式落下帷幕。欲知更多GOXUAN最新消息,请留守或通过 SYOK App 收听 GOXUAN电台或浏览GOXUAN官方面子书专页Instagram 专页YouTube官方账号



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