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Friday, 9 December 2022




Kuala Lumpur, December 2022 - Organised by CK Star Entertainment, Epik High (에픽하이) brought their "Epik High Is Here — Asia Pacific Tour" to Zepp KL on 2nd December 2022. The show began promptly at 8 p.m., and the heat and excitement never stopped from there onwards!


Tablo, Mirtha Jin, and DJ Tukutz got everyone going right away. All of the old school hip hop beats were blasted to the audience brimming with energy in Zepp KL due to the intimate venues with great audio system! The atmosphere heated up when Tablo promised to turn the audience's lows, such as worries, anger, and frustration, into highs!


Epik High's riveting performance has wowed audiences with their insane rapping, charism, and flow! One of the night's highlights was undoubtedly the performance of "Rosario," when the audience erupted in joy!


Tablo inquired whether there were any South Korean fans present that night. A few of them did, in fact, raise their hands. "You know...you can always see our shows in South Korea!" said the rapper. This amusing moment made the entire audience laugh, but they were actually grateful for the support of these fans who travelled from all over the world to see their performances.


Many more awesome beats were performed throughout the night, including "Super Rare," "Bleed," "Love Love Love," "One," and many more. They also demonstrated their comedic side and sense of humour through their interactions with fans.


Time flies when everyone is having fun, and the show came to a close with songs like "Fan," "High Technology," "New Beautiful," and "Don't Hate Me." The trio exited the stage after announcing their final songs. The fans screamed for more and shouted "encore!" as expected. Epik High did not disappoint their fans when they returned to the stage to perform their encore songs "No Thankxxx" and "Born Hater"!


This was one of the most energetic, upbeat, and punctual non-stop concerts of the year! The show was a huge hit with the audience! Thank you to CK Star Entertainment for bringing Epik High to Malaysia, and credit for the official photography too!


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