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Friday, 18 November 2022

[Upcoming Movie] Barbarian Invasion 野蛮人入侵 (Malay Title: Belenggu)

 [Upcoming Movie] Barbarian Invasion 野蛮人入侵 (Malay Title: Belenggu)


Opens in Malaysia Cinema on: 24th Nov 2022


Producer: Woo Ming Jin, Bianca Balbuena

Director: Tan Chui Mui

Scriptwriter: Tan Chui Mui

Camera: Gwai Lou

Art Director: Fish Lim Jing Yi

Editor: Wong Kai Yun

Sound Designer: Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr

Cast: Pete Teo, Tan Chui Mui, Bront Palarae, James Lee, Zhiny Ooi, Nik Hadiff Dani



Moon Lee, a well-known award-winning actress, has retired to become a full-time mother and divorcee. She jumps at the chance to work with her long-time collaborator, director Roger Woo, again, desperate to regain her sense of self. Only this time, he casts her as the lead in a martial arts film where you do your own stunts. The role necessitates extensive training, and while Moon is initially hesitant, she leaves her young son in the care of Roger's assistant and commits herself to back-breaking training. As soon as she begins to gain confidence, Roger informs her that the only way the film can proceed is for her ex-husband, Julliard, to play the male lead.


Hong Kong Pictures Heaven Culture & Media Company Limited


Da Huang Pictures

The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society
Greenlight Pictures


Heaven Pictures (Beijing) The Movie Company Limited


Financial Support
Ministry of Communications & Multimedia and National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) Malaysia


Winner - Jury Grand Prix, Golden Goblet Awards at 24th Shanghai International Film Festival, 2021
Nominee - Best Asian Film, 12th AACTA Award, 2022


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