[Explore] Nights Of Fright 8 @ Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

[Explore] Nights Of Fright 8 @ Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 2022 - Last month, I was given the opportunity to review the full moon package for Nights Of Fright 8 - Festival Of Fear at Sunway Lagoon Malaysia. Many thanks to Syok Malaysia for the opportunity.


The Full Moon Package is a special package costs RM 1,390 (with promo price of RM 939) that includes 1 night stay at Sunway Lagoon Explorer Campsite with breakfast for 2 pax, 2 adults Sunway Lagoon One day admission tickets, two Nights Of Fright 8 admission tickets, two Xpress passes, two RM 30 meal vouchers, two Nights Of Fright 8 souvenir items, one photography digital card, two rodeo bull rides, and two photo opportunities with Nights Of Fright 8 characters! With all of this included, the package is well worth every penny for anyone who purchased it!


During the day, I took my wife and three-year-old daughter to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. My daughter can enter for free because she is below 90cm height. First and foremost, we were led to our campsite by Sunway Lagoon staff who were super polite. The campsite is very clean and well-equipped, making it a very comfortable and cosy place to rest. There was also a water pool playground for children to enjoy. To be honest, the setting here is ideal for those who are new to camping and want to try out camping in the city. Unfortunately, my daughter has a piano lesson in the afternoon, so we couldn't stay too long.


We took my daughter to the Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park before sending her to piano class, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. We hopped onto a life-sized train after her little feet got tired of walking around the park. Despite the fact that my daughter was unable to participate in many rides due to her height, we could see the joy on her face just exploring the theme park's interior. Sunway Lagoon is unquestionably a kid-friendly destination for parents with young children! I would highly recommend it and hope to bring my daughter back soon.


Here's the ultimate focus of the event! Nights of Fright 8!

Because my wife isn't a fan of horror gigs and has to care for my daughter, I went to Nights Of Fright 8 with my buddy Mark. This scarefest is undoubtedly one of the largest in Malaysia, attracting a large crowd on the night of our visit.


This year, there were eight haunted house attractions, as well as the one-of-a-kind theatre show 99 Doors. Aside from these special haunted houses, you can see many Sunway Lagoon hired costume players dressed in horror costumes roaming around scaring the visitors who pass by. Their hard work and effort were truly amazing, as was the eerie atmosphere they created.


Aside from that, the food stalls at Sunway Lagoon at night featured horror themed food names such as horror bites, bloody pizza, and so on.


To be honest, the haunted house this time was pretty scary. The monster with the chainsaw at the end of Blood Shed 2 surprised me. Other haunted houses, such as The Harvest, Lycan - The Werewolves of London, and The Hotel Deville, provided a great deal of fright impact with their dim-lit environments and well-placed "monsters" performing jumpscare to the visitors. While there are no monsters in Lucha Libre, the stomping and fighting of the Mexican fighters can be quite frightening, especially when we were given 3D glasses that enhanced the visual effect. Other Nights of Fright 8 attractions, such as Sharknado, Zombie Hunters, HorrorWood Studios, and 99 Doors @ Scarytales Theater, also provided a unique fearful experience!


We thoroughly enjoyed Nights Of Fright 8 and eagerly await their next instalment in the coming years! Thank you again, Sunway Lagoon and Syok, for the fun we had!


I wished I could have stayed for the camp-out that day, but due to other events and appointments the next morning, I had to regrettably miss it. Hopefully, the next time I can properly enjoy a camp-out experience!


Check out Sunway Lagoon Malaysia for more fun activities and events coming up!

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