[Coverage] Supernova Screening 2022 : Collaboration Between Media Prima Berhad And Hunan Broadcasting System

[Coverage] Supernova Screening 2022 : Collaboration Between Media Prima Berhad And Hunan Broadcasting System


Kuala Lumpur, November 2022 -  Media Prima Bhd, the largest and most influential media company in Malaysia, and Hunan Broadcasting System, one of China's most prominent television networks, have announced a partnership that will bring unique programming to viewers in Malaysia.


Both broadcasting groups will co-produce programmes including Malaysia's first fashion reality show, My Fusion Way and Shila Amzah Masterclass Season 2. Hunan Broadcasting System programmes will also be featured on 8TV, the most popular Chinese language channel in Malaysia.


"This will be a momentous occasion as Media Prima will embark on a journey together with Hunan Broadcasting System to bring special programmes and initiatives to Malaysian viewers. We recognize Hunan Broadcasting System as one of China’s biggest media groups and by associating with them via our own Chinese TV network, 8TV, I believe that this serves as a gateway for opportunities, technological exchange as well as entrepreneurial venures for Chinese small and medium enterprises to set up their business here on our shores." said Media Prima group managing director Rafiq Razali during the Supernova Screening 2022 event at Equatorial Hotel.

During the event, we also have a brief interview with Datuk Michael Chan and Datuk Ge Yamei about the collaborations. After nearly two years of planning, the collaborations have come to fruition. The collaborations' primary goal is to promote cultural exchange. Malaysian actors will have more opportunities to work in China, and vice versa. From a technological standpoint, Malaysia has a lot to learn from China. Simultaneously, this collaboration provides a platform for Chinese SMEs to advertise and promote their brands. 

My Fusion Way, a fashion reality show filmed in Malaysia, features a group of six up-and-coming Chinese designers who will learn about the country's diverse cultural traditions. Each episode's theme draws inspiration from Malaysia's local culture and the designers must use their knowledge of fashion to create original, modern, and fashionable garments within a strict time limit based on the six human senses.


Shila Amzah Masterclass Season 2 will venture into a more international music exchange featuring powerful protege singers from Southeast Asia and China to join the trainee lineup. Shila, who will continue to serve as the program's master, will work with international guest instructors to help her proteges develop into successful musicians.


Henan Satellite TV, a Chinese TV station that showcases Chinese traditional arts and culture, has shown their support for this joint effort.

The Supernova Screening 2022 event, supported by Honor and Kinohimitsu, also featured performances by Shila as well as Elvira Arul, Uriah See, June Wong, Lydia Lim, Daniel Sher and Zev Leong.


The Supernova Screening 2022 was attended by His Excellency Ouyang Yujing (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to Malaysia), Representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yang berbahgia Dato’ Mohd Tarid Bin Sufian, (Undersecretary (East Asia) Division, Department for Bilateral Affairs, ministry of Foreign Affairs), YB Senator Datuk Seri Hajah Zurainah Musa (Chairman of National Film Development Corporation Malaysia), Rafiq Razali (Group Managing Director of Media Prima), Datuk Michael Chan (Deputy Group Managing Director of Media Prima and Chief Executive Officer of Media Prima Omnia), Dato’ Khairul Anwar Salleh (Chief Executive Officer Of Media Prima Television Networks and Primeworks Studios), Datuk Ge Yamei (Chief Executive Officer Of Mango media Sdn Bhd), and government and business representatives from China and Malaysia.



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