[Anime Event Coverage] C2AGE Lite @ Jaya Shopping Centre

 [Anime Event Coverage] C2AGE Lite 2022 @ Jaya Shopping Centre


Petaling Jaya, October 2022 – Cosplay, anime and gaming fans were in a sweet treat last weekend as C2AGE Lite has made a bigger and better comeback!

The 11th Cosplay, Comics, Anime and Games Exhibition (C2AGE) was launched by . Mr Takahashi Daisuke, First Secretary, Japan Information Service, Embassy of Japan last weekend at Jaya Shopping Centre,


Following the 40th anniversary of the Look East Policy (LEP), HELP University is organising C2AGE to provide a platform for youth to express themselves creatively by dressing up as their favourite Marvel, DC Comics, or anime characters.


C2AGE, now in its eleventh year, has evolved from its humble beginnings as a simple cosplay and gaming event to a fiesta that includes competitions, exhibitions, performances, and booths selling a variety of pop culture merchandise.


This year's event, C2AGE LITE 2022, featured a dazzling list of special guests, including cosplayers Chelses Yuan, Sally Dorasnow, Yuii, and guest artists Jon Tham and Greg Bain, each with their own specialties to wow the crowd.


"This year, C2AGE is organised for over two days and is filled with more exciting activities. The student committee have put in tremendous efforts in making this event a reality, and a testament to this is what you will all witness today and tomorrow." said Dhanesh Balakrishnan, Dean, Faculty of University Foundation Studies, HELP University.


“Passion in what you do is extremely important to achieve excellence. May the passion you have towards anime and cosplay be a starting point in building and nurturing your practical skills which will hold you in good stead in your future undertakings.”


The Force is strong at C2AGE LITE: 2022, as the Star Wars Black Series Malaysia Fans Club exhibition captivates visitors with a display of figures and dioramas depicting exciting Star Wars scenes from the films. To top it off, the presence of the 501st Malaysia Garrison and the Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club adds to the atmosphere, as participants are seen interacting with and photographing their favourite Star Wars characters.


Macross Malaysia recreates the Macross saga with a plethora of figurines, fighters, and diorama displays, while Unity Macroverse further enlightens fans with their sci-fi exhibition and a host of novels and books about the sci-fi universe.


Through engaging and fun activities, Hobby Bozo brings the world of miniature die-cast cars Hor Wheels to life. Participants are pumped as they buy Hot Wheels miniature cars and put their racing skills to the test by racing along the snaking racetrack. The huge ancient and city diorama displays by Synergy Lego Users Group and motorised vehicles by Lego Technic Users Malaysia wowed Lego fans and builders.


The food eating competition is a signature competition at C2AGE, and food lovers were seen quickly gulping down Bariuma's special spicy ramen in the quickest time possible. During the Cosplay solo and group competition, which is judged by C2AGE VIPs Chelses, Yuii, and Sally, cosplayers put their creativity and theatrical skills to the test by showcasing anime characters.


C2AGE is never complete without performances that keep the audience entertained all day. From singing, dancing, live bands, skits, and DJs, they once again energised the crowd with their enthusiasm for performing for physical events.


Board games are another popular attraction at C2AGE. Many ardent board gamers can be seen competing in games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder 2e, and Call of Cthulhu, which are hosted by Kakitabletop.


To top it all off, C2AGE-LITE 2022 is a charitable event in which all proceeds from the art, Hot Wheels, and Gundam auctions and collections over the weekend are donated to the Lost Animal Souls Shelter (LASS), which is dedicated to helping strays and abandoned dogs who grew up without knowing love. LASS is a non-profit organisation with a no-kill policy.


For further information on C2AGE LITE 2022, log on to http://www.c2age.com


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