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Thursday, 8 September 2022

[Press Conference] KARNIVAL KEBAYA MALAYSIA 2022

 [Press Conference] KARNIVAL KEBAYA MALAYSIA 2022



Kuala Lumpur, September 2022 - YBrs. Encik Shahrin Mokthar, Director of Package Development Division of Tourism Malaysia officiated the announcement of Malaysia’s first and greatest Kebaya Festival - Karnival Kebaya Malaysia 2022, an enticing cultural experience embracing the colours and traditions of Malaysia for all walks of life.


The festival, which is supported by the Ministry of Arts, Tourism, and Culture (MOTAC) and Tourism Malaysia, commemorates Miss Malaysia Kebaya's (MMK) efforts to preserve and educate on Malaysia's tourism, culture, and heritage through traditional fashion. Furthermore, it is a stepping stone aligned with the 'Malaysia Truly Asia' campaign, which aims to capture and define the essence of Malaysia's unique multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nation, making Malaysia an exceptional tourist destination; full of culture and heritage from all walks of life.


"With only a few inaugural events like this in Malaysia, it will function as a tourist attraction for foreigners and locals alike to drop by as they visit Malaysia's capital where they can learn about our traditions, heritage, and culture all at once," said Mr Adam Ham on behalf of the government. What MMK is attempting with the Kebaya Karnival Malaysia 2022 is an excellent example of how we can preserve and educate the rakyat about our roots, and we are delighted to assist them on their journey of showcasing Malaysia's culture, heritage, and tourism for future generations."


Malaysia is known for being a multi-ethnic and multicultural country, so when it comes to traditional clothing, the variety and choices are limitless. With the rapid development of technology and the rise of the new modern era, it is unavoidable that modernization is gradually displacing traditional aspects of Malaysian culture, including clothing, as it is now more common to find modern 'baju kebaya' or modern 'baju kurung' available in the Malaysian market as opposed to traditional outfits.


"In this era, we observe that everything is being modernised, including our traditional assets," MMK organiser Dr. Jason Hee said. “Although we welcome and support these changes, we also want to remind and re-educate Malaysians about our unique traditions, particularly our traditional clothing. With that, I hope that this festival will be more than just a fashion festival, but a festival of heritage and culture that will leave a lasting impression on all attendees."


Over two weekends in October, festivalgoers can expect a jam-packed 6-in-1 immersive cultural experience that includes - workshops, forums, kebaya exhibitions of various varieties, and beauty competitions to engage the public during their time at the event. Furthermore, MMK will work with industry fashion designers, as well as universities and colleges, to successfully establish a platform that inspires and encourages future designers in the country.


The event will begin on the 15th and 16th of October 2022 at Damen Mall, USJ, where visitors and participants can participate in the colourful culture exhibitions, forums, and workshops hosted by designers as well as universities and colleges. The semi-finals of Miss Malaysia Kebaya 2022 will be held there, and the audience will be able to enjoy a display of Kebayas down the runway. The event will conclude in a festive manner with a gala night officiated by MOTAC on 30th October 2022 in conjunction with the grand finals of Miss Malaysia Kebaya 2022.


MOTAC and Tourism Malaysia, in collaboration with MMK, are thrilled to share Malaysia's culture and heritage with the world, and they hope that this festival will encourage more people to visit Malaysia and experience the culture for themselves.


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