[Coverage] NIVEA Event Featuring Meet And Greet With Rosina Lam 林夏薇

[Coverage] NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Event Featuring Meet And Greet With Rosina Lam 林夏薇

Kuala Lumpur, September 2022- Every woman desires and envies glowing, youthful, and luminous radiant skin. However, it has never been easier to achieve this - until now. The World's No. 1 Skincare Brand introduces the NIVEA LUMINOUS630, a breakthrough anti-dark-spot ingredient! The range, which is led by the LUMINOUS630 Anti-Dark Spot Serum, promises to reduce dark spots, fine lines, and improve skin luminosity in just two weeks while increasing overall skin radiance!

What exactly are dark spots?

Dark spots, also known as age or sun spots, are a common complaint among women all over the world. Exposure to the sun and UV rays (both indoors and outdoors), ageing, and hormonal changes are all important factors in this. Continuous exposure to these elements causes hyperpigmentation on the skin, resulting in uneven skin tone and post-inflammatory alteration, also known as dark spots, over time.


The NIVEA Solution


NIVEA created the perfect combination of ingredients to eliminate dark spots after 10 years of extensive research in which over 50,000 compounds were tested: the compound 630, which performs up to 100X better than other renowned brightening ingredients. This compound contains cell-targeting 2X Hyaluron and antioxidants, which work in tandem to visibly lighten spots while also assisting in the maintenance of youthful and luminous skin! It can remove deep dark spots in as little as two weeks without harming the skin.


NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Anti-Dark Spot Serum has been clinically proven to reduce dark spots by 71%, fine lines by 66%, and skin luminosity by 81%, resulting in spotless and youthful skin. 

The other products in the NIVEA LUMINOUS630 range complement the serum to create the ideal anti-dark-spot skin care regimen, ranging from daytime protection with the Spot Protect Moisturizer SPF50 PA+++ to nighttime skin regeneration with the Even Tone Night Cream. For targeted treatment of dark circles and tired eyes, there is even an Eye Treatment available. 


"We must recognise that not all brightening active ingredients are created equal, which is why other anti-dark-spot serums may fail to deliver results." Other active ingredients, such as peeling agents found in other popular products, have the potential to cause irreversible skin damage. Many anti-dark-spot products on the market contain active ingredients like Butylresorcinol, Arbutin, or Kojic Acid. The patented LUMINOUS630 by NIVEA has been shown to be up to 100X more effective than these well-known active ingredients. This is why our customers see results and keep using NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Anti Dark-Spot Serum to achieve glowy, luminous skin," said Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager for Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore.


Hong Kong’s Best Actress, Rosina Lam 林夏薇Big Fan of NIVEA


Rosina Lam 林夏薇, Hong Kong's Best Actress 2021, has long been a fan of the NIVEA LUMINOUS630 line. "My confidence suffered greatly when I began to develop dark spots as a result of long filming hours under both daylight and studio lights." In just a few weeks after discovering the LUMINOUS630 range in 2019, I began seeing visible results and receiving numerous compliments on how youthful and spotless my skin looked. I was hooked! "I will never skip my NIVEA LUMINOUS630 beauty regime, no matter how tired or long my hours are, because it truly is the secret to my perfect, glowy, luminous skin!" she said. Rosina also mentioned that her favourite product is the LUMINOUS630 Anti-Dark Spot Serum, which she believes is the key to her youthful complexion. 


Three Years Since Her Last Visit To Malaysia!

"I miss you all so much!" "I'm so happy to see you all again after three years!" said Rosina to her Malaysian fans who had waited three years for her revisit.


Rosina Lam pointed out that this trip to Malaysia was only three days long, that the schedule was tight, and that the workload was intense. Nonetheless, she took advantage of the opportunity to sample the delectable fare, and had already sipped bak kut teh before attending the event.


Rosina Lam also shared that she has recently finished filming a few dramas such as 《法言人》(Speakers of Law), 《寵愛Pet Pet》(My Pet My Angeland etc. Her childhood ambition was to become a lawyer, she revealed. Thus, the drama "Speakers of Law" has given her the opportunity to do so. Furthermore, she stated that "My Pet My Angel" has taught a dog lover like her more about how to treat her beloved pets.


Rosina Lam also expressed her support for her cousin brother Raymond Lam 林峯  who is competing in the China variety show "披荆斩棘的哥哥Call Me By Fire."


The NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Anti Dark-Spot Serum and the entire NIVEA LUMINOUS630 Anti Dark-Spot Serum range are available at all Watsons locations and online at the NIVEA Official Store. The collection includes day and night skincare, as well as eye care products. For more information on NIVEA products and the most recent updates, please visit www.facebook.com/mynivea or https://www.nivea.com.my/.


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