[Press Conference] “Hello, Big Kid” “哈啰,交换生”

 [Press Conference] “Hello, Big Kid” “哈啰,交换生


Astro has launched a brand new original quiz game show “Hello,Big Kid哈啰,交换生” which invites parents, children, and artists to play the role as "primary students" to take on the primary school curriculum and promote joyful learning! Jack Lim 林德荣 urged parents to consider their children's perspectives and learn from one another; Darren 庄文杰  revealed that he made Lynn林佩盈 cried on the show! Koe Yeet 高艺 dislikes being referred to as a "top student," claiming that intelligence is not equated with academic achievement. KAKA 卡卡杨铠嘉believes that pressure is frequently applied by adults onto the children.


This "most difficult" adult quiz game show titled “Hello,Big Kid哈啰,交换生” will premiere on Astro Channel 307 on September 4th, 2022. Some of the guests for the show including Jack Lim 林德荣, Lynn林佩盈 ,Koe Yeet 高艺 ,KAKA 卡卡杨铠嘉and the program's host Darren 庄文杰were invited to chat about the fun of the programme recording.


According to Jack Lim 林德荣, the show is appropriate for parents and children to watch together in order to strengthen their relationship and learn from one another.


"Many times, we must put ourselves in the shoes of the children; otherwise, there will be a sense of distance and a generation gap. This show is excellent and meaningful! Even as we get older, we should continue to learn. I spoke to reporters in English for 45 minutes at a press conference a few days ago." He laughed and said that whether the reporter could understand what he said or not, he felt that he has already outperformed himself.


During the press conference, Darren 庄文杰revealed that he did something in the show that he may never be able to do again, which was to make Lynn林佩盈 cry. Lynn林佩盈 revealed that she has tried her best not to put any strain on her children. “Darren庄文杰 misguided me to choose a high-scoring difficult problem at the time, but I couldn't answer it. So I had to ask my daughter, who was a student on the show, for help. Even though my daughter answered correctly, I still felt very guilty because I think I put too much pressure on her." She praised the programme planning team for all the efforts in presenting multiple aspects of the show such as the psychological perspective, syllabus revision scenes and etc are being captured to be shown. It definitely worth a watch for both adults and children!


On the other hand, 高艺Koe Yeet said that while she was in her schooling days, her teacher told her openly, "If you like acting so much, go act and don't study anymore." She used to think, "If you say I can't do it, I'll show you that I can," so she put in a lot of effort in school. "I dislike being referred to as a "top student." Being intelligent does not imply being obsessed with grades. Good grades do not imply that you are born intelligent; rather, it is dependent on how much time and effort you put into your studies."


KAKA 卡卡杨铠嘉, who challenged her boss陈培永 Chan Phei Yong in the same episode, stated that she attended the show just for the sake of learning. She believed that the show's test was emotional intelligence rather than IQ. During the press conference session, KAKA was being tested on a few questions on the spot. It seems like the questions can be tricky too that even adults may have difficulty in answering.


The recording also featured new-father Jack Yap 叶朝明,  highly educated artist Joey Leong梁祖仪, Malaysia social media celebrity 陈培永 Chan Phei Yong,  MELODY DJ Jentzen Lim 林震前and Vivienne温慧茵 and Wayne Chua蔡佩璇.

Furthermore, the show also invites non-celebrities parents to participate and take on the challenge together.


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