[Movie Review] Emergency Declaration (2022) (Korean Film)

[Movie Review] Emergency Declaration (2022) (Korean Film)


"Emergency Declaration" is a Korean aviation disaster thriller film directed by Han Jae-Rim ("The King (2017)" director) and starring award-winning actors Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon, etc. The film tells the story of a plane that is forced to make an emergency landing after bioterrorism occurs during flight. The plot revolves around the multiple perspectives of how the incident affects various characters on board the aircraft and on the ground.


Jae-Hyuk (played by Lee Byung-Hun) is traveling to Hawaii with his daughter to seek additional treatment for her medical condition. Due to an unfortunate turn of events, they boarded the same plane as a bioterrorist who has threatened to kill everyone on board. In the meantime, a police detective named In-Ho (portrayed by Song Kang-Ho) was attempting to unravel the mystery surrounding an anonymous kill-threat video, which turned out to be connected to the suspect on the same plane. In addition, In-Ho's wife is also a passenger on the same flight. In order to save his wife, In-Ho is racing against the clock to uncover the terrorist's hidden motivations and find a solution to the urgent crisis! Transport Minister Sook-Hee (Jeon Do-Yeon) is confronted with one of the greatest challenges: ensuring the emergency safe landing of the aircraft and the safe evacuation of the passengers.


How will each of these characters respond to the challenging situation? Will the passengers be able to survive the plane crash? Now, let's find out at the nearest movie theater.


Director Han Jae-Rim has done an excellent job of capturing the tension that could exist in a confined aircraft cabin during a disaster, which in this case is a bioterrorist attack. It began with a gradual accumulation of random encounters within an airport and hints pointing to a suspect with dangerous motivations. Once the terrorist initiates his attack, the horrific effects of the bioterrorism on the victims are revealed. Once the atmosphere has shifted, audiences can anticipate a thrilling ride throughout the duration of the viewing. Audiences experience the fear of the passengers on board, the helplessness of being in the aircraft as it attempts an emergency landing, the hopelessness of the people on the ground who are praying for the safe return of their loved ones, and the struggles of those who are still attempting to save the day. All of these feelings were conveyed effectively throughout the entire film.


Otherwise, the compelling nature of the story is also due to the actors' excellent performances. Song Kang-ho, who portrays the police investigator, has captured many of the show's most memorable moments. His character, who takes numerous reckless actions to save his wife, is quite heartbreaking. On the other hand, Lee Byung-hun's depiction of a former pilot suffering from PTSD is also noteworthy. He effectively portrayed the character's worst fear. The audience will certainly applaud his character's final act of redemptive behavior.


The film's videography and editing are also notable features. Due to limited space, filming all the action within an aircraft can be difficult. However, the filming and CGI employed are capable of delivering all of these elements very effectively. In addition, a particular car-chase scene has piqued my interest due to the insane in-car filming.


The theme of bioterrorism and the weapon employed felt eerily similar to a problem that we all faced in real life. Similar to Train To Busan, the film depicts the different side of humanity when faced with a life-or-death situation, as well as the innate human instinct for survival. As a result of the pandemic that has impacted the lives of so many people, some of the emotions presented are also felt close to our hearts.


However, the show is not perfect. With pacing issues, the runtime of 2 hours and 21 minutes can be exhausting at times. Their attempt to depict the ugliness of humanity like in “Train To Busan” felt more trivial than coherent here. The film's "happy ending," which felt slightly out of place compared to its overall dark theme, impeded its otherwise perfect realism.


Nonetheless, the film is still a worthwhile entertainment! Highly recommended for fans of intensity and suspense in their viewing experiences!


Reviewed by Chief Editor WLJack during "Emergency Declaration" Movie Premiere

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