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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

[Movie Review] Alive Drift (Japanese film) (2022)

 [Movie Review] Alive Drift (Japanese film) (2022)


A team on the verge of disbanding scouts Koichi Oba, a shy, introverted gamer who is exceptionally skilled at Esport driving games. Koichi demonstrates his mastery in a real car, but he is challenged by professional drivers in life-or-death races. Koichi's burgeoning technique, passion, bravery, and teamwork break down the barriers between the virtual and the reality, propelling him and his team to greater heights. This marks the beginning of the quickest and most precise race film ever filmed. A new world in which gamers strive for the pinnacle of real-world drifting. This is a film about the consequences of exceeding one's limits.


If you love racing as well as esports, do quickly drift your way to your nearest theatre now and watch the movie!



"Alive Drift" is undoubtedly a love letter to drift racing fans and car enthusiasts. I can't imagine any motorsports fan not being enthralled by this film, which focuses primarily on capturing authentic drifting scenes through difficult camerawork and high-level videography skills.

Ten Shimoyama directed the film, whose cast included Shuhei Nomura (who portrays Koichi Oba), Sho Aoyagi (who portrays Souichichiro Kobayashi), Shôdai Fukuyama (who portrays Kai Shibasaki), Ai Yoshikawa (who portrays Natsumi Muto), etc. The show also features special appearance by Keiichi Tsuchiya, the legendary drift king who actually supervised the filming! With Keiichi Tsuchiya's participation, the drifting scenes in this film are without a doubt of the highest calibre that will definitely impress the audience!

It is also noteworthy that this film acknowledges esport as the next revolutionary sport while emphasising the significance of physical competition. There were a number of scenes that demonstrated how exceptional "Gran Turismo Sport" is as a racing simulator. In addition to satisfying car enthusiasts, the film has provided the younger generation with new inspiration and motivation to maintain their interest in esports.


In terms of acting, the majority of the characters exhibited exaggerated facial expressions and responses, with the exception of the protagonist, Koichi Oba, who is an introvert that is less expressive. Perhaps this is the acting style of Japanese films, but the majority of the film's presentation felt too anime-like for a live-action film. While the show's technical aspects are at their peak, the plot felt somewhat too simplistic. It may not be everyone's cup of tea.


Putting aside the acting style and plot development, if you're looking for genuine drift racing action, you're in for a real treat!


 Reviewed by Chief Editor WLJack and co-editor John during "Alive Drift" Movie Premiere


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