[Coverage] Official Launch of The 5th Malaysia International Film Festival! Kicking Off with the Opening Film “Edge of the World”!

[Coverage] Official Launch of The 5th Malaysia International Film Festival! Kicking Off with the Opening Film “Edge of the World”!

Kuala Lumpur, July 2022The 5th Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) and Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA) have returned officially with a 5-day film festival at the Dadi Cinema and the awards ceremony on the 16th July 2022 at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.  In the presence of the prestigious filmmakers and invited guests, the festival's opening ceremony was held at the Pavilion KL main entrance on 10th July 2022.

Here are some highlights and photos taken during the red carpet ceremony:



"Edge of the World" as the Opening Film of the event!

"Edge of the World," a movie about the 19th-century British explorer James Brooke who led the indigenous people of Malaysia out of British colonial rule and into civilization, was the opening film. It was directed by Hollywood director Michael Haussman and was filmed entirely in Sarawak, Malaysia, with the support from the Sarawak Tourism Board.


Josie Ho Chiu-Yi 何超儀, the movie's producer and director, also made an unexpected appearance at the occasion to support the movie's premiere in Malaysia. Bringing the movie to Malaysia and presenting it here with a strong cast of local actors, including Malay film actor and festival ambassador Bront Palarae, and other prominent actors at the event, director Michael Haussman and producer Josie Ho took the opportunity to expressed their happiness during the launch.



The Assemble of Filmmakers!

Christine Hakim, Jury President of the Golden Global Awards, Taiwanese actor Wu Ke-Xi 吳可熙, Edge of the World director Michael Haussman, producer and actress Josie Ho, producer Rob Allyn, and Conroy Chan 陈子聪 were among the foreign filmmakers who attended the inaugural ceremony. Local filmmakers include Bront Palarae, who is the festival's ambassador, Jasmine Suraya and Reuben Kang, who served as judges for the short film competition, Chong Keat Aun and Ho Wi Ding, who served on the jury for the Malaysia Golden Global Award, Namron, Megat Shahrizal, Susan Lankester, Liew Seng Tat, Woo Ming Jin, Helmi Yusof, Siti Khadijah, Joey Leong, Debbie Goh, Angela Chan, Daniella Sya, Daphne Low and etc were some of the other prominent attendees of the ceremony.


""Thank you for your attendance. We are truly excited. After going through the difficult times of the pandemic, we cherish the reunion of everyone here today." At the opening ceremony, Joanne Goh, the chairperson of the Malaysia International Film Festival, and Bront Palarae, the festival ambassador, are excited to discuss their hopes for this year's event.


The Best Short Film Winner of the "Born of the Galaxy Stars" Short Film Competition has been revealed.


At the opening ceremony of the Malaysia International Film Festival, the 'Born of the Galaxy Stars' short film category winners were unveiled. The 22 chosen contestants received a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to film their stories into finished short films as part of the short film competition, which was jointly hosted by Samsung Electronic Malaysia and the Malaysia International Film Festival. Out of the 22 submissions, the jury chose the best three short films. The top three entries were WenX's "BE ME," Chu Ka Yoong's "So, What is the Definition of Love?" and Mary Grace Liew's "Where Time Stood Still". Mary Grace Liew's entry has won the best short film of this category.


From July 10 to July 15, Dadi Cinema, Pavilion KL will host the 5th Malaysia International Film Festival. Tickets for the film screenings are now on sale at dadi.my, the website for Dadi Cinema. The Istana Budaya in Kuala Lumpur will host the 5th Malaysia Golden Global Awards on July 16. (live broadcast on Unifi TV and festival Facebook Page for Malaysia and delay broadcast on VIU TV for Hong Kong).


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