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Friday, 7 February 2020

[Coverage] 2020 AIM 中文音乐颁奖典礼

[Coverage] 2020 AIM 中文音乐颁奖典礼

Kuala Lumpur, January 2020- One of the most anticipated awards show of the year
“2020 AIM 中文音乐颁奖典礼has taken place on 4th January 2020. (check out our previous article here: https://www.wljack.com/2019/11/entertainment-2020-aim-announcement-of.html).

The awards show aims to recognize the contributions of local music talents in the industry. It is not an easy task to organize Mandarin Music award show in Malaysia. Thus, kudos to the committees for their efforts in making it a success.

Star-Studded Red Carpet Ceremony!
Before the award show, there was a red carpet ceremony which was graced by some familiar faces such TJ 东于哲, SHIO 郭修彧Phoebe Yap 菲比, Gin Lee 李幸倪, Abin 方炯鑌 and etc. We also get to see guests from overseas including 家家Jia Jia and Alan Kuo 柯有綸.

Big Winners of The Night: Namewee 黃明志!
Gin Lee Won The Best Female Singer While Abin Fang Won The Best Male Singer!
Despite not being present during the awards show due to other work schedules, Namewee has swept away 4 major awards during 2020 AIM 中文音乐颁奖典礼 namely The Best Album 最佳专辑, Best Lyrics Writing 最佳作词,  Best Album Design最佳专辑设计 and Most Streamed Song 最高串流量歌曲. He became the biggest winner of the night! Some of the awards speech delivered by him via proxy was very funny yet true. One of them includes, “Please don’t believe what people said about Music not being a money-making career. Because I have made a lot of money via my music album”.

On the other hand, Abin and Gin Lee have won Best Male Singer and Best Female Singer respectively. Abin said 不好意思 (Excuse Me)” to his fellow nominees when he managed to grab away the award. He has received the award from Sinje Lee (One of Malaysia's most popular international actress). Gin Lee who has debuted since 2009 felt happy that she could receive the awards after 10 years since she ventured her career into the music industry.

There were also awards specially allocated for the Classics style music. The winners for Best Male Singer (Classics) was Wilson Tin (曾潍山) and Best Female Singer (Classics) was Yudi Yap 友弟.

There was a tough competition for The Best Newcomers. Eventually, the top 3 winners for the awards were SHIO 郭修彧 (Gold), Evangeline Wong王艳薇 (Silver) and Daniel Chezi车志立 (Bronze). SHIO was shocked and surprised that she was the winner of the category. She even dropped her prepared speech sheet when the winner announcement was made.

There were many other awards being presented. (List is at the bottom of the post)

The event was hosted by Royce 陈志康. He mentioned that hosting a show nowadays can be quite difficult. On stage, he even performed multiple times of “Kill This Love” dance.

Marvelous singing performances by local artistes as well as guest artiste 家家Jia Jia!

Special guest presenters appearance by Ah Niu and Sinje Lee.

List of Awards Winners:
Best Album最佳专辑:【亚洲通车】Namewee黃明志
Best Song最佳金曲:【最笨的人是我】方泂镔
Best Male Singer最佳男歌手:方泂镔【我不是神】
Best Female Singer最佳女歌手: 李幸倪【beGin
Best Newcomer最佳新人:        
BronzeDaniel Chezi车志立【志同道合】
Best group最佳组合/乐团: Arvan阿尔梵【我们不是都要沉睡】
Best Mini Album最佳迷你专辑(EP):     【这世界终会记得我的名字】林文荪
Best CNY Album最佳贺岁专辑: 【万象更新 勇气棒嘟嘟】 ASTRO全体艺人
Best Children Album:【小太阳快乐唱跳合辑IV】小太阳家族
Best Dialect Song最佳方言歌曲:【窝】刘界辉/曾耀祖
Best Composing最佳作曲:【逃啊逃啊】Ryota片山凉太
Best Lyric Writing最佳作词:【漂向北方】Namewee黃明志
Best Arrangement最佳编曲:【身份不明】Chris M Yong / Katayama Ryota
Best Music Production最佳歌曲制作: 【最好的快要发生】陈子超
Best Film OST最佳电视/电影主题曲:【抽象图(电影『光』主题曲)】Shio郭修彧
Best Music Video最佳MV:【蝌蚪】ah Fatt
Best Album Design最佳专辑设计:亚洲通牒】Ng Kar Chun
AIM Special Recommendation AIM特别推荐奖: Priscilla Abby蔡恩雨
Most Streamed Song最高串流量歌曲:【漂向北方】黃明志feat王力宏
Special Contribution Awards特别贡献奖: 南方唱片机构有限公司
Best Album最佳专辑 (Classics):【芭莎公主Romancing Asia】欣彥
Best Male Singer最佳男歌手 (Classics): 曾潍山【爱演】
Best Female Singer最佳女歌手 (Classics): 友弟【Jalan Jalan惹兰】
Best Music Production最佳歌曲制作:Jalan Jalan惹兰】友弟

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