[Coverage] 《Astro中文电台媒体发布会》Astro Mandarin Radio Station Press Conference 2019

[Coverage] 《Astro中文电台媒体发布会》Astro Mandarin Radio Station Press Conference 2019

Kuala Lumpur, December 2019 – On 15th December 2019, a press conference for Astro Radio Stations including MY, MELODY and GOXUAN was held whereby new DJs and the latest changes in the existing radio programme starting the year 2020 was announced. The media members get to meet and greet with the DJs during the press conference.

Starting from 2020, MY will be having an adjustment in the programmes. In addition to that, they have introduced a new radio announcer DJ Daniel 黄震宇. Daniel is born in 1994, with 183cm height. He has participated in 《创造营2019before and now he is officially a part of MY. His programme will be during the session from 10am – 1pm. He will be sharing the news on the latest trends. It’s definitely something to look forward to.

Emely 潘毖伶 who was originally hosting 10am-1pm session will be taking over the segment from 1pm-4pm. During her programme, she will be having a lot of interaction with the KOLs.

On the other hand, Wayne 符雁蓉 <My Oh Yeah Buddy> will also be having some major changes in her night time programme in order to get closer to the audience.

Besides that, Ex-DJ Jym 庄靖毅 and Bernard 邱文博 will also be hosting a new programme called <MY Musang King Channel> every weekend! They will share many YouTube videos and ideas during this new programme.

Popular singer and YouTuber Danny 许佳麟 will officially become a weekend DJ in MY sharing nice songs. He will also embark on a journey in search of the hidden Malaysian singing talents.

Worth-mentioning is, MY DJs Mei Yan Gan颜薇恩 and DJ Yoon吴家润 will also be hosting a segment during weekends. Yoon will be sharing recommended Cantonese songs during the segment of MY一首好听的广东歌》 while Mei Yan’s MY I Hear U will be spreading warmth to the audiences by listening to the audiences’ problems and helping them.

As for MELODY, they have changed their motto into 《强打好歌,强大资讯》and aims to play familiar and good songs all the time and to provide the latest information to the audiences.

MELODY will have a new weekend DJ Jason Poon 潘小潘 hosting radio programme which talks about interior design of the house and sports news. 关翠汶 who had joined MELODY since July 2019 will be pairing up with Mei Sim云镁鑫 to host 《女王驾到》which will be covering various topics in a relaxing method of presentation.

GOXUAN weekend DJ Lovell 陈馷佳 will now join Vivian 刘秀薇 hosting the after-work radio programme from 4pm-8pm called <GOXUAN go lepak>. 'GOXUAN The Rising contest' winner Maq 赖铭泉 will also partner with Catherine 凯心 to host the weekend music chart <GOXUAN30>

Besides that, there will be a few new weekend programmes which include <GOXUAN YouTuber 养成之路>by Joe 曾耀祖,<GOXUAN Annyeong Paksu by Vivian 刘秀薇, and <GOXUAN 吃瓜群众> by Christal 叶炜纬. GOXUAN will also have a new first-ever 00's DJ Broco Lee 李伟俊, who won the third place in 'GOXUAN The Rising contest'

For those who missed their favorite radio programmes, can now replay it anytime in a new app called 'SYOK app'!! 

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