[Movie Review] Back To You 当时明月在

[Movie Review] Back To You  当时明月在  

8TV Back To You  当时明月在 tells a unique story of how a mother was separated from the youngest daughter of a pair of twins due to family poverty and father’s decision to keep the son instead of the daughter.

After 28 years of search, the mother Xiu Min (played by Remon Lim) finally get to meet up with her daughter, who is now named Sufia (played by Jasmine Suraya Chin) as she was adopted and raised by a Malay family. The tension was raised when Sofia’s adopted mother, Kamariah (played by Azizah Mahzan) found out that Sofia has already met her biological mother.

What will happen to Xiu Min and Sofia? What is Sofia’s final decision? Will she choose to stay with her adopted family or will she go back to her real family?

A Unique Malaysian Movie!
Back To You  当时明月在 is a really unique Malaysia movie which involves the different cultures of multiracial families in our country. The theme is something exclusive in Malaysia and trust me, not many local movies have been able to deliver such an in-depth culture exploration as much as this one.

I really love the heart-warming story of how the Chinese mother Xiu Min trying to get reconnected with her youngest child. The scenes of how she tried to learn Bahasa Malaysia from a Mandarin Speaking Malay burger seller Lisa in order to communicate with her child was really touching. The way Xiu Min speaks out phrases in BM are just so tear-jerking. Kudos to Remon Lim for delivering such a marvellous performance.

Of course, Jasmine Suraya Chin has also portrayed the character of Sofia very well. She has successfully depicted the struggles that Sofia has to face since young in a family of different race. Her acting is very natural and it makes the character so believable.

We also can’t forget about the performance by Azizah Mahzan too.  The adopted mother role, Kamariah is an overly-protective mother who is quite dramatic and Azizah has provided a lot of laughter throughout the show.

Not to forget, Ernest Chong who plays the other twin Zhi Chen is equally good at his role too. One of the scenes in which he explained to the sister regarding his life for the past 28 years is quite pitiful. His performance deserves a clap too.

Apart from the themes and actors’ performance, I really love the direction of the film and the cinematography. Most of the scenes were shot in great quality. Although it is a telemovie, the quality is nothing less than a big screen film. The pacing of the show is quite balanced. Between every story-telling moments, there will be some funny scenes which will cheer the audiences up apart from making the audiences cry over the touching scenes.

The open-ended final scene leaves the audiences with many possibilities and I personally really love this approach. There is no right or wrong in Xiu Min’s and Sofia’s final decision but making the film ends this way just created more imaginative space for the audience.

The movie is really an entertaining one with meaningful message. Really enjoyed it very much.

The movie is shown on 8TV on 31st August 2019, 8.30pm and a repeat is shown on 1st September 2019, 12pm.

For those who have missed the show on TV, don’t worry, you can still catch the movie via the 8TV Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIkhtGJVT0c

Coverage: “Back To You” Red Carpet At Central-i City TGV
Prior to the showing of the movie in 8TV, there was a premiere screening at Central-i City TGV, the first cinema in Malaysia with Samsung ONYX LED screen. It was a really great visual treat!

These are some photos our team has taken during the Red Carpet of the movie!

During the red carpet session, Remon Lim mentioned that this was the first time for her to see the whole movie herself. She's very anxious about her performance. The premiere is something like a report card reception session for her. Well, I believe everyone would agree that if this is a report card, it's definitely an "A" for her performance in the movie.

Jasmine Suraya Chin and Ernest also introduced their characters in the film. They highlighted that there was a scene whereby Jasmine has to speak a lengthy BM dialogue then responded by Ernest in BM too. It was a challenge for Ernest because he admitted that he is not too fluent in his BM.

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